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A Leg Between my Thighs pt 1

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Drunk at a junior party, Sam and Ash fix their broken friendship in a peculiar way. (These stories are based off dreams that I have.sex dreams)

Samantha and I were always close. Very close. As friends that is. Ever since first grade we stuck together. We even went to the same high school. But that’s where our friendship started to crumble. I took the nerd route, focusing on grades and my studies, while Sam pushed her way to most popular. We hardly ever said hi to each other anymore. That was until junior year of course. It started on a Saturday night, on the phone. Peacefully, I was working on a science report due on Monday. I always had a heart for Chemistry. The periodic table of elements fascinated me. However, that is no reason to not be a lady. I didn’t care much for boys. Gruesome, hairy things they are. Great to be friends with, but I would never kiss one, let alone fuck one. That left girls. But, I was too buried in work to get to there. I maintained my golden waves that were parted to the left. My eyes are amber, a very unique eye color, usually I’d get compliments on my eyes, but a scar runs down my left eye. That’s why I part my hair to the left, to cover the past. That scar came from the accident that killed my family. I was the only survivor, but I was in shock so much that I didn’t help them. I just watched as they burnt in the flames. It was all my fault. People tell me it isn’t, but it is. But, afterwards, Sams family took me in until Mrs. Bails took me in. She’s a nice lady, in her mid-40s. She gave me a room and she gave me food. What could I complain about. Of course she’s not my mother, but she was nice enough to take me in.
Anyways, as I was saying, I’m pretty skinny, but not too skinny. I was about 5’6” at the time and I had decently sized breasts. My ass is perfect though, and so are my curves. Nobody has ever taken interest in me mainly because of the scar. Otherwise, it was because I was a nerd. And I admit to it. My closest friend in high school was a guy named Jay. He was a couple inches taller than me and had blue dyed hair. He and I were the biggest nerds out there. But of course, you don’t want to hear my nerd life. Back to Saturday. I got a text on my phone. I had a black case with a cartoon grim reaper on it, pretty emo for me, but it was cool. It was Sam.

“Hey, been a while since we’ve talked, Ash.”

I blanked replied with

“Yea, I guess”

I was too into my work to process that my friend, who hasn’t talked to me in four fucking years just mentioned that we haven’t “talked in a while”

“Why don’t you come to my part later, we can catch up. For old times sake.”

Still ignoring the fact that I’m being invited to a party, which I HATED

“Sure, I’ll be there at 7, sound good?”

“Yea, see ya.”

Later, once I finished, I realized what just happened. I muttered to myself. FUCK FUCK FUCK. WTF DID U DO ASHLEY? U JUST AGREED TO GO TO A BOOZE FEST AT UR IGNORANT FRIENDS HOUSE. Smacking myself, I went to my drawers, seeing what I had. FUCK. All I had left was a black lace bra and a fucking black thong. Laundry wasn’t going to be done in time, so I went with it. I threw on a pair of tight jeans, a black tee, and an orange flannel. I put a little bit of makeup on, which I rarely used, and went out.
As a result of my parents dying, I inherited my dads work car, the car that didn’t explode in flames. It was a Ford, which I personally disliked, but I spray painted some designs on it to fit my liking. Funny it is actually. He’d always yell at me for drawing on the cars when I was little. One of the very few memories I had left of him.
Once I arrived at Sams house, it was 7’30. She had been waiting for me, surprisingly.


She ran to hug me. Her smooth arms wrapped around me, she had beautiful greenish blue eyes and strawberry scented red hair that made you want to bury your face in. I never felt so tingly and excited in my life. I scolded myself. Stop it, stop it. She’s a fucking traitor, stop getting tingly feelings. Oh shit. I was getting wet. WTF ASH, Y R U TURNED ON BY A FUCKING HUG. Sam was still hugging me.

“Well then”
I patted her back as attempt to let her know she was squeezing the life out of me.
“Oh sorry”
“It’s fine. I guess you really missed me then.”
“Come inside, let me get you a drink.”
“Coffee sounds good. I’m not one for booze.”

Sam poured me a cup of ice coffee, as I grabbed to take it, she grabbed my hand to stop me. Tingly feeling rushed up and down my body like electric shocks. My thong grew wetter and I could hardly resist looking at Sams curves, going up until I reached her eyes. Those sea eyes. You get lost in them.

“Ah ah ah, you’re at a party.”
I sensed that she was a bit drunk already, so she didn’t really notice my staring.
“Sam, don’t…”
She spiked my drink. Accepting the fact that I’d have to drink a bit of booze, I chugged down the coffee, bearing the awful taste.
“Come on, let’s go upstairs.”
“Works for me.”

She took my hand and wobble up the stairs, yanking me along. She sat me down on the bed and locked the door. She fell into me, too drunk to stand up. Her perfect curves fit into mine like jigsaw pieces. I looked down at her, wanting her. Just to put my lips on hers. To stick a finger into her, to lick her, and vise versa. I pushed away the weird feelings, barely, and sat her up

“Ash, I’m sorry I’ve ignored you for so long. Please, forgive me. I know you hate parties, but I didn’t know where else to talk.”
“Sam, you’ve ignored me for four years. There were plenty of times where you could have talked to me, yet you never fucking did. I can never forgive you. But we can still be friends”

She looked up at me with a hint of lust and guilt in her eyes. More wetness, almost bleeding through my pants. My heart aches so much saying that. Such smooth skin, such perfect lips.

“I’m sorry Ash. Please understand. I couldn’t talk to you. I just couldn’t. I was too scared. I was pushing away my feelings.”
“Scared of what, Sam? What fucking excuse are you going to make now. You love me? You have a fucking boyfriend, Sam. You were just so busy with your popularity that you wouldn’t talk to a fucking nerd like me.”
“No, Ash. Please. There was a reason I needed to talk to you. It wasn’t to argue about this.”
“Then what is it, because I want to go home, so speak your mind, Sam”

Then she leaned in, raising a hand to my cheek. She looked me dead in the eyes, they were filled with lust, and just lust. She exterminates the space there was between us, leaving but a hair between our lips. Then she started to close her eyes and I closed mine, then our lips connected. Finally dealing that broken bond. She digged deeper, sloppy, yet satisfying. A shy tongue entered my mouth, exploring the unfamiliar territory and I responded with a stronger tongue, pushing her back. Our tongues then swirls around each other, going around and around until she finally pushed away a few inches. She looked down st my breasts and took the flannel off and I rushed to get her tee off. Her stomach and upper chest were baby skin smooth, and her back naturally arched back slightly. I sat there in awe as she removed the back tee and threw it off the bed. Our lips met again and we took each other bras off. My breasts were slightly smaller, yet still okay. Here were perfect. I couldn’t resist fiddling with her nipples. I pushed her onto her back and swung my legs on each side of her, moving my hands down to her stomach and going lower as she wrapped her arms around me, sliding curious fingers up and down. Each touch made me tingle more and more and my nipple were erect as she pulled me down. Our breasts pressed against eachother and I slid a finger into her leggings, then into her panties. Gradually I teased her with my fingers, swirling around, but not in. I waited until she begged. Her juices spilled out more and more, but she wasn’t going to cum unless I put something inside her. Moans escape her lips as she begged me to finger fuck her,
“Fuck me Ash. MHmmm, As-mhmmm, fuck me.”
She started screaming at me to fuck her so I did before someone heard her. I put my moth back on her lips and fucked her hard. Making sure to find her G-spot, I made her cum. By then our pants and underwear were off as well. Then she pushed me up.
“My turn”
She got on top of me and trailed pecks down from my mouth to my breasts to my stomach, then to my inner thigh. She licked the sides gently with her tongue and circled around my clit until she finally gave in to my cunt and surged her serpent tongue in, making sure to consume every drop of my juices, she then did a 180, and put her pussy in my face.
“Lick me Ash. Do it.”
I obeyed, pushing in, moaning as she pushed into me. Upwelling sat there are licked the fuck out of eachother with occasional whimpers, fingers, and cries for half an hour. At least that what it was, but it felt so short. We were so into eachother, we started moaning louder and louder. Then, once Sam started thrusting her hips uncontrollably, we stopped, returning to deep tongued kisses. We sucked eachother fingers, searching for left over cum, then a someone knocked on the door. Sam was half asleep on top of me, and a guy was shouting. It was Tracy, Sams boyfriend

(Let me know if I should write what happens next. Sorry for the lack of sex, but I needed to build background for our two ‘friends’).

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    I love this story and I like how u built the back log please write a pt2 and pls check out my stories sex in the gym and lesbian sex triangle thx

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    you should definitely make a part two really good story

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      Yup i agree