Daddys always right

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A girl comes out gay and her dad doesn’t like it

My name’s Kayla Im 4’11 I have a hourglass form and nice a cup tits I have nice long straight hair with green eyes and light skin.

I’m black while my dad is white because my mom left he’s 6’3 with a mustache and curly brown hair and he’s very muscular.

Im 18 and he’s 33 and I’m gonna come out to him, I go I to the living room he’s drinking beer watching the game I bite my lip sitting on his lap.

I might be lesbian but I’m still a daddy’s girl, umm daddy can I tell you something, he smiles and pauses the tv rubbing my thigh.

He’s tells me yes and I begin to tell him how 8 have a girlfriend and I’m lesbian he tenses before frowning and he asks well how don’t you know.

I tell him I tried it with a boy but before it could break my hymen I stopped because it was nasty.

He grabbed me and I struggled and screamed he slammed me on his bed locking the door I kinda got wet seeing him take his shirt off and unbuckle bus pants.

I struggled against his hold before he told me he’s gonna make me a real women not down dyke.

I have up and let it happen he stripped me and kissed my skin softly telling me how I really was a women now.

And I gawked at his cock it was thick and meaty his mushroom tip and veins make it look hot he had to be 10 inches and 3 inches wide.

I got nervous telling him no bushing his hard chest as he pushed the top I a screamed but stopped when his soft lips touched my lips.

I kisses back feeling him push in my hand moved to his bad gripping it and tears poured out he slowly thrusted before it stopped and pleasure coursed through me when he begin pounding in me I kept tense and with a straight face but he smirked and pounded faster.

My mind switched maybe it’s because Kevin was just small he was 5 inches and in attractive but my daddy was hit and sexy and took care if me big and strong and he could provide but he’s my dad my biological dad the balls that are slapping against my ass were my original home.

I just stopped thinking and moans when he rammed into my spot I screamed out daddy my stomach.

Was it Normal to feel it in my stomach…fuck he kissing my neck now I moaned out and kissed his lips he finished out with both of us coming and he cuddled into me.

I said softly daddy I don’t think I like girls anymore he smiled and smacked my ass and called me a good girl.

We begin fucking more and more it was great havinga bug string man fulfil my needs.

A few months later my stomach was bloated…I was pregnant and happy with my father baby..

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  • Reply twinkle

    things like this hurt lesbians :-/ fetishization if wlw is not a joke and is harmful.

  • Reply Aspenmarie55

    Tell me your stories pleeeaaasssseee
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    Sc: aspenmatie5502

  • Reply The Pussy Gaper

    Hey Satansslut, do you take requests honey?
    If so then can you write a story about female gaping pussies? You do write amazing stories and I would recommend them to people.

    • Satansslut

      Yeah just tell me what you want me to write it on and thanks

    • The Pussy Gaper

      I’m wondering if you can write it on two lesbian girls who gape their pussies together out of love. You can write anything you want as in incest or anything but please make them gape each other’s pussy to where it’s permanently loose and ruin. Thank you darling.

    • Mark

      Satanslut great story…. let’s link up and work on a story together
      [email protected]
      machf2014304 -snapchat

  • Reply Cumgulper

    So you are staying that your dad was 15 years old when you were born

    • Satansslut

      No this is very fictional where the mother was also troubled at 15 along with her father and he was left to take care if her with his parents until he got a job and house

    • Devin

      Oh Scooby yes there is Gap in age hey guys write 15 years old brother kind of wonderful story true

  • Reply woody

    You know baby girl you can always be bisexual. I love to spend some time with you and 1 of your young girlfriends…. [email protected]

    • .

      Lmao virgin I’m 15 and already fucked

  • Reply anomalously

    What does it sound like to have a baby with your dad?