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Yuri’s Sexual Diaries Pt. 2 Chapter 1

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Hi, I’m continuing this beautiful girl’s story from her diary. If you’re not aware than please read part one which is the prologue about her pussy.

February 6th, 2019

Dear Diary,
Something happened on my 19th birthday yesterday and I don’t really know how to explain this but, I think I found a new hobby that revolves around my virgin pussy. I somehow accidentally broken my hymen by how should I say this. Fisting my pussy for the first time.
Let me explain. This happened during the first time I masturbated and I was just fingering. This began yesterday after my best friend and I got back to our dorm from my birthday. We’ve been talking about relationships and she wanted to know if I lost my virginity. I wasn’t really in to anyone no matter they were a boy or a girl. I just never had the desire for sex as well as a relationship. So I told Lacey I was saving myself for someone who does come into my life. This is what she said to me.
“Yuri baby, listen to me. You’re like a sister to me so I have to give you my advice. Lose that baggage and have fun. I did and it was extraordinary to the point that I can get enough either by guys or girls.”
I told her that I didn’t really had any sexual desires in my life an that I wanted to keep my virginity for a long time. She was shocked yet smiled as if I did something great. She then said “You never had sex or masturbated to anything like men’s cocks or whale noises”. I then ask why would you want to masturbate to whale noises?
She then replied “It doesn’t matter. What matters is you and your missing self desires. I respect your wishes for waning to be an all time virgin but you never masturbated in your life! You need that self discovery. You need that sense of pleasure even if you’re a virgin.”
I then replied saying that if I masturbated I’ll lose my virginity. She then looked at me saying “Honey Bunny, you have to lose your virginity by sex. NOT by masturbation.” I always thought you could lose your virginity by masturbation but somehow that was a lie.
She then said to me “You know what, I want you to give yourself a personal gift of self discovery for your final hours of your birthday. I’ll give you privacy by leaving our dorm so you can feel safe when doing this.”
Where are you going to stay if I do this I said to her. “Well baby girl, I know some guys and gals that would show me some pleasure to play with. I just want to make sure if you’re alright with this. Never leave a blood sister on her birthday for whoring unless she is alright with it.” I then said “I’m alright with this as long as I can call her if things go wrong.”
She laugh with glee saying that this is totally say as she hug me and say goodbye. Then I was alone thinking to myself “How can I do this, I feel so awkward.”
I then took my clothes of in my room and laid on my bed while naked. Then I just then looked at my pussy thinking “How can a pussy be pleasurable, I know you can have sex with it but how? It’s not like I can touch the lip and feel anything?” Really I an idiot because I never really thought you can have pleasure from a body part. I was wrong when I first started to rub.
I didn’t realize how alluring it is, how much it started to burn with a feeling I never felt before. I stopped for a moment testing my pussy. The feeling didn’t leave so I when back to rubbing my pussy. With each rub the feeling grew more and more. Then I got carried away when I put two fingers into myself for the first time. That was too much for me where I fell off the bed and on to my back. From there things when wrong. My fingers were still in my pussy and as I landed….my hand….when straight in from the force of the impact. I screamed loudly out of pain and somehow stratification. It was stuck in and was stretching my insides.
I try to get it out but the more I did, the more I wanted it. It was too tight to let go and I just couldn’t resist. Soon I didn’t want it to come out to the point where I kept going for me. As I began to cum on my eaten hand I blacked out before it stuck 12 at night.
I woke up this morning with my hand still inside me. I did however manage to take it out due to some changes. It’s still tight to where it can choke my fingers one at a time but my lord, it felt like I stretched it beyond my capabilities. I looked in the mirror to she what has happened to me and I saw my pussy in a new light. That is where I began my journey to experiment on my new pleasure which is why I wanted to record it as a log for my progress. Hell I am still masturbating while writing this on you. Either way I’ll right to you soon if anything changes.

Hi guys this is the Pussy Gaper speaking, I hope you enjoyed chapter one from my girl Yuri and there will be more soon. As I read her diary it showed her process in how much she gaped herself afterwards. Stay tuned for another chapter and if you have anything to say lile questions for her or me then let me know. Thank you.

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