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Ashley’s tale

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A teenage girl reveals a little of her life at home.

Ashley’s Story

Hi I am Ashley and I am writing how my life changed after my 14th birthday and got a lot more interesting. Well to start out I lost my virginity at 12 to a boy I loved. Unfortunately his dad was in the military and he ended up moving away. For the weeks that we had together until they left we enjoyed each other as much as we could. A little more about me I have long blonde hair and green eyes. I am kind of the nerdy type as I wear thin rimmed copper glasses. I am generally tall for my age being a bit taller than my classmates. I live with my mother, step father, and step brother who is 2 years older than me. My biological dad took off when he found out mom was pregnant.
At the time of my writing this I am 18 and 5’11”. Back to the story a couple of years went by I didn’t really date that much as the boys at my school weren’t interested in me. My life change a couple of months after my 14th birthday. My school had let out early for that day for some reason. I got home to an empty house since both parents worked and my step brother was still in school. I went to my room and decided to take of the urge that was building in me. I stripped out of my clothes, laid on my bed and began to take care of myself. In my haste to have a little fun I didn’t close my door all of the way.
As I laid on the bed rubbing and fingering myself I brought myself to an amazing orgasm that had me curling my toes and moaning loudly in ecstasy. As I laid on the bed chest heaving and basking in orgasmic bliss, I finally opened my eyes and found my brother and 4 of his friends standing there in’t my room with their cocks in their hands. I looked at them I didn’t know what to do so many thoughts flooded my mind but one though came through. I hadn’t had cock in me in a long time and now I had 5 of them in front of me. I looked at my brother spread my legs and nodded. He got on top of me and I felt him press against me and then he slid in to me in one thrust.
He was bigger than my last boyfriend but that was 2 years ago and it felt so good. He began to fuck me and it wasn’t long before my room was filled with loud moans from me. He fucked me long enough to bring me to climax and then got off of me and nodded to his friends. Time became a blur as they took their turns fucking me and I was loving it. I don’t know how long it lasted but as I was looking at my brother’s eyes I felt his cock stiffen even more and his pace increased. Then with steady pulses I felt the warmth of his cum fill me and I came with him. When he finished he got off of me and his friends took their turns cumming inside me. I was breathing heavy it felt amazing as I laid there basking I told him that I hope it wasn’t the only time that this would happen. He smiled and said “Definitely not”.
We spent the next couple of months fucking every chance we got and at least once a week and sometimes he would add more of his friends to our weekly gangbang. We also experimented a lot with different positions, oral, and even anal. The only thing that I found is that I loved sex and I loved having hard cock inside of me, but my favorite thing was feeling warm cum shooting inside me. I always climaxed when that happened.
Our sex lives took a turn when one night our parents had gone out for the night and we had the house to ourselves. We waited about an hour before we started to fool around, we went to his room and before long he was ramming his cock in me. Since no one was home I didn’t cover up my screams and moans. We both got lost in what we were doing and time went by without us noticing that we were being watched. When he finally came inside me and we both caught our breath that’s when we noticed our parents in the doorway. My brother scrambled off of me and tried to cover up but we were caught. As I began to panic thinking some kind of punishment was coming I noticed my stepdad had his cock out. I understood why mom was a happy woman, his cock was huge bigger than anything I had ever actually seen except in porn videos.
Dad smiled and came over to the bed grabbed my ankles and pulled me towards the edge of the bed. My legs held up against his chest he began to rub the head of his cock against my well fucked slit. From my mother “Fuck her baby just like you give it to me, make her scream!”. Before I could say anything daddy smiled and his cock slid into me in a single thrust, my eyes widened as his cock impaled me deeper than I had ever felt. He stayed there savoring the feeling of my teen pussy gripping his cock. Then he began to pull it out most of the way before plunging it back into me. It wasn’t long before I was screaming in ecstasy, we changed positions a few times until he chose to take me from behind with the bed supporting me. In this position he went even deeper and harder our bodies were slapping against each other.
In between orgasms I heard other moans and as I looked I saw my mom was bent over my brother’s desk and he was fucking her. For a moment I focused on her forgetting about what dad was doing to me. She looked amazing with a figure that most women would kill for, her breasts were still firm. She seemed to be really enjoying the attention my brother was giving her. My thoughts were interrupted by another powerful orgasm as my dad continued to fuck me like an animal, I screamed in ecstasy. Then without warning he slammed his cock into me and held it there throbbing as streams of his cum began to fill me which set off another climax for me. Dad stayed inside of me as the orgasm settled down, I laid on the bed catching my breath listening to my moms moans as my brother continued to fuck her. That’s when I heard “That’s right son keep fucking her.”. Shortly after that I heard mom “Yes cum inside me!”. I heard my brothers groans as I imagined his cock throbbing inside her filling her.
After we all caught our breath my dad told mom and me “Well from now on my ladies there will be no clothes worn in the house. Do you think that you can handle that?”. I could only just nod, I didn’t hear mom’s response. That began a very interesting sex life which I will detail in other stories.

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  • Reply Cumgulper

    Sinister that was fucking great.This story got me throbbing hard. I absolutely loved it. Please bring more.
    By the way clothes in my house is optional. Optional for anyone who enters. You can wear as much as you want or as less as you want; your choice.

  • Reply Anonymously

    What size bra do you wear?

  • Reply Bill w

    That was a Great story. I’d love to read more

  • Reply Ben

    I never had sex with my sisters but I seen them naked quite often and I like it. I’ve seen their boobs in their boobs were different shapes and sizes and they look different . My little sister at the age of twelve her bra size 34C she did not like to wear a bra.

  • Reply Linda

    Nice story email me on hangout [email protected] I have sex with my son

    • Cumgulper

      What a beautiful mom you are. I love you and don’t even know you.💋
      And I with my great granddaughter and others