Warren scores with Aunt Judy

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My name is Judy,I am a short haired blonde,5/7 130 pounds with hazel eyes,very attractive.40 years old and single by choice,was married twice already.it was my older brother Ken’s birthday,we were having the party at our 78 year old dad’s house.i was wearing a hot pink and green skirt with hot pink panty hose underneath with 4 inch black heels.my 21 year old nephew Warren was my brother Ken’s son.i never looked at him in a sexual manner even though he was a good looking young man.after the dinner I was cutting the cake and Warren whispered in my ear,,you look so good in those pink nylons and heels Aunt judy.i was so shocked by his comment I did not say anything.i was thinking about what he said for the rest of the time at the party.my own nephew Warren found me attractive,nice young buck I thought to myself,I saw him checking out my legs and heels more than once also.i admit I was then checking out his young hunky ass,thinking what it would be like having Warren fuck the shit out of his aunt’s pussy.i did not tell any body what Warren said to me,not even his dad my brother.i live about 40 minutes from my brother.about a week later I called my brother’s house and his wife Patsy answered the phone,hey Pat this is Judy,is Warren home,,I have some boxes in the garage that are heavy that I need moved,let me get him judy.warren said he would be right over,I know that devil nephew knew what was going to take place.i put the right amount of make up on,,did up my hair and put the same out fit on that I wore to my brothers party.30 minutes later I hear a knock,,he must have been flying,I opened the door,,come on in Warren,,he was staring at me up and down,,you like what you see nephew I said.i love it Aunt Judy,you know theirs no boxes to move Warren,,I just want us to fuck sound good to you,you bet it does Aunt Judy,,let’s go to my bedroom,,Warren was right behind me looking at my swaying ass,entering my bedroom ,,Warren grabbed my ass and we started making out,,tongues dancing,I took off my skirt,,leave those hose and heels on Aunt Judy he said,,laying back on the bed Warren spread my legs wide and dived right into my crotch,oh my God Warren,,look at you I said.he was licking and sucking my entire crotch out,,dam Warren get it,get it.i never had a guy lick my pussy through my panties or nylons,,it felt incredible,,you like feeling my tongue on your pussy Aunt Judy,,oh God yes Warren,my nephew was even tracing his nose over my ass hole sniffing it through the material,,I loved this kinky little devil,,he then yanked my nylons off and left my heels on,,he went back lapping up my pussy until I came on his face.his cock was rock hard,,it was a good 7 inches.dam did he give it to me right on my bed,he fucked me doggy style,I rode his cock,he fucked me side ways,,Warren fucked the living daylights out of my pussy.i don’t think I have ever been fucked like that in my life,,Warren destroyed my pussy.about three hours of us fucking on my bed,,his mom Patsy called to check on him,,I’m just wrapping up mom he said,,Aunt Judy and I was having a pop and talking he told her. My nephew Warren came up my pussy 4 times,,4 big loads of spunk he shot into my pussy.my nephew was such a great fuck.

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  • Reply Sean ID:7ylren2qrj

    You sound interesting. You can reach me at (470)424-4036 if you’re up for sexting.

  • Reply M ID:5unsb81fib

    The Matt and his Aunt Judy stories are the best. True stories. He fucks 3 aunts and 4 1st cousins and they are all smokin!! Matt and Judy live together but she allows him to have orgies with her sisters and her daughter A. Aunt Pam gets jealous for Matt’s cock but Matt punishes them for it while he cums in all of his aunts and cousins

    • Stacy ID:28xk46sg42

      I want to eat my aunts pussy and give her my big hard cock just like she tells me to

    • Stacy ID:28xk46sg42

      Lucky him

  • Reply Sean t. ID:fx7ita944

    Great story.the one thing I noticed about this site,the well thought out stories or the true stories that make sense only get a few responses,the bullshit unrealistic fantasy stories get a ton of feed back.i guess it’s quite simple,the stories are just as fake as the society we live in.

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:vzgbdem1

    did he get you PREGNANT?

  • Reply ANONYMOUS ID:8ojju2id9i

    Lol this reminds me of someone

    • Judy ID:3jh6z53ihrb


    • Matt ID:n0unzdknq


  • Reply Tina m. ID:fx7i918rj

    No response from Warren,are you fucking kidding me.how did he miss this one.he fucking responds to every story out here.warren,warren.how did you miss this one.