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Having a family with mine brothers

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This first part is how everything started. 2 part is were my nightmare started( I’m Hispanic girl, I didn’t graduated highschool drop out age 16 )

My dad and mom went to prison for 40 year and my mom for 34 year. My dad being raping me since I was 7 all the way to 9 and my mom was recording everything he was doing to me. He send my brothers 10 year old David ,8 year old Sean , 15 old year old Mike and 16 year old Brad. My dad let them rape me too. My dad was a 45 year old and my mom 40 year old. One day my neighbor hear me screaming out the window I was 9 my brother Sean, Mike and my dad was having sex to me. My neighbor call the polices my brother David open the door they came to my room and saw what is happening. They arrested all three. My mom was recording and she got arrested too. I being send to the hospital and released to the social service and my brother David and Sean was send to my grandparents.

Like I told you mom was send to 34 year and dad 40 years. My brother Mike was send to 4 year juvenile detention plus 10 year in prison. Samething to my brother Brad . Fourteen years pass I was 23. Married with my husband Paul. A 56 year old teacher he was my adopted Dad. When I was 15 he was 41 we had sex and impregnated me , same when I was 16, 17,18, 19 and 20. He married me I was 21 and he was 47. When his wife find out about my pregnancy at age 15 and he was the father she signed for a divorce and this is from the house. We find a place in Missouri away from everyone. He find a job teaching guys how to cook. We have 6 childrens. Paul Jr 8 year old, Federico 7 year old, Jenny 6 year old, Daniela 5 year old, Henry 4 year old and Missy 3 year old. Paul decide not to have more kids until my 25 birthday. We were happy I have a job as a secretary in police station.

One day I came late from work. I did a double from 7am to 11pm. I saw a note in the door sayings
Dear babe,
I’m sorry I have to do this. I’m leaving you and took the kids. I changed my number for you not to call me. You are never going see me or your kids. I don’t love you no more and I don’t want see you no more. Inside the house there a surprise for you. I wish you the best luck. Paul

I started to crying I went inside and I saw 4 guys inside it was my four brothers. ” Hello sis happy to see us” I told them” what the fuck you did to my husband and mine kids” Brad told me sit down let me explain bitch he push me on the sofa. He told me while mom was in prison she got a baby girl my daughter she 14 now. A soon he get out prison three day before court decide for me have custody of his child. Social service returned to me. He told mom got gang ban rape by 8 girls prisoner and later that month was gang ban rape by 5 prisoners guy in front of dad. Dad got stabbed and died and mom kill herself after guys gang ban rape. He told me that he switch her daughter for me. He told me this words ” that’s why bitch he left you” He saw me a video my husband fucking and raping my niece unprotected and told me that my kids he send them to adoption center. He told me now let sit down and watch the video your husband fucking my daugther. I can’t believe what I saw my niece was fighting with him but my husband slapped her like 5 time. The poor girl screaming for his dad and uncle helping her but they were laughing. I saw after a couple of slapping she calm down but crying she was breeding on her nose. He rip her shirt and bra and start sucking her tiny tits and frech kissing her. I hear my brothers laughing and screaming yes fuck that hoe then he was eating her pussy like a animal force her to cum. He force her to open her mouth she didn’t want to open. My brother grab her hair she open her mouth and he put his 12 inch inside her mouth he was fucking her throat and cum inside her mouth force her to swallow then he open her leg and started fucking her with no condom. I hear her screaming it hurting it hurting take out is too big and I hear him saying shut the fuck off and take it slut and hear him saying ,” fuck you are a virgin yeaaa you mine slut now and about 36 minutes of the video I saw him screaming here come your babies.aaaaaaaaaaah fuuuuuck fuck fuck!!!. Then after he done my brother her dad start raping her too. Push in harder and harder and cum on her face then my others brothers take turn and cum all over her. And then all 5 pee on her cleaning her up with pee. No wonder my carpet smell urine. And then pour her beers. When the video end I saw my brothers crotch getting big. David put a tower with alcohol smell and I fell a sleep. ( Part 2 nightmare begging)

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    Are you 16 or older now
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    Wow… really hot story. I had a similar experience just like you. My brother raped me! Send me an email. I would love to chat with you!
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