What Would You Do?

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I lost control and cheated. Lust is a very powerful emotion…

It was Friday and I was glad. It had been a very long week. There was nothing special about it just one of those weeks that seem to drag on forever. My husband Bob was due home from work at any minute. He’s in advertising with a major firm in the city. He works very hard and I love him deeply. My name is Susan. Bob and I have been married for a little over sixteen years. We’re both in our early forties. Bob is tall and very handsome and I’m about average height, nice looking, and still have an attractive figure, especially for my age. I’ve never had trouble getting the attention of men. Sometimes to much attention since Bob gets somewhat jealous at times. Being a woman I enjoy the attention. I get the best sex if Bob’s is feeling jealous for some reason. It’s like he’s marking his territory with his sperm. Anyway back to what happened last night. After waiting for another thirty minutes Bob came bursting into the house and said in a panic, “Honey get dressed in something sexy we need to attend a business dinner in the city in a little over an hour.” “What? tonight?…right now!!??” Yes I’m sorry but the CEO of a company we’ve been trying to sign with is in town and agreed to meet with our firm tonight for dinner. We’ve been trying to meet with this guy for a couple months now. So please honey hurry we need to get going. Remember something sexy okay? Alright alright calm down Bob I’m going. It’s just that I was looking forward to a quiet Friday evening. Susan, listen to me, if we get this account there will be a very large bonus in it for me. That new car you wanted will not be any problem. Suddenly Bob had my attention. The car I had been dreaming of was a BMW. Much to expensive for us to even consider buying but now, maybe? I ran through the shower so Bob could use it while I got dressed. I quickly did my hair and makeup then picked out my sexiest cocktail dress. Short, black, and tight. The entire dress is covered in sequins that sparkle. I’ve only wore it once before. It’s fun to wear but to flashy for most occasions. But tonight Bob wants sexy so this will be perfect. I’m sure to get some cock tonight after wearing this all evening. I don’t normally wear it but I decided I’d wear my girdle tonight. Feeling the firmness of a panty girdle underneath a dress like this just gives me some extra confidence. In a few minutes we were out the door and in the car on our way. Bob said I looked amazing and very sexy!! I thanked him and told him I always enjoy looking nice for him. After arriving at the supper club Bob parked the car and we made our way to the front door. As we walked Bob held his hand on my lower back then let it slide to my tight bottom. After a moment Bob whispered into my ear, ” Susan are you wearing your girdle?” Yes maybe, you said you wanted sexy right? Wow you really went all-out didn’t you. Yea, I guess I did, but I expect to be rewarded later. Oh you’ll get rewarded alright Susan. When we got inside everyone was already there having a cocktail. Bob asked if I wanted a cocktail and I said definitely, make it something strong. After being introduced to everyone including the CEO we were seated at a very large round table for dinner. I ended up sitting next to Denny, the CEO, with Bob on my other side. I definitely didn’t mind. He was maybe about fifty, really easy on the eyes and quite charming. While we ate Denny and I talked occasionally even flirted some. As we talked I felt the tight hug of my girdle. I was glad I was wearing it. After a great meal they had a live string quartet and dancing. Bob ask me to dance and I accepted. While we were on the dance floor Bob asked if I enjoyed talking to Denny. I said yes very much he seems very nice and definitely attractive. I’ve really enjoyed his company during dinner. Bob said that he was glad because he wanted me to enjoy myself. After the song ended Bob went to get more drinks and I returned to our table. Denny was sitting talking to one of Bob’s co-workers who was sitting in my chair. So I sat on the other side of Denny. Denny ended his conversation and quickly turned his attention to me. Everything this man did made me feel special and horny. Then to my surprise he put his hand on my leg and slid it partially under my dress. I could feel his fingers touching the lace at the bottom of my panty girdle. Denny just looked at me and smiled. It made me gasp for air. I should’ve removed his hand but I was enjoying his touch. My husband is the only man I’ve ever been with. I’ve never even considered being unfaithful to my husband. Till now. Finally my conscience got to me. I excused myself and removed his hand from my leg then stood to help my husband with our drinks at the bar. As I walked to where my husband was standing my head was spinning and my pussy was wet. I was so fucking horny for Denny. I didn’t know if I should tell Bob what just happened or not. Bob asked me what was wrong and I said nothing was wrong that I just came to help with our drinks. Susan I know something is up so just tell me. You and Denny were getting pretty cozy over at the table just now. We’re you guys doing something naughty? Bobby please don’t get mad but he had his hand up my dress!!! Susan I’m not upset. You look sexy as hell honey and I suspect you guys were flirting all through dinner so it’s just a natural thing for him to do. He’s just testing you to see your reaction. Susan, want was your reaction? I looked down at the bar. You liked it didn’t you sweetheart? I’m sorry Bobby but yes I did like it. He was touching my girdle and I didn’t stop him, at least not right away. Susan look at me……I know that look on your face. You’re horny as hell. You want to fuck him don’t you? I didn’t know what to say. Bobby already knew the answer to his question. I looked up at my husband and said I’m so sorry Bobby. You don’t need to be sorry honey. You’re only human. He’s a very attractive man and your a very attractive woman. Having a mutual sexual attraction is only natural. Susan let me tell you something. Most of the men here are horny for you. You look unbelievably sexy in that dress. I think for once in your life you should just go for it. Do exactly what excites you and not care what anyone thinks including me. Bobby what exactly are you trying to tell me? Susan go be with Denny and enjoy yourself. You have my permission just this once. Bobby are you serious? Susan go fuck him. I couldn’t believe I was hearing this. My husband just gave me permission to go have sex with another man. Are you sure you’re okay with this Bob? Because I really do want him inside me tonight Bobby. Bob nodded his head yes. I slowly walked over to where Denny was sitting and sat down. I took his hand and put it on my leg. I whispered in his ear, do you want to fuck me tonight? He looked at me surprised and said you know I do Susan. Then you better take me to your room before I change my mind. Room 1004 in fifteen minutes he said. I moved his hand up to my girdles crotch and said I’ll see you in ten minutes. He stood and left the table headed for his hotel room. Bobby joined me and gave me my drink. So Susan, is my wife going to screw another man tonight? I told him I’d be going to room 1004 as soon as I finished this drink. All he said was just enjoy yourself and don’t get pregnant. I looked at him as he was smiling. We kissed. He knows I’m on the pill. We sat in silence until he watched me leave the the dinning room to head upstairs. My heart was pounding. I’ve never been so sexually excited in my entire life. My girdle was getting soaked with my wetness. I was getting to his room to fast and to slow at the same time. I was about to commit adultery and have the most exciting sex imaginable at the same time. I knocked on his door. He answered immediately and pulled me into his room. We kissed as he unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. I stood in front of Denny in just my bra and girdle. You look stunning Susan. He undressed quickly to just his shorts. He pushed me on the bed and positioned himself between my raised legs. He then lowered his shorts and started stroking his beautiful hard cock against the front of my girdle while we kissed open mouthed. He felt wonderful but I couldn’t wait any longer. Denny please pull my girdle down. I need you inside me. In a moment my panty girdle was on the floor, he mounted me and was starting to penetrate my tight wet pussy. OMG I couldn’t believe this beautiful man’s hard penis was inside me. I felt so full. I felt so desirable and wanted. Denny was successful getting his cock inside me and now was focused on breeding me with his sperm. I orgasmed as soon as he hit my cervix. I was wild with lust as he thrust in and out of me. He was fucking me with all his natural instinct to release his semen in me. Suddenly he said I’m going to cum where do you want it? OMG you stud I want it inside me, I want it all inside of me. In less than a minute Denny had pumped millions of his sperm inside my pussy. As I felt his wetness and warmth enter me I orgasmed again only more powerful than before. Denny collapsed on top of me with his hard cock still inside. It felt wonderful. After a few minutes of just enjoying him I told Denny we better get back downstairs before we’re missed. He agreed and slowly withdrew himself from me. I got out of bed, and took my dress and girdle into the bathroom to get cleaned up and dressed. I couldn’t believe what I had just done. I let another man penetrate me with his penis. I couldn’t imagine what Bobby was feeling knowing his wife was upstairs giving her body to another man. Would he be visualizing me removing my dress and girdle and then Denny slipping his excited penis completely inside my body? Then would he visualize me orgasming as Denny pumped his sperm inside me? It had to be incredibly difficult for him to give me to another man. Bobby sharing me with another man was his ultimate gift to me. It was the most incredible sexual experience of my life but I’m sure my relationship with Bobby will never be quite the same. I left Denny’s room first and returned to the dinning room looking for my husband. I couldn’t find him so I sat at the bar and ordered a drink. My head was racing replaying what had just happened in the last hour. I couldn’t keep my mind from drifting back upstairs and reliving how I felt while Denny was fucking me. It almost seemed like a dream that never actually happened, but at the same time I realized that the wetness I felt leaking from me, soaking my girdle, was very real. I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was Denny!! My heart started to race as my pussy tingled. As he put his hand on my waist he whispered in my ear…..Susan, please spend the night with me!

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  • Reply Erotic ID:1ardd6uk0i

    I enjoy being touched by strangers. Makes me cum

  • Reply Naughty wife ID:ndomrl3k0j

    I once attended a company function with husband. Husband was due to be promoted and his MD invited him and spouse to a function only attended by senior management and spouses.
    We sat at table with his MD and his wife.
    This guy kept putting his hand on my thighs under the table as we had dinner. I couldnt slap him cause that could cause problems for husband. He gradually got up to my panty and pulled it to the side and got a finger in. As much as i wanted to get up and slap the short fat pig i actually, to my surprise, got aroused. He kept taking his finger out sniffing it and licking of the wetness and wet in to wet it again and again.

  • Reply Daddy ID:3tlq9enoxik

    I went to the bathroom a few months ago and my 36 year old daughter was in there. She getting ready to go out for the evening. She only had a bra an open bottom girdle on. We got horny and fucked with her girdle on in the bathroom.
    I cumed inside her and she said I’m not using birth control anymore. Just found out that she’s pregnant.

  • Reply Thruth seeker ID:1fr550308

    Ok first you said you were raped on another story and then your writhing about having wailing sex with someone and to make sure I have the right link to your comment I’m going to post the story and your comment to be honest I think your just craving attention and your probably just some fat old man in his 70s or 80s sitting there on dial up

    • Psiberzerker ID:21c69jbt0a

      The Thruth is, the vast majority of these stories are just stories. Hopefully, the vast majority of us are adults, and not actual children, not abusing children and our families IRL. Also, “Dialup” in 2021, practically 2022.

      LOL, as if anybody still uses a MoDem. You’d have to raid the old used compute store dumpsters just to find a computer old enough to have 5 pin connectors instead of 7 pin ethernet. You couldn’t handle the truth.

  • Reply Horny as hell ID:fx7wlf6ib

    I get so hard reading this.

  • Reply Susan ID:fx7wlf6ib

    I’ve been having sex with Denny on a regular basis since I wrote this story. Denny, Me, and his 15 year old son actually had a threesome one night. I was so full of cock and semen that night I couldn’t think straight. Denny still likes me to wear my girdle when we get together. Bobby knows that Denny and I have intercourse occasionally but not nearly as much as we actually do.

    • AP ID:h81bi17qj

      Any updates, Susan?

    • Susan ID:fx7wlf6ib

      I could tell you how I ended up having sex with Denny’s son if you would like.

    • Shane ID:1ck698nhj2oi

      TAKE YOU IN ALL THE HOSPITOL OFFICES AND FUCK YOU SUSAN…kilpatrickj1980 at g m a i l

  • Reply Tiffany d. ID:fx7i918rb

    Fuck you Doug and your stupid split roast,such a fucking retard,you say that dumb shit to alot of people.

    • Steve ID:8b9n1pkb0j

      Outstanding story and well written. I would suggest sharing more of what you’re doing with your husband. I think he’ll like it and it will make things even hotter between you.

    • Susan ID:fx7wlf6ib

      Thanks Steve, It was an incredible and unexpected experience. I never felt so sexy and desired in my life. I may write more.

    • Shane ID:1ck698nhj2oi

      Id say Tiff and Susan sucking my big cock at the same time.

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15o49b

    Kim h – Sorry you have never had the opportunity to get the Split Roast done on you and I suspect never had a cock fill you mouth with cum to swallow as a reward for giving a good head job. Some gals are just meant to spend their miserable life playing with their own cunt, that probably smells. But they are the real ones that cum like crazy when getting serviced by 2 guys at the same time – you need to try it..

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:vzgbdem1

    did your husband get his bonuses?

    • Susan ID:fx7wlf6ib

      Yes he did but not nearly as much as Bobby led me to believe. There’s no BMW in my future sadly.

  • Reply Kim h. ID:fx7i918ra

    Fuck you Doug and your stupid split roast,this guy said this shit to every new story that comes out.

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15o49b

    Now that you have had your first experience fucking someone else and at the same time found out your husbands wants you to do it the future holds a lot of fun for you. It will be only a short time before you find out your husbands wants to watch and probably lick your pussy clean afterwards. Then you will be doing the Split Roast on a regular basis and before long, sucking and fucking multiple guys at the same session. Once it starts it will only get better for you unless it bothers you when you find out about the husband desires. I have had a number of times the gal was surprised to find out the husband like to eat cum out of the wife’s pussy after she has been well fucked. Don’t be surprised if he wants to take photos too. I will give you 3 months before your first gang bang takes place and you are going to love it.

    • Susan ID:fx7wlf6ib

      Actually when Denny asked me to spend the night with him I had to decline. But Denny has arranged to be in town this weekend. Bobby has invited him to dinner at our house. Bobby told me it’s just for dinner and Denny won’t be fucking me. I can keep everyone updated if you want.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:7ylren4m9c

    I was hoping it was going to be a good mom and son story,I quit reading it when I saw who you were cheating with.others may like it.