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Wrestling Matt

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Matt isn’t his real name, but he wants to remain anonymous.

At first, I didn’t really realized why I liked wrestling so much, probably because I was too young. I remember watching it, Saturday mornings after cartoons, and thinking that looked fun, but then my big brother said “No, wrestling is for Homos.”

Well, if you think about it, Monday Night Raw, and the flamboyant way some of the wrestlers dressed, or acted. Macho Man Randy Savage, doesn’t that kinda sound like a porn star name? I didn’t know what “Homo” ment, because that was Sexual. Homosexual, but I was still a little boy, with no sexual feelings, even after my brother told me what that was all about.

“Cock sucking, butt fucking fags.” Okay, well he was into Football, which was. Well, I joked about his sport, that guy bending over, to throw a brown tapered ball between his legs at the Quarterback, and then everybody fighting over it, like pass the dookie?

It was years, and years before I could even get a boner, and keep it up, but before that. I kinda outgrew the fake Professional “Wrestling,” and it had to have been the 1988 Summer Olympics, in Korea when I got to see the real thing.

Also, swimming, men’s gymnasics, and basically all kinds of gorgeous athletic guys doing stuff in tight skimpy clothing, but of course, I liked the Wrestling, most of all. That ment getting their hands on each other, and I did a report on the history of the Olympics in 5th grade. Greco-Roman wrestling which was naked, and I even got to bring in pictures to show the rest of the class.

The kids laughed, and then on recess, the boys got together to talk about stuff. You know, schoolboy rumors about Greeks, and Romans. The Roman Army motto was “Never leave your buddy’s behind.”

“Well,” I said, “They didn’t let women in the Army, so the soldiers had to do something when they got all excited from winning a battle,” or somesuch nonsense. Matt, Mattias, he was Greek, but he wasn’t in my class. He was also in 5th grade, he just had a different teacher, but he came over, and heard all the stuff we said about the Greeks.

“Nuh uh, that’s not true.” He got mad, started pushing, and shoving. So, that started a big fight, and the teachers had to come break it up, but since he came to start trouble with basically half my class, he was out-numbered.

We kinda ganged up on him, which wasn’t fair, but we just held him down, until the teachers came to break it up. Then, we had to go to the office, and say we’re sorry. We missed a little class, but they didn’t send us home, or suspend us.

I got a feel on his butt, though. I didn’t even know what I was touching, but he was trying to get up, with all the other boys holding him down, so he was bent over, on his knees, and I had to reach in between the other boys just to get a hand on him. I felt his legs first, and then up to his butt, but when I got there, I didn’t stop. Even when I realized what I was doing, I just kept on rubbing, and squeezing it, until he gave up, and fell down.

Face down, pinned by all the other boys with his head turned sideways to get his mouth out of the dirt, but nobody hit him. We didn’t kick him, or anything, we just held his arms, and legs until the teachers came to break us up. I just stood up, and walked around. A bunch of other boys did too, because you couldn’t really get in there with so many boys on top of him, and of course the rest of that recess ran in to stand around, and talk about the fight.

I saw his butt, though. Also, a bunch of hands on his legs, his arms, and somebody sitting on his back. He stopped struggling, and just gave up. His eyes closed, and a hot red blush on his face. he almost looked asleep, and so pretty like that. I didn’t even get a bone until later. Over an hour later, after we went to the office, said our sorries, and made up.

Then, we went back to class, but during the reading. I couldn’t pay any attention to the story. I just held the book open, and remembered the fight. The way he looked, and how his butt felt. Until i got a boner, and of course, I’d had erections before. Usually in the morning, but there wasn’t anything erotic about them. They usually went away as soon as I got up, and made it to the bathroom to pee.

I didn’t touch it, or even try to play with it, I just crossed my legs to hide it, and wondered if Mattias got one too. When he was bent over, with my hands on his butt, or when he was pinned to the dirt, with all those hands all over him?

Then, I got out of school, rode the bus home alone, and skipped homework to get out all the pictures I didn’t use in my presentation. In front of the whole class, I only picked 2. One Greek, and 1 Roman for the history of Olympic wrestling, but there was also Hercules.

Holding a sapling in one hand, he ripped out of the ground to use as a club, and the Hydra by one of it’s necks. Half naked, he had the skin, and mane of the Nemean lion on like a kilt, but he was almost kneeling, and the fur was spread out of the way, so you could see his junk. He wasn’t hard, but still, he was a full grown man, a demi-god, and heroic, so the artist didn’t skimp on his penis at all, either.

“Huh!” I could just imagine it growing bigger, and harder. Seizing it in his fist, and probably stepping back from the hydra. Once it’s original immortal head was under a rock, but he must have felt so heroic, and triumphant. That would make it stand up proud, and a long story short, I whacked it to my first dry orgasm, thinking about that.

I thought I broke something. Inside, i think I cramped up a muscle in my groin, trying to pump out sperm I didn’t even have, it hurt, but it also felt so good, it blew my mind. I just lay back, and felt it twitch. My pulse in the veins on the side, slowly going down. The blood draining out of it, and the dreamy post-orgasmic pleasure until I fell asleep like that.

Early, mom hadn’t even started dinner yet, but then my brother came in, and woke me up. I blinked, and wiped my eyes, as soon as he came in the door, but it was pretty obvious what I was doing. I still had my pants open, my dick, and balls out of my underwear fly, and my hand wasn’t on them, but it was close enough that he could see what I was doing.

What I was looking at, sheets of paper with naked men, wrestling, and Hercules on top. “Huh!” He sat down on his bed, and shook his head. He said he was sorry, for all the mean things he said about homos, and he promised not to make fun of them again. Which he pretty much stuck to, unless his friends were around, but when they started making gay jokes.

I knew that, he had to laugh, and joke with them, so that they didn’t think that he was a homo, or he still loved me, even though I was a homo, which would mean telling them I was gay, and probably opening them up for gay bashing. More than just words, but beating me up, and kicking me, just for being the way I am, so we kept the secret, and I forgave him for joking around with his friends.

He didn’t mean anything by it, and he didn’t mean me, or anybody in particular, it was peer pressure, and he wasn’t going to give up his friends, just because his little brother was homo.

Then, I avoided Mattias for a few years, but I remembered him, from the fight. The first boy I felt up, and also the first one I fantasized about, to get a boner. Yeah, i switched to Grecco-Roman wrestling porn, and Hercules after that, but he avoided me too.

I saw him around the schoolyard, though. He never looked back, and I sure didn’t have the guts to got talk to him, because I liked him. I felt a little ashamed of taking advantage of the situation, when all my friends were holding him down, but then I didn’t feel guilty, jacking of, and thinking about it.

Then, we went through 6 grade like that, avoiding each other, me staring at him, and him avoiding looking at me, at least he didn’t turn. His head, he held it straight, and looked out of the corner of his eye, but he knew. He knew everything, and I came to find out, he even talked to my friends from class. They told him all about my report on Olympic wrestling for History, but they stood up for me.

Told him how it’s not gay, at all. They just wore togas, so they would get in the way and they took them off, but in a real fight, they got ripped off anyway, and besides. It’s not like they had boners, or anything. Right? Well, no. They got it wrong, but being Greek himself, he knew the truth, and even asked his grandpappies. That’s what he called them, short for pappoús, or παππούς, in Greek letters.

Then, elementary school ended, and I pretty much forgot about him over summer. It was 1989, and I was 11. I didn’t turn 12 until the next spring, but my dad finally got me wrestling lessons to keep me busy. I learned all the moves, starting positions, and real pins, when I’d only play-acted WWF moves, and pins, before I found out it wasn’t even real.

Then, I started 7th grade, at the middle school, and we had gym class, but just my luck, we didn’t share the same period. We had lockers, and different teachers, though. Just like high school, to get us ready to carry our books, and stop by our lockers on the way to our next class. We didn’t have a single period in common, but sure enough.

My lucky day came when the coach made us grab mats from the stack he got out. Lay them down, and taught us Wrestling, but all the other boys knew. They knew me, and talked to me about Wrestling in the locker room. Changing into our gym clothes, or showering after, so they were scared of me. The written part, the reading, and the tests were a breeze, of course, but then he split us up, and told us to practice. the moves he taught us each day, and whoever had to pair up with me lost.

I wasn’t the biggest, and strongest boy, I was probably somewhere in the middle, but it’s not just about Strength. For one thing, we had to practice specific moves, I already knew, and take turns in the starting position, but I had to wear cut-off tights. Underneath my school P.E. shorts, because those were too loose, and of course I got a boner every time.

It helped that I was winning, every single time, even though it was a specific position, and specific moves we had to go through, to get to a specific pin. By then, I had so much practice from taking it all summer, I didn’t even have to think about it. So, I could feel his hands on me. His body so close, and look forward to my turn.

I always chose the disadvantageous position first. Whatever routine we’re going through, I volunteered to get pinned. Start out on the bottom, or get my arm twisted behind me in a hammer lock, even though I could easily reverse it. That didn’t turn me on, I’m a top. I always was, and I eventually heard from somebody or other what the word for that was, but you know. Elementary, and Middle School boy’s talk. Told from the straight point of view, and always something wrong, even sinful, about it if they’re religious.

Leviticus, said it twice: “If a man lies with another man, as he would with a woman, it is Abomination, and they shall be put to death, their blood will be apon them.” Then again, in chapter 20.

So, I had to hide it, the boner I got just thinking about winning. Looking forward to my turn, and when I got to pin them. Careful to hold my crotch away, and prevent any chance of them accidentally feeling it, when really I wanted to whip it out, and hump their face. Beat them with it, and grab their butts until they got hard, then sit on them with their arms under my legs. So, they couldn’t stop me pulling down their shorts, stroking them hard, and shooting their wads into my mouth.

Even before I started shooting my own wad. Again, I was barely even 12, my voice started cracking, but each time I beat off, I was expecting at least a drop to cum out. It hadn’t happened yet, but I knew that it was only a matter of time.

Then, I got my chance, with Matt. I was still watching him, and he was still avoiding my gaze, but stealing glances out of the corner of his eye. Keeping his face straight, so even I didn’t suspect that he was looking back, but he cut his hair. He had dark curly hair, almost black, but he cut it too short to curl, and I kinda missed that.

It turns out he was taking Wrestling too, he cut it so it wasn’t long enough to grab, but it was never that long. For a boy, especially in the late 80s, it was just long enough to curl. I liked that, but I got used to it being short, until we stopped “Learning” to wrestle, and he started growing it out again. Then, he got picked on, and you know boys.

They said “You look like a girl,” and 2 8th graders trapped him in a corner. Then, they called him “Gay ass fag,” so he lost it. Started trying to push, and shove his way out of the corner, but as soon as one pushed him, the other pushed him back. He tried to throw him, but then the first one stepped in, and they went down. He managed to roll them out of the corner, before the whole school yard ran up to watch the fight, but I saw it starting.

Way off in the corner, so I was close enough to hear them yell, and what they said when they raised their voices. I ran to his rescue, and tackled the one that was standing up, kicking him. The other one held onto him, but didn’t pin him very well.

Then, the boy I tackled pushed me down, and kicked me in the side. I took it, and grabbed his leg in my arms. Kicked his other leg, and rolled over, pushing the back of his knee to take him down. Then, Matt turned the tables on his boy, broke the pin, and rolled over on top. I let of of the legs, and pushed mine back, grabbing an arm when he tried to elbow me, and twisted it in a hammer lock to sit on his back.

“Say you’re sorry, you stupid coward.”

“Ow, let go, you’re breaking my arm!”

“No I’m not, but it feels like it?” I relaxed, but I didn’t let go. He put his other arm up, but I kicked it. “Say you’re sorry!” I twisted it again, just enough to make it hurt.

“Ow, ow! Sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Matt. Tell Mattias what you’re sorry for.”

“I’m sorry I made fun of your hair ow! Matt. I’m sorry Matt! Now let me go!”

Finally, I got up, and then I realized that my boner was sticking out too late.

“You better be!” Lucky me, everyone seemed to be either looking at Matt, pinning the other boy, or helping mine up.

“Let me go!” He shook it off, and got up. “I’m fine, he just sucker punched me.”

“Nu uh! I didn’t even hit you!”

“Yeah,’ some girl agreed, “I saw the whole thing, he didn’t even throw a punch.” I did manage to tuck my erection up in my pants, so at least it wasn’t sticking straight out, but that Matt. True to form, he looked without showing it, but as soon as I got up, he saw my boner.

“Thanks, man.” He patted my shoulder, and pushed me away from the rest of the kids.

“Where’s the fucking teachers?” Some kid asked behind me.

“I don’t know, probably busy grading papers,” but then they started getting quiet, and distant.

“Huh, I owe you one buddy, but you really got excited, back there.”

I nodded, and swallowed, my face and ears burning with embarrassment, but mostly because he was still half hugging me. holding my shoulder, and his arm around my neck. I wanted to grab his butt again, so bad, but looking back. Some of the kids were watching us, so he let go. Cleared his throat, and tried to act natural. He laughed.

“Hahaha, my hero.” He looked around, and grinned. He stepped back, and lowered his voice, but then he said. “I’d totally suck your dick.”

I gasped, looking around too. “Really?”

“Yeah, I said I owed you, for jumping in when you did.”

“Come on,” I wanted to grab his hand, but with everyone watching, I just ran off, and he followed me. I started laughing, and listening to his feet behind me, so I ran faster for the trees. Around the back of the gym, across the track, and field.

We didn’t have a playground, but there was only one field for everything except for kickball, and baseball. The track around that, and bleachers up the sides of 2 dirt mounds from there. Back behind the Away side, there were trees, and stuff where we could go to be alone.


Matt (BB Gay)

Okay, the problem is that the only other gay boy in school was also a top. Now, I don’t want to bend over for him, and let him fuck e, but if he hadn’t had jumped in, I would have lost. He didn’t save me, like my hero, or whatever, he just made it a more fair fight. The 8th graders were older, and stronger, but they still ganged up on me, 2 on one.

We sure showed them who knew how to fight. Wrestling, it’s not just about rolling around on the mat, and getting your hands on each other. That’s the sexy part, but also, if you think about it, pretty much every fight ends up wrestling anyway. After the punching, and the kicking, that’s a good way to start a fight, but to finish it.

Also, it’s exciting when they finally give up. You pin them, and Tim twisted his arm to make him say he was sorry. He wasn’t, he’ll probably do it again, only next time bring more friends but until then. I was just greatful, and also I kinda wanted to suck his dick. Not just any dick, his, especially after 3 long years of checking me out, no doubt beating off thinking about me, and I’d started ejaculating, thinking about him.

“Now, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea.” I put my arm around him again, just to feel his body next to me. He grabbed my butt.

“What, that you’re gay?”

“Of course I’m gay, but there’s more to it than that. I don’t want you to think that I’m some bitch, that likes to get on my knees, or bend over and take it. I’m a top.”

“Me too.”

“Yeah, I get that, but you earned it.” I reached across to feel his jock. “Huh, you’re not going to have any trouble getting hard again?”

“No,” he turned, and came around front, to hold my butt in both hands. “Not if you kiss me.”

“Okay,” he earned it, and at least he let me kiss him, instead of kissing me, and trying to make me the bitch. He probably could have, and I’d let him, but I’d put up a pretty good fight, when we just won a fight, and “Huh!”

“What?” I stopped.

“You’re hard,” I rubbed it, “So is that enough kissing?” He nodded, and stepped back. Holding up his shirt, under his chin, and undoing his pants. “Why don’t you lay down,” I looked around, “Over there, in case anybody cums.”

“Ha, before me?” He nodded, and took off his shirt. Spread it out to lay on, and opened up his pants. for me to get down on my knees, and rub it though his underwear.

I didn’t say anything about how little it was, and i’m not really one to talk. I lost count of how many hairs I had on my balls, but only because it’s a pain. Still probably enough to count, but. “You shave?” I finally pulled his underwear down, to get a look at what I was going to be sucking.

“Not yet. Why, do you want me to, when i start to get pubes?”

“You’re not even in puberty yet? God, that’s hard to believe with how strong you are. I don’t mind, I like it.” I held it up, and rubbed his balls with my other hand. Just the way I liked it, when I started jacking off. Then, I licked my lips, to wet them, and closed my eyes. Took a deep breath, and just savored the feeling of his hard little dork, slipping through my lips.

“You ever give head before?” I shook my head, “Me neither, but I’m glad it’s you. My first time, huh!” I stopped swirling my tongue around to get it wet, and started rubbing the bottom with my tongue. “That feels good. Keep doing that.” I nodded, and kept rubbing it, as fast as my tongue would go, but then I started pulling it out, to just the tip. Pushing it up with my tongue bent in half, so I could poke it in, and push it flat with his dick, then pulling out again. faster, and faster, licking, and sucking, rubbing it, and pushing my tongue down with each thrust, until e caught his breath, grunted, and started shaking.

“Uh, huuuh! Wow, yeah. Uhn, that’s way better than I even imagined. So, good. Yeah.”

“Smuip!” I let it go, and licked it up straight. Hoping one last time that I would taste something, and disappointed again that it was a dry orgasm, but proud of myself, nonetheless. “Huh!” I turned over, and stuck my shoulder under his arm.

“Let me fix up my pants.”

“I’ll help you.” I finally buttoned them up for him, and let him zip the fly, but then I felt up his bare tummy. His chest right next to me, also bare. he put his arm up under his neck, so I licked his nipple. He hugged my head.

“This is nice, but don’t you want to take your turn now?”

“Huh, I can wait.” I got up. “Come on.” Held out my hand, to help him up.

“Where we going?”

“Someplace further away from the school, we don’t want to press our luck.”

“Huh,” He hugged me, as soon as he put his shirt on. “Well, I kinda want to tell the whole world, and brag about it to all my friends, that I got a blowjob, but. You’re right, we better keep it a secret, for now.”

“You’re not my boyfriend,’ he looked up, mad, and I put up my hand. “Let me finish. We’re boyfriends, of course, but I’m not your boyfriend, either.”

“So, we’re equal?”

“That’s the only way this can work.” He shook my hand on it, but didn’t let go. “I’m okay with that, but. You think we can fight over who gets to be the girl?”

“Nobody gets to be the girl,’ I joked, “No girls allowed in this relationship.”

“You know what i mean. Who gets to top, then. I don’t want to bottom, as in take it up the butt, and as much as I love your butt.”


“I don’t want to fuck it. I’m happy just to have my hands on your nice muscular butt cheeks.”

“You’ve been looking at them long enough.”

“More than long enough, you tease. Now, you’re teasing me with your dick?” He went right for it, and I was already hard. Rock hard. “Ooh!” He laughed, plucking out the zipper. “It’s a little unfair that you started puberty first.”

“Well, somebody had to, and I’m a couple months older.”

“Yeah? When did you turn 12?”

“October 8th, you?”

“Holy smokes, so you’re almost 13?”

“Yeah, in a couple months.”

“I take that back then, but get it out.” He let go, “I want to see this big harry dick now.” He stretched it out, this time on pine needles, and lay down again. While I pulled my pants down, he waved me over excitedly. “Yeah, bring it here, it’s so big, and hairy, and stiff!”

Now, i knew he was exaggerating, except for the stiff part, but it swelled even more with pride, as if it heard him talking about it. “Step over me, and get down here. On your knees.”


“Yeah!” I jumped when he slapped my buns, rubbed, and groped them.

“You know, there was some gay touching in that fight, a couple years ago.”

“Yeah, that was me.” He didn’t even try to put it in his mouth, just kept feeling my butt, and legs. He practically giggled! “I touched your tush when they had you bent over.”

“Really, I didn’t even feel that, but like this?”

“Yeah, except you still had your pants on.”

“What about my crotch?”

“No, I couldn’t reach it, i barely even got my hands on your buns, with all those boys in the way.”

“Huh, suck it. Suck it now.”

“Oomph!” He smiled, then his eyes shut, but slowly, and he took a deep breath through his nose. Sighing, and giving up. I think, I mean it’s not like he was trying to fight it, but still. It reminded me of when I gave up, and just let them have their gay way with me.

I think, honestly, I don’t know how much of it was real, and how much I imagined, learning to whack off, and thinking about all those boys. Trying to figure out who was gay, and trying to hide it, but I definitely felt a hand on my crotch.


“Mnh!” He looked up and smiled. A little ran out of the corners of his mouth, and dribbled down the sides, but it sure felt like a big load.

“Hhuh!’ I held my breath, and swallowed. Backing off, and feeling down his neck. His small bony chest, and his pinkish nipples? I didn’t realize it at the time, but they turned pink, because I wasn’t paying attention to them, before. Then, he kissed my nipple, and I moved down. Feeling a little sticky spot where some of my load wiped off on my chest, but finally, i made it down to where i could lick his cheek. His lips, and kiss him.

I guess I’m not much of a kisser, normally. It kinda felt girly before, but now, it was flavored with the juices of our sex. My first blowjob, on top. After receiving my first blowjob, and I know what you’re thinking, but everyone else has it backwards. You get a dick in your mouth, you don’t give it.

Not when you’re on top. “Huh! You let me top, both times?”

“Yeah, this time, next time it’s my turn, but I already won.”


“The fight.”

“Oh, no. We both won that fight.”

“Yeah, well I won mine, but thanks for celebrating it with me.”

“So, next time you’re going to make me play the girl?”

“No, of course not. We don’t need stupid girls, no girls allowed.”

“Huh, yeah.” He copied me, mocked me, but it was funny!

“Besides, girls are gross, but I’m going to wrestle you down, and twist your arm, until you give up, and beg me to suck my dick. And then, I’m going to suck you off, like you did, that first time, but not today.” He grinned.


“When you least expect it.” He shook his head on my shoulder.

“Ooh, great!” I like the sound of that!

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