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Hyperactive niece (Part 2)

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As summer break continued my sister would continue leaving my niece at my mom’s house and basically have ME babysit her, which I didn’t mind now that I knew she “accidentally” found interest in my cock. A week has gone by since my niece was here. In the summer, my days began doing chores outside around the house till at least noon and my mom would get my niece to help her do chores inside the house too. The rest of the day I would go upstairs into my room and watch tv or a movie on my VCR. After all was done, my niece would run upstairs and into my room to see what I was up to and maybe get a glimpse of my cock, hahaha. When she walked into the room nothing was said what had happened the week before and I didn’t disappoint her because I was already in my loose shorts laying in bed on my stomach with my legs purposely spread apart so my dick would present itself at the bottom of my shorts. With just the thought of my niece seeing it would get me half way erect and I’m sure very noticeable for an 8 year. She would walk back and forth between me and the tv, maybe to get my attention, but I was the one that wanted to get her attention. By now I’m kinda humping the bed in hope’s that she would walk behind me and, hopefully, see my dick that is almost fully erect by just humping the bed. She may have gotten the clue because next thing she does is slowly walks around the bed and unbeknownst to her, I could see her reflection from my dresser mirror and her facial expression as soon as she caught a glimpse of my exposed cock. I could see where she learned her little body against my bed right between my legs to get a better look at my cock that by now it was fully erect pressing against the inside of my shorts. After a few minutes she surprises me by crawling onto my back and laying her little body on my back. She settled her head around the back of my shoulder and said, “I love you uncle” and said, “I love you too, Mandy”. I gently started bouncing her up and down and after a few bounces I started to feel her hands slide under my waist area and I asked her, What are you doing, Mandy ?” and she responds by saying, “nothing, uncle” with a slight giggle in her response. In my mind, I knew what she was feeling for so I slowly turned myself over on my back as she continued to roll over and lay on top of me just like last weekend. I adjusted my dick where it was pointing to my stomach and I could feel my niece slowly sliding down until I felt her pubic bone was rubbing on the head of my dick while her head was resting on my chest when all of a sudden she pops her head up and looking into my eyes she asks, “can I touch it ?” which the question caught me by surprise and at the same time, in my mind, is what I’ve been wanting her to do. I wrap my arms around her, putting my hands on her little bubble butt and press her down into my cock as I slowly grind into her crotch. Within a few seconds I roll her off my stomach and she sits with her legs crossed staring at my crotch and I gently grabbed her hand and started sliding her hand under the waistband of my shorts and laid her hand on the shaft of my dick and I could feel her warm tiny fingers squeezing my shaft and at the same time I was slowly lowering my shorts to expose my dick and as I did, I could see her eyes getting as big as saucers with anticipation. Her first words out of her mouth, in a whisper, was “Its really big and warm”. Seeing her little hand on my cock made it feel as if it was as big as it has ever been and I could feel it throbbing around her little fingers. I wrapped my hand over hers squeezing it as I slowly stroked it up and down pulling my foreskin exposing the head of my cock until clear precum started oozing out the tip of my dick as she looked surprised of what was happening. Right away she asks me. “what’s that coming out of your peepee ?” I tried to explain it to her as simple as I could by telling her that, “thats what happens when my peepee feels happy, especially when you’re holding it with your hand” and she gives me a big smile. I let go of her hand and she continues stroking my dick as she intensely keeps her eyes glued on it as she occasionally stares at my face to see if she was doing it right and at one point she got her other hand wrapped it around as well and started to stroke it a bit faster and after a few minutes I started to get that feeling in my balls that I was ready to explode so I told her to slow down a bit and she asked me, “why ?” I told her “because you are making uncle feel really good and if you keep on stroking me like that a lot of creamy white stuff would come out”. So she paused for a minute and said with excitement, “I want to see that !!” Again, for me, I was like what was just happening..!?!? I know getting my 15 year old cock stroked by my 8 year old niece wasn’t right but my sexual urges took over and all these impure thoughts were racing in my mind so I gave in to my sexual desires and let her stroke me nice and slow and at one point she got one of her little hands and caressed my nut sack and that almost got me to the point of no return but she had slowed down her strokes and that’s what kept me from blowing my load. She got both hands and continued stroking me at a steady pace and at every upstroke she would give my cock a little squeeze causing more precum to ooze out which, I believe, got her more excited watching that happened so she started to speed up the strokes and that’s when I felt that major urge and my body started to tense up. As my niece kept stroking me and her eyes locked on my dick I started to stroke her long sandy brown hair when all of sudden the first shot of cum spews out about 2 feet in the air she gets startled and stops stroking me and I said right away, “please dont stop” as I grabbed her hand and placed it on my shaft and helped her finish the job. There was cum everywhere and she looks at me like, did I just do that while she looked around with cum on her hand. She was speechless for a few seconds while I kept stroking her hair and I ask her if she is ok as she is still trying to process what just happened.
More true stories of my niece to come

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    I would love to tongue fuck her pussy and butt

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    Why didnt ya ask her too kiss ur cock bro

  • Reply Mmmm ID:2xm3fq1d9j

    I wouldof fucked her tight asshole

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    You are so lucky I wish I had your niece I think I would fuck her little tiny pussy so good filling her with my seed

    • Franko ID:1rtws0qj

      My niece once lickied me to completion in my sleep when she was 6. Right when it was becoming stiff, she wrapped her very tiny lips around the head and suckled my load into her mouth. It never happened again.

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    I wish this would happen to me

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    I hope he will publish the continuation of the story soon

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    An 8 year old? Come on dude.

    • aaaa ID:59qcmkd9a

      ikr, kinda really fucking disgusting