Female Hysterior

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Sexually suppressed Victorian London in the early 1900, female hysteria as it was called them, was rampant. Dr. Bingham special in its treatment.

Female Hysteria

Practice and treatment


Dennis St. John

This book entirely fictional and solely for adult entertainment as it contains graphic sex between m/m m/b, bondage, rape, taboo subjects, offensive words, and language, and generally ignores PC correctness, the rules of good behavior and good manners. Being duly warned, read on.

Copyright © 2020 by Dennis St. John. All rights reserved.
First Electronic Edition: April 2020

From the journals of Dr. Bingham:


Sitting behind his large desk, Doctor Bingham glanced up at Lady Fairborn, then at her lovely young daughter, Felicity, feeling himself start to get an erection. This would be her daughters third visit, and time to start her real treatment. He was already treating the mother for female hysteria, and upon his recommendation she taken her daughter to the family physician just before her fifteenth birthday. He diagnosed her with early stages of female hysteria, and referred her to him for treatment.
With his deep, commanding voice, and speaking in soft tones, he had the natural ability to put women into a light trance before he’d even started their treatment. As a young man, he’d found out early how easy it was to get girls to do what he wanted, namely for him to get them out of their knickers and spread their legs for him. to fuck. Once he’d discovered hypnosis and learn the power of post-hypnotic suggestion, it wasn’t long before he had nice young ladies stripped naked on the bed on their hands and knees begging him to fuck them like a little bitch and take their virginity. They all went away happy and satisfied, thinking they’d just spent a pleasant evening kissing and cuddling and nothing more, never questioning why they have a sore pussy. He took care none of them became pregnant by using with newly invented condoms. Not as pleasurable as without it, rather than having irate husbands and fathers beating down his door wanting hang him.
Lady Fairborn was very satisfied with her treatment once he’d taken her beyond the initial stages of embarrassment, and now more than willing to let him see her naked body bucking on his examination table, and hear her moaning and whimpering in pleasure as he frigged her clitty. She even reached the stage where she’d say what she was thinking out loud. Lewd, dirty thought about men with big hard cock fucking her cunny or forcing their hard cocks into her mouth. This he was more than happy to provide, finding many of the rich ladies were just as eager as the young ladies of his youth to provide sexual services. The cordial she drank before the treatment started helped get her over her inhibitions, and remember little of what actually happen. All she knew was she went home happy and sexually satisfied for some time, usually a month before needing to come back for another treatment.
At the turn of the nineteenth century, Harley Street had any number of Doctors specializing in a surfeit of medical conditions, even diagnosing female hysteria, but very few knew how to treat the condition. Dr. Bingham was the exception, having developed a treatment consisting of mild sedatives, hypnosis, and manual stimulation, frigging their clits while under the influence of the cordial and hypnotic suggestion. His clientele was very select, mostly upper class ladies with to much time on their hands, little to do, and husbands who no longer bedded them after they’d had children. Most preferred to find a willing young mistress to warm their beds, thereby giving their wives sufficient money and time to do what every they wanted. In the Victorian age, this was a perfect recipe for suppressed sexual urged in both pre, and post-menopausal women to run rampant. Some, like Lady Fairborn also had daughters with the same condition, meaning young, oversexed, and looking for relief.
If his hypnosis treatment worked as it should, aided by the cordial, this innocent young beauty would soon be on his examinations table, naked, displaying her sweet young body to his hungry gaze, legs spread, begging him to fuck her smooth, hairless, tight young virgin pussy, or fuck her wet, warm mouth.
For the first ‘treatment’ he used the sweet, fruity cordial with a little sedative. This made the patient more susceptible to hypnosis and hypnotic suggestion. After putting Felicity in a trance, he first conditioned her to go into a deeper trance at the sound of his voice, some words, and touching her bare upper arms and thighs
“That’s it, Felicity, just relax. You are in a warm, safe place.”
“Good tell me where you are, your safe place.”
“My bedroom with the lamp turned low.”
“That’s good, Felicity. Just you and me, your dearest friend in your safe place where no one can see us. Just listen to my voice, do you understand?”
“Y-yes, I understand.”
“Good, it’s just us two here where no one can see us.”
“Yes, I understand. You are my best friend and I must listen to your voice.”
“You need to undress to go to bed, Felicity, but it’s such a warm night you don’t want to wear your night gown, do you?”
“No, it’s makes me hot when I sleep.”
“That’s naughty, Felicity, going to bed without wearing a night gown and just your knicker.” Felicity blushed slight and stood, deftly unbuttoning the back of her dress, and slipping it off. She was a good girl and folded it neatly before placing it on the side table. Next came her long slip and stocking, also folding them and placing them on top of her dress before walking to the bed. Dr. Bingham deliberately kept the examination room warm, adding to the feeling of comfort.
“Slide under the sheet, Felicity, a blanket would be too hot.” Trance like, she walked over to the examination table and lay down, pulling the single sheet over her body. Bingham pulled up a chair near her head so he could whisper in her ear.
“You feel warm and comfortable here in your safe space, don’t you, Felicity.”
“Yes, I feel safe.”
“That’s good. Now then, you are going to take your forbidden book out from under the mattress and look at the naughty pictures.” Felicity blushed even more and made motions of taking something from under the mattress. She began leafing through the imaginary book, wiggling, and rubbing her thighs together. The lewd pamphlet circulating around London left little to the imagination, some focusing on men seducing and molesting young innocent girls, or putting them in bondage so they could have their way with them. From her expression, D. Bingham knew she’d seen and looked at several. Where she got them from, or saw them was another matter.
“Tell me about the pictures, Felicity, what they are showing and how they make you feel?”
“So naughty and lude. Pictures of men touching young women… girls in their private places.”
“What places?”
“T-their breast… cunnies, making the girl touch their thing,” Felicity flipped through the book faster. “Oooo this one… a man is forcing his thing into the girl’s mouth, see she’s crying in shame… oh my… this one shows him pushing his thing into the girl’s cunny.”
“Say cock, Felicity, that’s what it’s called, and a girl cunny is called a cunt or pussy, understand. You can say the forbidden words here where you are safe.”
“Y-yes, their big hard… cock! Into their virgin cunny… cunt, molesting… raping them… so shameful.” She panted, clearly excited.
”You need to find a safer place to hide your naughty book.”
“Oh yes, Mommy would be so angry if she found out I had it.”
“What would she do?”
“She’d tell father, and he’d birch my or use a strap across my bare bottom.”
“Yes, I can see that. Has he birched or strapped you before?” Felicity bit her lower lip, rubbing her thighs together even more.
“Y-yes, he put me over his lap one time, lifted my dress and spanked my bottom. The other time I was in my night gown and he made me take it off and bend over the arm of his easy chair.”
“Oh dear. What did he do then?”
“He… he pulled my knickers down and spanked my bare bottom hard with a leather strap. It hurt and I cried.”
“I think you probably deserved that spanking, didn’t you?”
“Yes, I was rude to one of his guests. It was so humiliating and shameful. Daddy let the nasty man watch me get punished… “ Felicity broke off and let out a sob.
“Go on, what happened then.”
“After, I had to go over, kneel down at his feet and say how sorry I was… still naked… he could see my whole body.”
“Oh my! How did that make you feel?”
“I felt so ashamed and humiliated. Daddy told me to sit up straight and push my chest out.”
“How do you feel looking at the naughty pictures, Felicity?”
“Push the sheet down a little so you can cool off.” She did, exposing the sweet mounds of her girly titties, and let out a sigh.
“Ummm the cool air makes your nipples hard, see?” Dr. Bingham leaned over and gently blew on her left nipple.
“Oooo yes.” Felicity reached down to feel it, moaning softly.
“Pinch them.” She did, moaning louder. “Pinch them harder. Pinch and release.” Felicity complied, whimpering.
“Ohhh that hurts but it feels so good.”
“Ummm yes, I know. Listen to my voice. You feel the heat in your chest slowly moving down to your tummy, spreading into your bottom, still hot from the spanking you father gave you. Can you feel it?”
“Now the heat is spreading down your thighs and into your cunny.” Felicity moan and rubbed her thighs together faster. “You are so hot you need to kick the sheet off.” She did, starting to pant for breath. Dr. Bingham wet his suddenly dry lips at the sight of the girl’s beautiful young body writhing on the table.
“I-I feel so hot.”
“Yes, that’s normal, and you’re so wet between your legs, aren’t you? Feel, put your hand down there and finger your pussy.”
“Oooo I…I not supposed to touch myself there.” She sobbed.
“That alright, Felicity. You are safe in your bed, your secret place where no one can see or hear you.” She moaned as both hand slid down her body and between her tightly closed legs.”
“Oh… I’m so wet.”
“Run your finger between the lips of your pussy and feel for the most sensitive spot here.” Felicity gasped as her inquisitive finger found her stiff little clitty.
“Oh my!”
“Run your finger in a circle around it. That’s what a man would do with his tongue if he licks your sweet cunt.”
“Oh lord… noo… that’s so horribly… dirty… shameful!”
“He’d pinch your nipples hard and make you moan.”
“Oh no… not so hard.”
“Like this?” I reached over and squeezed one nipple in a pinch.
“Oooo no… harder… much harder.” Bingham did squeezing and twisting harder and harder. The little minx held out a long time before she squealed.
“You are so hot you need to take off your knicker and open your legs.”
“Yes.. yes.” Felicity fumbled with the satin draw sting at her waist, jerking the bow open and pushing her knickers down so she could kick them off.
“That’s much better, now spread your legs open wide and play with that little sweet spot in your pussy.” Felicity did what she was told, opening her long legs, and fingering her clit in wild abandon.
“What are you thinking?”
“Think… a boy… man, molesting me, punching my nipples… squeezing my breast… lick… Oh no… he’d licking my cunt! I can’t stop him… he going to put his thing… his big hard cock inside me… inside me… my… inside my cunt.” Felicity let out a muffled scream as she climaxed for the first time in her young life.
Dr. Bingham checked her pulse as she went into a faint, not unusual for a young woman the first time she has an orgasm. After covering her, he checked his pocket watch, thinking to let her rest for five minutes for bringing the session to a close. As she came awake, Bingham whispered to her, reassuring words, and adding post hypnotic suggestion. To felicity, she’d got up dress as if nothing had happened. All she’d remember is sitting in the examination room waiting for the Doctor then undressing for the manipulation.
She’d be happy, contented and sexually satisfied for at least a week. After that, the urge to do an unknown something would cause her Mother to bring her back for another treatment. Between now and the next time, Felicity would be the perfect, polite, obedient young lady. No temper tantrums, pouting, crying, or bad moods thanks to the post hypnotic suggestions implanted in her sub-conscious. A soft suggestion to her mother while under hypnosis about irritating pubic hair, sparse as it was on Felicity, meant her mother took her to a Salon that specialized in pubic hair removal, much as her Mother had hers removed.
Dr. Bingham preferred his clients to be smooth and bald, heightening the sexual tension. Many females felt somewhat risqué and slutty having a smooth nude pussy instead of a ‘bush’, equating it as something only ladies of the evening did. It always surprised the good Doctor how easy it was to turn the so call high born ladies into complete cock craving sluts. He’d even managed to have several of them visit a certain house in Kensington wearing a mask where they’d engaged in multiple sex act with discrete man for the evening.
That the good Doctor own the house and would watch their performance so he could adjust their conditioning, thereby turning them in good little money making whores. Not that the ladies in question knew the Doctor was being paid handsomely to provide those services. They only knew they could satisfy their sexual cravings by visiting the house under the guise of attending a party once or twice a month.
The second ‘treatment’ progressed much as the first with the added mental fantasies fueled by the dirty little book he’d given her. Felicity fell into the trance state easily, reinforced his control over her and her actions. Punishment was a main theme of many of these interactions as he found she wanted to be punished to help relieve the guilt she felt thinking about sex and reading forbidden books. Something a well brought up young lady shouldn’t be thinking or doing.
Even a light spanking only increased the girl’s wantonness and didn’t wake her from the trance. Increasingly, the idea of being molested and forced to do what her paramount wanted, even against her protest dominated her thoughts. Her third ‘treatment’ would be the real test about how far he could interact with her. To begin, Dr. Bingham put her into a deep trance. After undressing, she sat in nothing more than her thin shift and knicker, laying back, eyes closed, breathing deeply.
“Listen to my voice. You are in your warm, safe place. Just you and me whispering secrets to each other and thinking about men, strong dominant men.”
“Oh yes, they are looking at me, wanting me. Their eyes traveling over my body and thinking about seeing me naked.”
“That excites you, doesn’t it, the thought of men wanting to strip you naked and run their big strong hands all over your body, and molest you.”
“Y-yessss.” Felicity breathed.
“Such naughty thoughts, knowing if your mother and father found out they’d punish you.”
“Y-yes… Daddy would spank me so hard with his leather strap, or even cane me.” Felicity began panting for breath, her nipples getting hard under her shift, poking the thin material out. Her hands reached up and pinched them, seeing her wince.
“You know naughty girls should be punished for thinking such dirty thoughts, don’t you, Felicity?”
“Yes, they should be.”
“Tell me what you want those nasty men to do to you?”
“Please… Daddy, no… don’t make me tell you.”
“Then I’m going to spank you with a leather strap until you do.” The thin mask hid most of Dr. Bingham’s face, with just opening for his eyes, nose, and mouth, blurring his features so Felicity only saw whatever face she wanted.
“Please, Daddy. I won’t think those dirty thoughts anymore.” She sobbed softly.
“Then tell me what you are thinking about.”
“No, please.”
“Stand up and take off your shift and knicker so I can see your naked body.”
“Please no, Daddy.”
“Don’t it!” He said in a stern voice.
Shivering, Felicity slowly stood, lifting her shift to pull it over her head. Wherever she saw in her mind, she folded the shift and placed in on the couch. Her fingers shook as she fumbled with the satin draw string holding her knicker up. At last she got the bow undone and pushing them down until they fell free around her small feet.
“Step out of them and kick them away. You won’t be needed them any more tonight.” She did, putting one hand over her pubic mound, and other arm across her breasts to hide them. “No, hands on top of your head, and keep them there until I tell you to take them down.” Felicity let out a soft sob and did what she was told.
“Please, Daddy, don’t spank me.” Even saying it made her shiver and her nipples hardened into hard pink buds.
“Be silent while I look at you. Turn around slowly.” She did, sobbing softly, knowing he was looking at her naked body, molesting her with his eyes. As she turned back, Bingham reached out and took hold of her by the back of her neck.
“Bend over the end of the bed, Felicity.” He commanded as he walked her over to the end of the bad, and pushed down over the padded end rail. It only took a small amount of force to make her comply.
“Very good. Now spread your legs, wide so I can see your cunt.” Felicity moaned when she heard that word, and with a little sob, spread her legs. “That’s better, now all the nasty men can see your tight virgin cunny and what a dirty little girl you are.” Bingham ran his hand over her firm round cheeks of her heart shaped bottom. Felicity whimpered as he slipped his hand between her legs. She was already wet.
“Such a naughty little girl aren’t you. So wet.” She sobbed, knowing what he’d found.
“Y-yes, Daddy.”
“You need to be punished, don’t you?”
“Y…yes Daddy. I should be punished,” the word punished opened the dam inside her brain and words spilled out in a torrent. “Yes Daddy. Spank me, spank me very hard for being such a dirty little girl and thinking such filthy thoughts!”
Bingham began spanking her then, putting the strap across both cheeks. Taking his time, he worked the strap all over her bottom and upper thighs, softly at first to see if it would break her out of the trance. It didn’t and he spanked her harder, hearing her squeal and moan.
“Dirty little girl.”
“Yessss Daddy. I’m a dirty little girl. Spank me harder!!!” He did, making her cry out, sobbing and squealing with each hard smack of the strap, but she made no attempt to escape.
“Ohhh Daddy, I’ll be good… I won’t think dirty thought… Oh god! Yes, Harder Daddy.” Felicity buried her face in the mattress and screamed as Bingham laid into her bottom. After six more he stopped.
“Are you going to be an obedience little girl from now on?”
“Y-yes-yes Daddy I will. I’ll be obedient, I promise.”
“Tell me the dirty thoughts you were thinking about.” Bingham tapped her pussy with the tip of the strap. Felicity gasped.
“I-I was thinking about men molesting me.” She sobbed, knowing her spank her pussy next if she didn’t answer.
“Tell me exactly what you were thinking, dirty girl.”
“I was thinking about nasty, dirty men forcing me to suck their big hard cocks and… and…”
“Go on, what else?”
“And… Ohhhh, fucking my cunny and bottom.” She sobbed at last.”
“Filthy little slut!” Bingham started spanking her again. Felicity shuddered and climaxed. He could smell the almond scent of her cream as it leaked down the inside of her thighs.
Grabbed her by the back of the neck and walked her to the other side of the room. He’d already arranged the mirror and instruments of her deflowering beforehand for this moment. Felicity whimpered out loud when she saw the six inch fake rubber cock sticking up from the pedestal.
“Kneel and put that cock all the way into your cunt, slut!”
“Nooooo please, Daddy, not that.” Holding her tight, he spanked her red bottom and forced her down.
“In your cunt, bitch!”
Felicity dropped to her knees over the dildo, sobbing and crying as she guided the bulbus head of the fake cock between the lips of her tender young pussy. She moaned even louder as it slid inside her wet cunt, forcing the lips apart and stretching the walls to accommodate the invader.
“Please…. Not all of it!” She begged.
“Yes! All of it, every inch.” Bingham spanked her a few more times, knowing this was exactly what she wanted, to be spanked and forced. “Up and down, fuck yourself and get it all the way in.”
She did, sobbing and squealing as inch by inch the fake cock buried itself deeper and deeper into her virgin cunny. At last her bottom rested on her thighs and he knew it was all the way inside her.
“Look at yourself. See what a dirty little slut you are.” Felicity opened her eyes and sobbed, seeing multiple images of herself at different angles, naked, kneeling, legs spread, the dildo appearing and disappearing as she fucked herself.
“Oh god! Nooooo.” She sobbed, the erotic images burning themselves into her fevered brain as she began to fuck herself fast and faster.
“Dirty little slut!” Bingham spanked her a few more time, adding to her erotic fantasy of being forced. Felicity shuddered in release, slumping forward. Bingham grabbed her head by the hair and pulled her head back.
“You’re not finished yet, slut. Open your dirty mouth.” Felicity moaned as she opened her eyes and saw the big hard cock inches from her face.
“Oh god no… please.” She begged looking up at him with pleading eyes. Bingham slapped her across the face, first one way, then the other.
“Open your mouth, bitch. This is what you dream about, isn’t it? A nasty man fucking your sweet wet mouth with his big hard man cock, now open.”
With a sob of shame, she did. Bingham had to force her mouth all the way open to get the head of his eight inch cock inside. Once he did he held her head tight and pumped his cock all the way in. Thanks to his hypnotic suggestion. Felicity didn’t even gag when the head hit the back of her throat, and with a few more thrusts had all eight inches in her mouth. Pulling her head back she looked up at him with combination of shame and pleasure as he drove his cock in and out. The little bitch couldn’t help herself. This was her fantasy fulfilled as she shuddered in release as she orgasmed again. Bingham pulled back and just fucked her mouth.
“I’m going to fill your mouth with nasty, dirty cum, and you’re going to hold it in there and show it to me before your swallow it.” Felicity whines and shook her head, pleading with her eyes. “Wrap your lips around the shaft, little bitch, just like a good little whore!”
Tears ran down her sweet cheeks as she did what she was told, gripping his cock tightly with her pink lips. This was the shame and humiliation she wanted, craved. Bingham pumped his hard cock in and out, moaning in pleasure as he climaxed. Holding her head tight he filled her mouth with a copious amount hot sticky cum, stream after stream shooting out. Sighing with satisfaction, he pulled his cock out and wiped the remaining cum over her pink lips.
“Show me!” He growled. Sobbing, Felicity slowly opened her mouth as he pulled her head back. Her mouth was full of white creamy cum.
“Good bitch, now swallow it!” She shook her head, so he pulled her head father back and held her nose. She fought it, beating his thighs, but in the end she had to swallow, sobbing in shame. Another organum shook her body as she climax again while the cum slid down her throat into her tummy.
“Good girl, now go to sleep.” She did, slumping forward.
Bingham caught her, lifting her off the cruel invader and carried her over to the bed. Laying her out, he drank a stiff Brandy before carefully and lovingly cleaned her body with a warm wash cloth. As expected there was some blood, but not as much as he expected. Considered she rode horses, that wasn’t surprising, as many young girl lost they virginity that way without knowing it. Especially if they rode astride instead of side saddle. After completing the ablution and drying her he covered her sweet body with a sheet he whispered in her ear.
“You just had a wonderful naughty dream, so intense it almost seemed real, but it was nothing more than a dream.”
“Oh yes.” She murmured.
“You will wake up soon with just the memory and nothing more. You will be an obedient girl, sweet, kind, considerate and sleep without dirty erotic dream disturbing you for at least a month, understand?”
“Yes, I understand.”
“You were here for your monthly treatment and nothing more. On three, when I snap my fingers you will wake up feeling refreshed and satisfied. One-two-three.” Bingham snapped his fingers.
“Oh… did I fell asleep?” Felicity asked as she came awake.
“Yes, dear. Nothing to worry about. It’s perfectly normal. When you are ready, please get dressed and come into my office.”
“Yes, Doctor.”
The only think Dr. Bingham worried about was Felicity’s sore bottom from the spanking, but the girl never mentioned it. Surprisingly there was just a slight redness to show she’d been spanked with a leather strap.
“How do you feel, Felicity?” She blushed slightly.
“Very well, Doctor.”
“Don’t be embarrassed. Remember, I treat your mother as well as many other woman for the same condition.” If only she knew how he treated her mother, she would be embarrassed.
“I understand, Doctor.”
“I’ll see you in a month or so, or whenever you feel the need.”
“Yes, Doctor. Thank you. I feel so calm and relaxed now.”
“I’ve called for a Cab to take you home. Take care.” To his surprised Felicity came over and hugged him tightly as he stood.
“Thank you, Doctor. You are so kind.” She then stood on tip-toe and kissed him on the lips, blushed as she quickly turned away and dashed out of his office.
“Well, that was a surprise.” He muttered.


I hope you enjoyed my little story and look forward to part two. Drop me a line and tell me what you think at: [email protected]

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