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Wild ride

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This is actually true its actually how I lost my virginity to my cousin

My names Santana Jones im not gonna tell you were I live but I was 13 at the time a d I bloomed early my boobs were in the stage of growing and my thighs had gonna thick but not in a fat person way no offense.

My best friend and me had discovered porn that summer great summer btw and I was going on a road trip I remember it was gonna be a bumpy 5 hour ish ride to my Nana’s cabin.

And my cousin Scotty had to ride with us my mom pulled up the seats that were in the trunk so 3 rows and everybody packed there extra luggage leaving me sitting on Scotty’s lap in the far back and my cousin on the left in the 2nd row with beats on.

The road was bumpy and Scotty was a perverted peeping Tom I remember when he had to babysit me reminding you he’s 15 he grope me and dry hump me

I loved it to he get behind me and we’d get naked no penateation but rubbing believe it don’t believe IDC because I’m the one telling you something actually true.

The ride starting with my mom and dad playing throwbacks from there child hood really loud but me and Scotty were flirting it up.

He started with he loved how my Jean shorts hugged my body.

And that’s when it began he start talking about how he wanted to take my virginity and I gave in to it being fucked in the head attracted to perverts still am to this day.

And then he told me we should fuck now they won’t here.

I agreed and with suitcases blocking my parents view I turned and pulled my shirts and undies of and he did to.

He fingered me and I moaned in his hear lowly but I bump in the road made me man really loud and my parents turned down the radio

And I think my mom asked if I was okay back there.

And I said something about doing fine and Scotty said we were bonding.

My mom’s said something before turning up the radio idk how long he fingered me but at one point he stuck it in me it was so painful for like 10 minutes before I was bouncing on his cock nosing in his ear and I remember my younger cousin Sara looking back and I was in a daze from being rammed I remember the look on her face and me softly smiling putting my finger to my lips telling her shhhhh

He nodded and turned around and after a while if fucking he sprayed his seed into me and k was so nervous throughout the whole weekend

I did not get pregnant but after that sara told my dad on me and he gave me and Scotty a talk and told us it was wrong but he respected it seeing as I found out Scotty was adopted I was fucking shook he ended moving away after highschool I kinda miss him to this day though.

True story guys like I’m so serious

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7ita5hl

    Satansslut interesting story. it has ben a while but can u share any more. love to hear about slutty experiences. oh by the way, liking sex does not make u a slut. it fucking means u like sex that’s all.

  • Reply Amirah ID:2kyee16td3

    I love this story

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