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A sexy news reader forcefully fucked chapter II

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I completely regained my consciousness then. I felt dried semen on my boobs, and around my pussy.

But he chroformed me. I didn’t expect that from him. I didn’t know what he was going to do. After 4 hours, I gradually regained my consciousness. But, I felt severe pain in my abdomen and my private areas. I wept for getting raped by that man.
I felt my hands were tied with a rope which was tethered to the beam on the roof. I was in standing position with my hands upraised. I was unable to predict his thoughts.
I completely regained my consciousness then. I felt dried semen on my boobs, and around my pussy. I tried to released myself from that rope. I was struggling hard then. At that time, I heard the sound of door opening. I was afraid of what would happen next. He entered the room with a bag. I didn’t know what was inside the bag at that time.
He then came nearer and nearer. Finally he came and stood near me. He inserted his fingers into my pussy and he shouted aaaagh. I was also got excited. He shakes his hand while keeping his fingers in my cunt. I couldn’t control myself. His speed increased as well. I started to moan then. He placed his other hand on my breasts and played with my tits. Ya moan bitch he groaned. I was completely under his control. Sssssssaaaggh I moaned. I started to cum in his fingers. He didn’t expect this from me. Then he ordered me to suck his fingers and swallow my own cum. I with tears in my eyes, begged please let me go now. He replied,”Whore! Yes now you are a bitch. But , I ve fucked u only once.isn’t it? Then how will i leave you?”.
I thought he wanted to fuck me up to my death. He then released my hands. I thought he would release me with mercy. But he again pulled me to the same bed where he fucked me before. He removed his pants and ordered to suck his dick. I can’t do that anymore. I refused.He got angry. He then tied my hands and legs to the cot. And he placed a gag in my mouth. With anger, he shouted,” if u don’t obey me, these will be the consequences”.
My mouth being gagged and my legs were opened wide. He placed his cock over my lips and started rubbing over my lips. I couldn’t do anything. He laughed and told ” you haven’t obeyed me so let me give you a punishment. I was frightened thinking what he was going to do.
He brought the bag which he carried while entering the room. He opened the bag.My god all of them inside were torturing equipments. Now he removed my gag from my mouth. I understood that he was going have a rough and terrible sex with me. I cried please don’t do anything. I will obey you. But, he laughed, I won’t forgive disobedience. He took shibari bondage from the bag. I was already unable to move. He tied me with that bondage. only I could shake my head at that time. He groaned punishment number one. He placed my both nipples between his thumb
and forefinger and started crushing. Aaaaaagh aaaagh i cried. “What whore u re crying for this small punishment, then how will you cope up with my subsequent punishments” he grinned. He then pulled my nipples as he was trying to pull them out of my boobs. I screamed. But he didn’t give concern to my cries. After 10 minutes, he gave me freedom from that hell. I thought the punishment was over. Now he took a vibrator from his bag. I begged please don’t do that. He replied “let us start the punishment 2″. He gave me hit over my clit. My body started to shiver. He placed the vibrator perfectly on my clitoris and told you should have sucked my cock. He took the vibrator’s remote in his hands. And he played with remote then. He started to increase vibrations. I started moaning. My body could not stop shivering. I was about to cum at that instant. I spilled my juices over the bed. He didn’t stop the vibrator. I was screaming of pain and pleasure. Now as i was screaming, my mouth was open. So he inserted his cock into my mouth and ordered me to suck. Now you must do this.
I without any option, with tears in my eyes , I sucked his cock . He with more pleasure, loaded huge amount of cum in my mouth. And yeeeeah he shouted. He removed the vibrator from my clit. My body couldn’t stop shivering for 30 minutes. He ordered me to swallow his cum. I did the same. I was very tired due to multiple orgasms. And I was sure that he would not stop with that mere mouth fucking. After 30 minutes, he asked,” are you ready now? Without knowing what he was going to do , I shaked my head and told yes. He took a candle whose thickness is almost as that of his dick.
He saw my face and my nipples stood erect. And my boobs were reddened due to his punishment. My clit was also swollen. He placed the candle aside and started squeezing my boobs. Wow see those tits he wondered and continued playing with my boobs. He kissed my lips strongly. And asked me, do you want to fuck me? Yes i answered as i had no option. He took the candle again and inserted it into my cunt. My pussy didn’t accept it at first. He started thrusting it. Now slowly it entered my pussy. After some time the entire length of the candle was in my deep cunt. Then he increased the speed of thrusting. I moaned. I was about to cum one more time. My vaginal juices came out. Now he took the candle out. He laughed now your cunt will take my cock completely. He inserted his cock into my pussy and thrusting it vigorously. Now he drained a high quantity of cum into my cunt. And he then released myself from the bondage. He ordered me to stand like a dog. I understood he was going to fuck me anally.
Now open your ass he shouted. Please don’t do that i cried. You must do i ll kill u otherwise he told. He had cummed twice so he didn’t inserted his dick now. But he took a dildo and inserted into my ass. He hit my ass many times and played with it. My ass , my boobs were reddened. My vagina was swollen. He extracted pleasure from my body in every kind. He just locked me in that room .
to be continued….

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