Trapped In Paradise (With My Mom)

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Trapped in paradise with my Mom in Christmas time.

“Honey,are you coming home this Christmas…???”my Mom asked at the other end.

I looked reluctantly at the phone in my hand.I had no intentions of going home.There could be no better way to ruin a holiday than to go to my hometown,a remote little hill town far off in the north.People say it’s a beautiful place,maybe.But in this season,the end of December,when the whole town will be covered under tons of snow and with its sub-zero temperature;it does not look like a dream holiday to me.Further,our own house was miles away from town,making it even more remote.I tried to remember the winters,the thunderous snowstorms and the numerous occasions when our whole family was trapped in our house for days before the roads were cleared and we could get a chance to get out of the house and to visit the town.I could never figure out why my parents decided to build their house at such a remote place.Throughout my childhood,I dreamt of the day when I would leave that place,never to returned.And when I got admission to a college at a far off city,I was the happiest man in the whole universe.

Now my Mom was asking me to spend my Christmas holiday with her.The place I left about one and half years ago.No way,I can’t go there;I had already made my decisions.

“Honey,are you still there…???”my Mom was anxious.I came out of my reverie.

“I would love to,but…!!!”I did not want to hurt mom so I lied.

“You see Mommy,I’ve already fixed my program with Carla and I can’t say no to her now…!!!”I then lied to my Mom.

My Mom knew that Carla was my girlfriend.She had met her during her last visit some about 6 months ago.What she did not know that we had already parted our ways and I’ve been living alone for the last month.

“I know,you must be having your own engagements,Honey…!!!But can’t you come for one day only…???You know,your Daddy is also away and he’ll not be here for the next 2 weeks…!!!I am all alone this Christmas…!!!Why don’t you let me talk to Carla,Honey…???I’m sure she’ll agree for you to visit me for one day…!!!”my Mom seemed desperated.

“She is not here right now,but I know she will not like the idea,Mommy…!!!You know her nature,Mommy…!!!I am sorry Mommy,I will not be able to come this time…!!!Perhaps next year,Mommy…!!!”I then lied again to my Mom.

“Do you remember,last year you promised me to visited me this Christmas,Honey…???Anyway,if you don’t want to be with your Mommy,it’s OK,I can’t force you,Honey…!!!”my Mom’s voice was hoarse,perhaps she was crying.

I put the receiver back,but I was not happy.I loved my Mom very deeply,and I wanted to be with her.The only difficulty was that I didn’t wanted to go to that place which I detested so much.I knew that asking my Mom to come to me wouldn’t worked,as she would never leave her home during the holidays.She firmly believed in celebrating the holidays at home with family and friends.I felt pity for her.

I tried to concentrated on my works,but my mind was not into it.I was still thinking about my Mom,her sad voices still reverberating in my ears.My Mom was the only one that mattered to me in my entire family.Ours was a small family – my Mom,my Dad,my older Sister Carolyn and myself.My Sister Carolyn was about 2 years older than me,and she was now in England with her husband.Though I had very good relationship with my Sister Carolyn,I never felt attached to her the way I felt to my Mom.

While growing up in that small hilly town it was my Mom who was always with me.In my every moments of triumph,every moments of sorrow it was my Mom who cheered me up and consoled me.She was there when I had my first heartbreak.She was the one who encouraged me to be a good athlete,an equally good student,she was the one who initially sponsored my admission to college and supported me financially till I was self-sufficient.My Dad was never there.He was too busy with his business and with his hunting and booze parties.My Mom always had a special place in my life,and it was unbearable for me to see her hurt.I knew she was…!!!

I put down my pen and paper.I realized I couldn’t sticked to my earlier decisions.It might not be a bad idea to celebrates Christmas with my Mom.After all,I was alone here and it would be much better to be with my Mom rather than staying in my big city apartment with no friends around.College was closed for Christmas and most of the students were already gone home.I could very well be back in 3 days,and then I would be free to celebrates New Year.

Finally,I dialed my Mom’s number.She responded immediately as if she were still near the phone.

“Mommy,it’s me,Zack…!!!I have talked with Carla, and she has agreed…!!!I am coming home on Christmas Eve,Mommy…!!!”I then said to my Mom.I had to lied again to my Mom.

“Are you,Honey…???”my Mom was thrilled,her voices resonating with excitements.

“Yeah,Mommy…!!!But I’ll be there for only one day and in any circumstance I’ll return on the 26th…!!!”I then said again to my Mom.

“I am more than happy,Honey…!!!I promise that I won’t ask for anything else,Honey…!!!I’ll make arrangement for your journey,Honey…!!!”my Mom’s voices was beaming with delight.

“Don’t worry Mommy,I have sufficient money…!!!I’ll reach home by Christmas Eve,Mommy…!!!”I smiled at her impatience.

“I am looking forward for your visit,Honey…!!!I have a nice little surprise for you,Honey…!!!”my Mom then replied to me.

“I’d love to see it,Mommy…!!!OK Mommy,bye…!!!”I then said to my Mom.

“Bye Honey,I love you so much…!!!”my Mom then said to me before finished.

“I love you so much too,Mommy…!!!”I then replied to my Mom,and then I cut the phone.


When I reached my hometown on Christmas Eve,it was already snowing.Patches of snowflakes were falling,and I had a gut feeling that the weather would not improve in coming days.The snowfall appeared to be heavy this year,as the whole town seemed to be covered with a thick blanket of snow.I was afraid if the weather deteriorated further,I might not be in a position to returned on my planned date.

I got off the bus and took a cab to my house.On the way there,everything was covered with heavy snow.The only exception was the roads that were cleaned regularly,but I knew that in case of a very heavy snowfall or an ice storm it would be very difficult to maintain the roads in clean conditions,especially roads leading to remote areas away from the town,which are not frequented by many drivers.My house was located in such an area,and it had happened in the past when it had taken more than 48 hours before the roads were cleared again.Again,I had a hunch that this year would be the same.

The cab was approaching my house and even from a distance I could see the darkened silhouette of our house against the snowy backdrop,light was coming from its windows.The whole house,the roof and the whole front yard seemed to be buried in a thick fur of snow.

The cab stopped at our driveway.I then took my bag,paid the driver and went over to the front door.Before I could pushed the doorbell,the door flung open.My Mom was standing at the door beaming with delight and with her old infectious smile,her eyes wet with happiness.But,there was something else,my Mom appeared to be completely changed.She was thinner,much thinner since I last saw her and she looked much younger and prettier.

“Ooohhh,Honey…!!!Can’t say how happy I am today,Honey…!!!You had made my day,Honey…!!!”my Mom then said to me,and then my Mom hugged me and kissed my forehead.

“Mommy,you look so thin,so young…!!!I really really can’t believe it,Mommy…!!!”I then said back to my Mom.I couldn’t hide my surprise.

“That’s the little surprise that I was talking about on the phone,Honey…!!!I’ve lost almost 30 pounds in the last 6 months,Honey…!!!”my Mom then said to me again,then smiled with a bit of pride.

“That’s great,Mommy…!!!You really look very thin and,I must admit,very beautiful…!!!Daddy must be paying special attention to you nowadays,Mommy…!!!”I then replied to my Mom.

“Thanks,Honey…!!!Now lets go inside,Honey…!!!I am freezing here,Honey…!!!”my Mom then said again to me.There was a mild change in her stare,but she immediately controlled herself.

My Mom then took me inside and locked the main door.The temperature inside the lounge was very comforting and after such a long journey in extreme cold it felt wonderful.My Mom then led me near the fireplace and asked me to sit on the sofa.I then removed my jacket and gloves and sat near the fireplace trying to warm up my frozen limbs.

“It’s very cold outside,Honey…!!!Why don’t you relax and I will make a cup of coffee for you,Honey…!!!That’s going to make you fine,Honey…!!!”my Mom then said again to me.She walked towards kitchen.

I then looked at my Mom’s swaying buns,tightly clenched in her jeans.I then scanned down my Mom’s curvy petite body,hardly disguised by her winter clothing.The first thought strucked me was how beautiful my Mom has become since I last saw her.My Mom must have been very beautiful in her younger days.She is only 5’2” quite in contrast to my Dad who stood beyond 6’1”.My Dad has a very bulky body so she always looked like a tiny sparrow in the shadow of a big bull.

As far as I could remember,my Mom always stayed thin and always had a great body,beautiful curves,thin waists,beautiful slim legs and tight tiny hips.My Mom was a natural blonde,her hair straight and slightly longer than shoulder length.My Mom always kept it twisted into a beautiful bun,giving her an eternal youthful look.My Mom has hazel eyes,sharp nose and a full-lipped mouth.Armed with an infectious smile,my Mom is a warm,friendly,but somewhat shy and introvert person.During the last few years my Mom had put on some weight,but now she was back to her younger self.My Mom is 41 years-old,but now she appeared not more than a woman in her early 30s.

I then went to the kitchen,standing at the door again I looked at my beautiful Mom.My Mom was busy making coffee,lightly humming a song.My Mom was not a singer but always loved to humed.Again,I stole a look at her tight rump enclosed in her jeans.I then felt a mild stirring between my loins.I tried to recalled the various summers when my Sister Carolyn and I went for picnic or for swimming with our parents and when mom was in her bikini,I always tried to steal a look of her beautiful body.Every times,after returning home,I felt ashamed of my actions,but the next time the same acts was repeated again.The stirring between my thighs was suddenly more vigorous.I felt embarrassed from my immodest thoughts.Trying to concealed my hard-on on my hard cock,I then went in the kitchen and sat at the dining table.

My Mom then heard the sounds.My Mom then turned around to watched me sitting on the chair.Coffee was ready,and my Mom then presented me the steaming mug with her contagious smile.I then thanked my Mom and sipped the coffee.It was delicious.I still couldn’t get over the awe-inspiring beauty of my Mom,and I had to force myself not to stare at her constantly.On occasions,I felt as if my Mom became aware of my excessive interest in her,as sometimes she appeared a to blushed a little and embarrassed.

“You look very handsome,Honey…!!!I hope you are still attending a gym regularly,Honey…!!!”my Mom then finally broke the ice.

“Thanks Mommy,ooohhh yes,but I think the workouts are showing more effect on you…!!!You really have changed a lot…You look much prettier,Mommy…!!!”I then blurted out my emotions.

“Thanks,Honey…!!!”my Mom then replied to me,was embarrassed as if she had read my thoughts.But,then she changed the topic and we started talking about my childhood,about the things we had shared together,the time we had spent together,about my Sister Carolyn,and about my Dad.Whenever I mentioned my Dad,I could feel a sense of uneasiness descending upon her as if she were not willing to talk about her husband.Her smile faded slightly.Sensing her reluctances,I too did not press it.Finally,I put my empty mug on the table.

“Mommy,I am tired…!!!I think I should go early to bed,Mommy…!!!”I then said to my Mom.I had traveled almost 600 miles and was feeling dead tired.

“I understand,Honey…!!!Dinner is almost ready,Honey…!!!Go and take a warm shower and change your clothes,Honey…!!!By the time you finish your dinner,I’ll have your room ready,Honey…!!!”my Mom then said to me.She was considerated.

While going to my room,I just looked outside a window.The weather had gone from bad to worse.The gentle snowfall had turned into a blizzard.Nothing was visible outside,only the sound of snowstorm echoing through the walls of our house.I again feared that if the snowstorm continued for long it would be virtually impossible for me to return to college as planned.I had seen such bad weather often during my childhood and knew very well what it meant.But,it was now beyond my control and fretting about it wouldn’t solve my problem.So I just tried to forget about the weather and went to my room.

I then took my shower and changed my clothes.When I went to the kitchen,dinner was already served.It was the most appetizing dinner since I had left my hometown.My Mom was a very good cook,and I always missed her mouth-watering recipes in college.During dinner,our talks were again mostly about my childhood.My Mom again deliberately avoided mentioning my Dad.

“That was great,Mommy…!!!You don’t know how much I miss your cooking in college,Mommy…!!!”I then told her after dinner.

“Thanks Honey,I can understand that…!!!Your room is ready,Honey…!!!But,if you don’t have any problem,we can have a cup of hot chocolate in my bedroom before you go to sleep,Honey…!!!”my Mom was sympathetic,but she knew that she couldn’t help me there.

“Sure Mommy,I would love to…!!!I’ll come to your room in a while,Mommy…!!!”I then replied to my Mom.I then lifted the empty dishes from the table and put them into sink.

My room was warm and comforting.My Mom has kept my room in tidy condition.I knew the biggest thing my Mom hated was untidiness.I still remembered her numerous lectures on cleanliness to my Sister Carolyn and me,instructions that we never followed.I brushed my teeth and washed my face.Coming back to the room,I was about to retired to my bed when I realized my Mom would be waiting for me.

I then went to my parents’ bedroom upstairs.The door was closed so I knocked lightly.

“It’s open,Honey…!!!You can come inside now,Honey…!!!”my Mom then said to me.

I then opened the door and went inside.The room was dimly lit.My Mom’s room was her private possession;she had taken great pains to decorated it the way she liked it.I had never found her room in disorderly condition.My Mom was sitting on her king-sized bed.Many a time,while I was growing,I had tried to imagined my Mom making love with my Dad on that bed.My Dad’s big bulk could not be accommodated into a smaller size bed.

My Mom had also changed her clothes,and now she was in her white nightgown.My Mom looked like an angel from where I was standing.I tried to acted normally,but there was nothing I could do to concealed the fact I was immensely enjoying her company.

My Mom then poured chocolate from a thermos and handed it to me.I then sat beside her at the edge of the bed.We both then talked about our earlier days,about my friends,relatives and whole lot of things.My Mom then suggested that I might like to visited some of my old friends.I told her that I might but only if could managed to squeezed some times tomorrow and as I’d come here to visited her,I would rather be with her during my complete stays.My Mom was pleased to heard that.We both talked for about 30 minutes,and during that period I continuously felt that my Mom is consciously avoiding talking about my Dad.Under her warm facade of happiness,there was clearly a streak of sadness.

Next time,when my Mom tried to changed the subject after mentioning my Dad,I could not controlled my suspicion.

“Mommy,why aren’t you talking about Daddy…???Is everything all right between you two,Mommy…???”I then asked my Mom.

My Mom’s face was suddenly pale as if someone has sucked the blood out of it,and she started crying.I then put my arm around her.My Mom just kept her face on my shoulder and continued crying.

“Please tell me,Mommy…!!!What’s the matter,Mommy…???Why don’t you tell me,Mommy…???”I then asked my Mom again.I let her cry for some time.My Mom then finally turned to me; her eyes wet with tears.

“I didn’t know how to tell you,Honey…!!!Your Daddy has a girlfriend,Honey…!!!”my Mom then replied to me suddenly.

“What…???A girlfriend…???”I then replied back to my Mom with questions.I couldn’t believe what my Mom was saying.

“Yes Honey,your Daddy is spending the holidays with his girlfriend in Jamaica…!!!And you know who is his girlfriend,Honey…???His own secretary,a girl who is even younger than you,Honey…!!!To me he said that he was going to France as his supplier wanted him there to discuss business,Honey…!!!”my Mom then said to me in replies.My Mom appeared somewhat relieved after telling the truth.

“Are you sure,Mommy…???You might have got it wrong,Mommy…!!!”I then said to my Mom.

“No Honey,everyone in town knows it…!!!He went to Jamaica with his young whore,Honey…!!!I was perhaps the last person to know about it,Honey…!!!Their relationship has been going on for almost a year,Honey…!!!”my Mom then said to me in a bitter tone;she must’ve been badly hurt,as I had never heard her using words like this before.

I didn’t know what to said to my Mom or how to consoled her.I had seen things like that happening to other families,but I could never imagined that such a thing could take place in my family also.I tried to imagined my Dad touring Jamaica and sleeping with a girl too young to be his daughter.I didn’t know how to reacted to the informations.I never had a feeling for my Dad.My girlfriend Carla also left me for a man twice her age,but had the just right qualification,a lot of money,which I didn’t.I knew how it feels to be ditched from someone you love.I felt very bad for my Mom,and I really wanted to comforted her.

“Mommy,I don’t know what Daddy thinks about you,but I just want to tell you that for me,you are the most wonderful and the most beautiful woman in the world and I am lucky that you’re my Mommy…!!!”I then finally said to my Mom.

My Mom then smiled sadly to me;her eyes still filled with tears.She was sobbing lightly,but she paid attention to what I said to her.She looked intently into my eyes.She raised her face to me,her soft quivering lips inches away from my lips,her hot breath burning my lower lip.

I didn’t know what came over me as I lowered my head and kissed her full on the lips.I was expecting an immediate repulsions from my Mom but nothing of that sort happened.My Mom didn’t pulled her face back,instead she put her arms around my shoulder and pulled my lips into hers making it a complete kisses.I moved my arms around her and grabbed her waists,pulling her closer to me.I then moved my tongue between her lips,and she let it in and started sucking it.The effect was maddening;I could feel my hard cock hardening within the confines of my underwear.

Encouraged,I then moved one hand to my Mom’s legs and lightly stroked it.My Mom was too engrossed in our kisses to noticed that my hands was slowly moving under her nightgown towards her thighs.My palm then felt her legs,her calf and her knee.I then stopped my hand at her naked thighs and felt its warmth.I was expecting that anytime now my Mom would break the kisses and removed my hands from her naked thighs.But,there was no such responses,either she was too ignoranted or she also wanted me to continued.

Taking it as a positive signs,I then gently forced my hands between her thighs,softly putting my wildly trembling hand over her mound of Venus hidden beneath her soft cotton panties.My heart was pounding violently in my chest,and my mind was whirling with excitement.Passionately I felt the supple mound,the slit between the soft fold.My hard cock was out of control,trying to break the barriers of my briefs.My mouth was dry.My Mom,oblivious of everything,was still clinging to me,sucking my tongue ardently.I slipped my hand further inside her panties and cupped her hot pussy hole,my palm feeling her soft bush,my fingers slowly probing her moist hot pussy hole opening.

I then ran my index finger along the length of her moist slit for a few times,enjoying the soft emanating warmth,and then slowly,I inserted it inside her hot pussy hole.I felt a gentle reaction from her body and I could comprehend that my Mom was not oblivious of my movements.Her hot pussy hole clung around my poking finger.I then inserted another finger inside her hot pussy hole and started moving them in-and-out of her heavenly hot pussy hole opening.Her hot pussy hole was responding positively,and every stroke of my fingers was making her hot pussy hole wetter and wetter.I don’t know how long our kisses continued as my fingers kept moving in-and-out of her hot pussy hole.Finally,we broke the kisses,but I didn’t let her go out of my arms.

“Ooohhh Mommy,you’re just so beautiful,very beautiful…!!!”I then moaned to my Mom.I was breathing heavily.I then put my mouth on hers,forcing my tongue inside her warm mouth and sort of lifted her small frame above the bed;my hand slowly pulling her panties away from her waists and down thighs,finally pulling it out of her legs.I then put my fingers back inside her hot pussy hole.I then looked into my Mom’s eyes,they were still wet from tears;otherwise she appeared calm.But,I could feel that her coldness was a false pretence and underneath her serene composure a wild fire was burning.

I was now positive that my Mom was enjoying what we were doing,and she wanted more.Forcefully,I had to restrained my hard cock from shooting loads of my hot sperms (hot cum juices) inside my underwear.My Mom wanted my hard cock deep inside her hot pussy hole and she was ready for me.I knew she was…!!!

I then leisurely broke the kisses again.The time was ripe.My Mom was ready for a nice fucked.I then helped her laid down on the bed and gradually moved her nightgown towards her belly.Little-by-little her soft flesh was exposed to my hungry eyes and gradually her beautiful hot pussy hole was opened before my eyes,a little hot pussy hole between those creamy thighs,thickly covered with blonde fur.I then lustfully gazed at my Mom’s beautiful hot pussy hole,its soft thick lips,its soft dense curly blonde hair and its soft moist hot pussy hole opening,looking at me in a most tempting manner.

I then looked at my Mom,her eyes were closed and she seemed to be dazed.I didn’t know what my Mom was expecting next.But,I wasn’t interested in any preliminaries,no licking,and no sucking…!!!I just wanted my hard cock to be deep inside that sweet looking hot pussy hole.I just wanted to feel the soft muscles of my Mom’s hot pussy hole squeezing and sucking my solid hard cock shaft.

Without further delay I then removed my shorts and underwear.Once free from the restraints of my briefs,my rigid hard cock then sprang to life.Jetting from my thick,curly pubic hair,my hard cock was hungrily gazing at my Mom’s delicious hot pussy hole,ready to explored those divine depths hidden behind a mask of thick blonde hair.

I then grabbed my hard cock in my hand and guided its mushroomed head to her lascivious hot pussy hole opening for the 1st time on that day (1st time in overall).As my hard cock head touched my Mom’s outer hot pussy lips,I became aware of a gentle twitching in those rose petals opening up slowly to accepted my invading hard cock.My hard cock was throbbing furiously,as it pressed against that most treasured hot pussy hole of my entire sex life.Gradually,I eased my hard cock head deep inside my Mom’s hot pussy hole for the 1st time on that day (1st time in overall).

My Mom’s hot pussy hole was tight,very tight;it could have been caused by lack of foreplay or her lack of practice for long.Very gently,I then pushed my hard cock deeper and deeper into that soft,narrow,clinging passage of my Mom’s hot pussy hole.My hard cock could feel my Mom’s slippery hot pussy hole wetness while moving inside those warm depths.Soon,the complete length of my hard cock was buried deep inside my Mom’s hot pussy hole and my balls were pressed against the crack of her ass.My black curls were interlocked with her soft blonde ones.

It was euphoric to feel my fortunate hard cock being hugged in a most delightful manner by my own Mom’s tight hot pussy hole.I then slowly eased myself comfortably between my Mom’s open thighs and started a rhythmic in-and-out motions.I then leaned over my Mom’s body and put my hot lips back to her parted moist lips;again inserting my tongue inside her hot mouth.My Mom then started sucking keenly,then raised her lower abdomen slightly up to meet my approaching hard cock.My Mom was slowly beginning to responded to my hard cock thrusting.I then began to fucked my Mom’s hot pussy hole in a more rhythmic way;pulling my throbbing hard cock out of her tight hot pussy hole and then slowly sliding it back in.

My Mom’s responses were more avid now.My Mom’s hot pussy hole became wetter and better lubricated as I fucked.My Mom was moaning lightly with my every of my hard cock plunges indicating her state of extreme physical and emotional pleasures.My Mom was now lifting her hips with my every down hard cock thrusts to helped me reached her innermost depths.She was trying to meet my rhythmic hard cock humping in most adept manner,lifting her ass with my down hard cock strokes and then lowering her ass with my out moving cock.Suddenly,my Mom put her legs across my back,clutching my ass.Our bodies were one now moving up-and-down together.My Mom’s hot pussy hole wetness was now overflowing out of her hot pussy hole wetting our pubic hairs.

Soon my Mom started moving her ass harder and faster urging me to speed up the pace.I then obliged my Mom by increasing my tempo,pumping harder and faster into her dripping hot pussy hole.My hard cock was on fire,savoring every inch of delightful hot pussy hole that it was pounding.I was sure that my Mom was rapidly reaching her sexual orgasms.Her belly began humping harder;her vocal chords now emitting non stop muffled groans.My peak was not far either and with every thrust I too was grunting hard.I could heard the snowstorm raging outside our house and could feel another storm building right inside my balls.

At last,my Mom gave a short screamed,and her body stiffened up completely,her back arched and her hips in the air,her legs clutching my back tightly.My Mom was trembling violently,and I could feel her hot pussy hole muscles shuddering and involuntarily releasing and gripping my hard cock.I could no longer controlled the tremendous pressures building within my balls.I then plunged forward,ramming my hard cock deep into her quivering hot pussy hole and then I released spurts after spurts loads of my hot sperms (hot cum juices) into my Mom’s receptive hot pussy hole depths for the 1st time on that day (1st time in overall).

Finally my balls were empty.I had never cummed in such abundance,my hot sperms (hot cum juices) filled my Mom’s hot pussy hole depths for the 1st time on that day (1st time in overall) and the overflow was slowly moving through our mating bushes and to the bed down below.The storm was still raging outside,but the storm inside us had subsided,though temporarily.Finally,I collapsed over my Mom’s body.

I was feeling very tired,perhaps due to the combined effect of the long journey and then the rigorous love session with my Mom.I then closed my eyes and rested my head at my Mom’s side,my hard cock still buried deep inside my Mom’s hot pussy hole.I didn’t remembered when I fell asleep and was only able to recalled that my Mom was trying to moved my body away from her and a mild ‘plop’ sound as my flaccid hard cock moved out of my Mom’s hot pussy hole…

Next day,when I woke up it was already well past 9:00 AM.I had slept well.I found myself properly tucked in the quilt,which had kept me warm.Soon,the reality descended upon me and I realized I was still in my Mom’s bed.Whatever happened last night with my Mom felt like a dream,but the fact that I was in my Mom’s bed,I was completely naked and above all the dried stains on the bedsheets,which were soaked with our spending,made me believe that I did fucked my Mom last night.Just thinking about the events of last night drove my sleeping hard cock to full erection.

I then left the bed,then I went to the window and tried to see outside.The snowstorm had subsided,but now it was raining lightly.I looked at the enormous wilderness of white snow spread in front of me.Everything covered with a thick coat of snow.I knew it would be trickier to clear the roads,as the rain will convert the soft snow into hard heavy ice making it difficult to handle.I could guess it would not be possible for me to returned tomorrow,and I was trapped here.

But I rather felt elated.I knew,although it was Christmas,nobody would be able to visited us today,no friends,no relatives and that meant I was all alone with my beautiful Mom to celebrates Christmas.Just thinking about the wonderful time ahead forced my blood to rushed through my loins.Absentmindedly,I then gripped my hard cock and lightly ran my fist along its length.It was again raring to go.

Trying to controlled my sexual urges,I then came out of my room.My Mom was nowhere to be seen;perhaps she was in the kitchen preparing breakfast.

I then took a long hot bath and when I came out of the shower I was fully rejuvenated.I then put on my clothes and as I was very hungry,I then went to the kitchen.

As I had guessed,my Mom was in the kitchen sitting at dining chair,sipping her coffee.My Mom had already prepared breakfast and perhaps was waiting for me.Hearing my footsteps,my Mom then looked at me.

“Morning,Mommy…!!!”I then greeting my Mom.I could not suppress my grin.Last night’s events came back to me,and I felt a strong rousing in my underwear.I then pulled a chair and sat in front of my Mom.

“Morning,Honey…!!!Please have your breakfast now,coffee is ready,Honey…!!!”my Mom then said to me.

Something odd struck me.My Mom did not look directly into my face.She was avoiding my gaze.She seemed to be absorbed into her thoughts.Something was wrong;my Mom didn’t appears happy.My smile then faded.Reluctantly,I then pulled my plate and started eating.I wanted to talked to my Mom about last night,wanted to take her into my arms right away after finishing my breakfast and to take her back to bed,but seeing her moods I just kept mum and continued nibbling my food.

Suddenly,my Mom then stirred as if she has realized my presences for the first time.My Mom then poured me coffee from the kettle.I then took the mug from her silently and started sipping.

“Honey,I think we must talk about the incident between us last night…!!!”suddenly my Mom broke the ice.

“Yes,Mommy…???”I looked at her questioningly.

“What happened last night was not right,Honey…!!!It just happened in the heat of the moment,Honey…!!!We never wanted to do it,Honey…!!!Isn’t it,Honey…???”my Mom then said to me,then my Mom was looking at her nails,still trying to avoid eye contact with me.I just remained silent,looking at my Mom.

“What I mean to say is,what happened last night was a mistake and it should never happen again,Honey….!!!”my Mom then said again to me,her voice was trembling with emotions.

“Mommy,I don’t think what we did was wrong…!!!I don’t regret what I did,in fact I enjoyed it and I would love to do it again,Mommy…!!!Why can’t we do it again,Mommy…???Whatever happened,we can’t reverse that,we’ve already make love with each other and have sex together and enjoyed it thoroughly,so why not enjoy it again,Mommy…???”I then replied to my Mom finally.

“Are you,Honey…???”my Mom then started to spoke,but I then stopped her.

“No Mommy,I don’t see this as a mistake,because I always loved you and I always want you to be happy…!!!You can see for yourself that Daddy is screwing a girl much younger than his own daughter,Mommy…!!!He’s not even bothered about your feelings…He didn’t even bother to stay home during Christmas,Mommy…!!!So what did you do wrong,Mommy…???”I then said to my Mom.

“At least he is not sleeping with his own daughter,Honey…!!!” my Mom then meekly tried to defended her husband.

“No,Honey…!!!We both should never do it again,Honey…!!!Please try to understand,Honey…!!!It’s a sin,Honey…!!!What would people think if they come to know about it,Honey…???”my Mom then continued said to me,she started crying.

“I don’t a give a shit about people or Daddy,all I know is that I really really really love you,Mommy…!!!OK,we will never do it again…I really really really love you, and I will always respect your decisions,Mommy…!!!I still don’t think what we did was wrong or if it were a sin at all,I would love to do it again and again,Mommy…!!!You are my Mommy but before that you are a woman too,who has some sexual needs,and I don’t see any wrong in helping you in fulfilling your sexual needs,Mommy…!!!However,I would respect your decisions,Mommy…!!!”I then replied to my Mom,but then I surrendered as I did not want her to start crying again.

My Mom then looked at me gratefully,her eyes were still wet but she was not crying now.I was not feeling great.All my ideas,all plans for the day,were ruined in just one moment.I somehow finished my breakfast and left the kitchen.I then went to the lounge and tried to watch TV,but it didn’t help.I was feeling restless,and I immediately wanted to go back.I looked out of a window.The rain had stopped,but the weather was not clear yet.I wished that next day the weather would be fine so that I might be able to leave for college.I smiled ruefully at the irony;in the morning I was delighted that the weather is not good and I would not have to make excuses for staying for few more days with my Mom.But,now I was feeling suffocated.I was feeling trapped and wanted to returns immediately.However,I knew that it was not the right time to talked about my returns plans,my Mom would certainly feel bad,so I tried to comforted myself.

I then put some warm clothes on and since the rain had stopped,I then took a shovel and went out to clear the driveway.Because of the rain,the snow had become hard,and it took me hours before I could finished cleaning the driveway.There were no signs of the roads getting cleared,and I had a premonition that the snowstorm would coming back.When I finished cleaning the driveway,lunch was ready.Unwillingly,I ate lunch.I had nothing else to do,so I simply watched TV though I was not enjoying it.

The snowstorm returned in the evening.I could heard strong wind roaring past our house depositing thick layers of snow in our driveway and everywhere with its every sweep.My premonition turned out right.I would not be going back tomorrow.

Though,I was not in high spirits,I helped my Mom in decorating the Christmas tree and in other household chores.We avoided talking to each other.Sometimes my Mom tried to talked with me but when she found that I was not willing,she then gave up.So we worked silently.It was clear from the weather that nobody would be visiting us today,and my Mom and I would be celebrating Christmas alone.

Finally,after evening coffee,my Mom told me that she was going to changed and I should also go and changed.I didn’t see any need for changing clothes,because we were not expecting any guests tonight.But,I knew that my Mom was very particular about all these things,so I didn’t argue and went to my room and changed my clothes.

When I came down,my Mom was already there.My Mom had changed to a black evening gown,beautifully adhering to her petite body.I didn’t see any logic for wearing such clothing when the temperature outside was hovering below zero.But,I must admitted she looked gorgeous.Every curvature of her tiny constitution was greatly heightened within the confine of her black dress.My Mom’s blonde hair was loosely scattered around her neck and shoulder.She had worn a light make-up,and her beautiful face was glowing.

I then looked at my Mom,admiring her perfect body on display through the confine of her dress.I didn’t hide my lustful gaze from her protruding swell of boobs (breasts) and the small mound between the joints of her thighs.My eyes were drawn to my Mom’s crotch,where I could almost saw her mound pressing against the material.My Mom then noticed my attentions,and she blushed slightly,but again regained her composure.I purposefully avoided commenting about her dress,and I could feel that my Mom was slightly disappointed.

To me,the celebrations was only a ritual now.We both said merry Christmas to each other.My Mom then gave me a gift wrapped in a silvery foil,I then thanked my Mom and said ‘sorry’ for not being able to purchase a gift for her.I promised her that I would send her gift after returning to my college.After some time we both then had dinner together,it was tasty but I was so occupied with my thoughts that I could not enjoy the feast.After dinner there was nothing else to do.My Mom then brought me hot chocolate,and we both then settled down to watch TV.

For almost an hour or so we watched TV,not even talking for a single time.Around 10:00 PM,my Mom then decided to called it a night.My Mom then told me that she was feeling sleepy and was going to her room.I then bade my Mom ‘goodnight’ but told her that I would be watching TV for some time.My Mom then finally retired to her room.

After my Mom was gone,I then turned off all the lights in the lounge.Now,only the occasional flickering of TV and the glow of fire in the fireplace were illuminating the room.

I just sat silently in the lounge near the fireplace watching TV.My mind was still occupied with the terrific experience,which I had with my Mom last night.I really wanted to go to my Mom’s room and fucked her furiously.I was longing to feel my Mom’s beautiful hot pussy hole again pulsating around my rigid hard cock.At times,I felt like going to my Mom’s room and raping her.But,I realized that I didn’t have that much courage,and further,I didn’t wanted to hurt my Mom.I felt like a coward and wanted to run away from home.

Suddenly,I heard the faint sound of footsteps on the stairs.Someone was coming down.My heart almost stopped in anticipations.In the dim light of the room,I could saw my Mom’s silhouette slowly coming toward me.I was dumbfounded.I didn’t know why my Mom was coming but certainly expecting it to be good.I didn’t moved from my place,slowly my Mom’s diminutive figure was in front of me,her face shimmering in the light from the fireplace.

I looked into my Mom’s eyes,my Mom didn’t said anything but it was all written there.Without hesitations,I then got up from my place and put my arms around my Mom,eagerly pulling my Mom’s willing body to mine.Breathing heavily,I then brought down my hot lips to hers and then I kissed my Mom intently.My Mom then responded positively pressing her mouth to mine and inserting her tongue inside my mouth.

Ooohhh God,we both were onto it again.Delightfully, I then grabbed my Mom’s asscheeks.My hard cock was rock hard,and my hard cock hardness was probing into my Mom’s pubic region.Slowly moving my abdomen,I then rubbed my hard cock hardness against my Mom’s pubic area.Again,I then grabbed my Mom and began kissing her wildly.After a while we both then broke the kisses.My Mom hadn’t changed yet,and she was still in her black evening gown.

Without wasting any time,I then unzipped my Mom from the back and slowly lowered the gown to the carpeted floor.My Mom was standing in front me wearing only her black cotton bra and panties.I then unhooked the bra and removed it.Free from the confines of her bra,my Mom’s boobs (breasts) then swayed gently.My Mom’s tits were not big,but they were perfectly suited for her small figure.My Mom’s dark aureoles were an absolutely perfect match to the size and shape of those gorgeous tits.I then lightly gripped those mounds of pleasure and squeezed them.My Mom then moaned softly.

My hands then moved down to my Mom’s thighs,and slowly I lowered her panties down her waist towards her ankles and in a moment they were lying on the floor.My Mom was standing in front of me gleaming in her naked glory.

I then looked closely at my Mom’s beautiful body.Last night I didn’t see all of my Mom’s beautiful body.My Mom’s small boobs (breasts) were now firmly jutting out of her chest.I then watched my Mom’s small boobs (breasts) gently swayed in slow motion,her dark stiff nipples looking at me invitingly.

I then gazed down between my Mom’s thighs at her muff.My Mom’s thick blonde muff was shining like gold under the yellow light radiating from the fireplace,like a little hot radiator trimmed with gold.I then put my hand over my Mom’s hot pussy hole and groped at her hot pussy hole,running my finger along her wet,delicious crack.I then kissed my Mom again,while my probing finger slowly made its way towards the opening in her slit and entered it.My Mom then moaned loudly this time,indicating her state of rapture.

“Pull your pants off now,Honey…!!!”my Mom then said to me suddenly,almost demanding.

I was shocked first,but I felt happy over my Mom’s audacity.It was a welcome change.I then led my Mom near the fireplace and slowly helped her to sit there.With electric speed,I then removed my clothes and within a moment I was standing near my Mom,completely naked,my hard cock hardness jetting from my black pubic hair,slightly pointing upwards.My Mom then looked at my hard cock lovingly,and slowly she took hold of it.My Mom then felt the hardness of my hard cock,now harder than it had ever been before,and then my Mom started to stroked it lightly.

“Honey,you have got a masterpiece…!!!It’s so big,Honey…!!!Did I really take your hard cock deep inside my hot pussy hole completely,Honey…???”my Mom then said to me.My Mom was slowly moving my hard cock up-and-down.

“Yes Mommy,but your hot pussy hole was so tight…!!!I had to make extra effort to insert my hard cock deep inside your hot pussy hole completely,Mommy…!!!”I then replied to my Mom.I was flattered by my Mom’s praises.

My Mom then continued petting my hard cock,and then she bent forward and began to kissed the bulbous head of my raging hard cock rod.Tenderly,my Mom then licked the drop of pre-cum off its head and began licking all over.I was so excited that soon I felt like shooting off in my Mom’s mouth.I didn’t wanted that so immediately I forced my Mom’s head away from my crotch.My Mom could understand,and reluctantly she pulled her head away.

My Mom then bent backward and eased herself on the carpeted floor beside the fireplace,her body supported on her elbows,her legs wide open allowing me the lustrous view of her blonde thatch and wet hot pussy hole.I then looked greedily at my Mom’s nude body glowing from the deep golden color radiating from the fireplace,her flawless creamy thighs and the golden thatch gleaming in between in a mouth-watering temptations.

My Mom then saw my stares as she blushed slightly but opened her thighs little more giving me a better view of her sopping hot pussy hole.My Mom’s muff was so thick that it was completely covering her slit and her clitoris.I then stretched out opposite to my Mom,my head facing her hot pussy hole and my hard cock near her face.I then began kissing my Mom’s legs,sucking and licking her toes,then leisurely working my way up her creamy white thighs.At last,my nose was nuzzling into my Mom’s soft curly bush that covered her prominent mound abundantly.I then rested my head over my Mom’s thighs and touched her slit with the tip of my tongue.

As my tongue touched my Mom’s outer hot pussy lips,my Mom then wriggled in ecstasies,producing a loud moaned of extreme sexual pleasures.I then breathed the musky smell radiating from my Mom’s hot pussy hole;it was mind-boggling.I then gently spreaded my Mom’s puffy hot pussy lips and ran my tongue over her inner folds tasting her salty wetness.It was delectable.For a moment I ran my tongue in a slow flickering motion enjoying the salty muskiness,then I started lapping my Mom’s hot pussy hole feverishly.I then thrusted my hungry tongue deep inside my Mom’s hot pussy hole and tried to inserted it as far as it would go.Soon,my face was covered with my Mom’s delicious nectar,which was gushing profusely,with every strokes of my tongue.

Meanwhile,my Mom had lost her all inhibitions and with every caress of my tongue she was howling unashamedly.I was surprised at the amazing changes in my Mom.Within few hours,my Mom seemed to have converted into a nymph from a simple straight housewife.

My Mom then grabbed my rigid hard cock with her fingers and was pulling it feverishly,sometimes even causing pain.I was about to reminded my mom not to cause any harm in the heat of the moment.But,as a welcome relieved,suddenly my Mom bent her head forward and took my hard cock shaft between her eager lips.My Mom was licking my hard cock head as if she were eating an ice cream cone.My Mom then completely turned towards me and lowered her mouth further on my hard cock shaft taking more length of my rigid hard cock inside her hot mouth.

After gulping a larger portion of my hard cock pole,my Mom then slowly began running her lips up-and-down along its length,imitating a hot pussy hole.My Mom then held the base of my hard cock with one hand and her other hand started fondling my hairy sack.My Mom then stiffened her lips to created more frictions and began to moved them faster and harder.In my excitements,I could feels a thundering climaxs starting to developed inside my balls.This time I didn’t wanted my Mom to stopped.

Unsuccessfully,I tried to prolong it,but the pressures had gone beyond my control.My face then buried in my Mom’s moist hot pussy hole,I then grabbed her parted thighs tightly as I reached my zenith and my hard cock began spurting its hot sperms (hot cum juices) into my Mom’s eagerly sucking mouth for the 1st time.My Mom didn’t flinched a bit and continued sucking my hard cock.Large gobs of my hot sperms (hot cum juices) filled my Mom’s hungry mouth,and she gulped them effortlessly.Some of my hot sperms (hot cum juices) came flowing out of the corners of my Mom’s lips and trickled down towards her chin and neck.But,my Mom was so busy guzzling down my hot sperms (hot cum juices) that she didn’t seem to noticed it and kept on sucking my hard cock.Finally,my hard cock stopped shooting but my Mom continued her endeavor till she had sucked my hard cock completely dry.Finishing with my hard cock,my Mom then took care of my hot sperms (hot cum juices) that oozed out of her lips and licked them clean using her tongue and fingers.

My sexual climaxes was so powerful that for a while I forgot that I too was sucking my Mom’s hot pussy hole.My Mom was still going strong and much works was left for my tongue to accomplished.I then pulled my tongue out of my Mom’s drenched slit and touched her little protruding clitoris.My Mom’s body gave a sudden jerked.I then attacked my Mom’s clit licking,fondling,caressing,my every movements and efforts to hastened her towards a sexual climax.My tongue was fluttering with so much alacrity that my Mom couldn’t controlled her emotions and was moaning loudly.My Mom still had my flaccid hard cock inside her mouth and was sucking it fervently.I just kept working on my Mom’s clit,driving her into a frenzy of sexual delights.My Mom then began gyrating her ass,pressing her burning hot pussy hole into my face.With one hand,my Mom then grabbed my head pulling my face deeper into her crotch and my tongue and lips onto her hot pussy hole and clit.I too,grabbed my Mom’s asscheeks,pulling them apart,pushing my finger inside her anal cavity,and sucking her swollen clit more fiercely.

Suddenly,my Mom went totally stiff;her body was shaking and shuddering violently,her hot pussy hole muscles vibrating uncontrollably around my tongue,releasing a bounty of her hot pussy hole juices into my mouth.My Mom was having a terrific sexual orgasms.I then thrusted my tongue deeply into my Mom’s hot pussy hole,covering her hot pussy hole opening with my lips,gulping down every drop of her sweet juices released from her hot pussy hole.I then drank hungrily the salty fluid flowing down my throat,enjoying every drop of the sweet nectar.Slowly the trembling in my Mom’s hot pussy hole subsided,and her rigid body then relaxed.I then licked every remaining trace of my Mom’s ‘honey’ and then pulled my tongue out of her hot pussy hole.

Delicately,I then licked the wetness off my Mom’s blonde fur and the area between her hot pussy hole and hot asshole,tracing any drop of her love juices that might have escaped my tongue.Completing my tasks,I then rested my head on my Mom’s thighs and tried to catched my breath.

My Mom’s lips were still playing with my hard cock, awakening it again.I could again feels the blood rushing to my hard cock and slowly bringing it back to its fully erected state.I then pulled my hard cock out of my Mom’s mouth and changed my position,my face facing my Mom’s face and my growing hard cock hovering over my Mom’s willing hot pussy hole.I then kissed my Mom full on her lips,and we both enjoyed the taste of our own juices glued to our lips.Tenderly,I then pulled my Mom’s tits,pinching her dark nipples between my fingers.My Mom then responded with a deep moaned.I then lowered my mouth and started sucking my Mom’s nipples.I then pulled my Mom’s nipples into my mouth,rubbing my tongue between and around them,gently teasing them with my teeth.My Mom was chanting frantically.I then continued nibbling my Mom’s nipples till my hard cock was completely ready for a new session of furious fucking.My hands again traveled to my Mom’s pubic region and felt her dripping hot pussy hole.My Mom then reciprocated by widening her thighs,indicating that she was also prepared for her lustful journey with her son.

I tried to pull my Mom near,but then she stopped me.My Mom then gripped my hard cock and lightly pulled it near her moist hot pussy hole opening.My Mom then ran my bloated hard cock head up-and-down the lips of her steaming hot pussy hole.Then my Mom suddenly got up and sat besides me.My Mom then forced me to laid down and throwing one leg over me,sat over my abdomen.Again,gripping my rampant hard cock my Mom then ran it across her slit.I realized that my Mom wanted to lead this time so I left myself at her mercy and enjoyed my position.

My Mom then continued rubbing her clit with my hard cock head and was constantly groaning with delights.After a while my Mom then guided the tip of my hard cock at the opening in her crotch and then my Mom lowered her body.I could feel my hard cock spreading my Mom’s tight sheath,slowly moving into those worm depths.My Mom then moved her hips further down,sinking onto my hard cock boner till her hot pussy hole had swallowed its entire length;my Mom’s hot pussy hole gripped my hard cock tightly,her blonde muff mating with my thick pubic hair.I then put my hands on my Mom’s asscheeks and pulled her onto my hard cock with ferocity forcing my hard cock to reached the deepest region deep inside my Mom’s hot pussy hole for the 1st time on that day (2nd times in overall).

Settling on my hard cock,my Mom then started moving her ass up-and-down.I lovingly looked between my Mom’s thighs,watching her hairy hot pussy hole moves up-and-down on my hard cock.So far I was lying silently allowing my Mom to have all the controls,but then I started gyrating my hips thrusting my hard cock up inside her hot pussy hole during her down strokes.

My Mom then began to fucked my hard cock faster.My Mom was riding my hard cock with great velocity,her hot furry pussy hole moving eagerly over the length of my hard cock.With every plunges,my Mom was wailing with ecstasies.Then my Mom bent her body putting her hands over my shoulders;my Mom then increased her pumping.My Mom’s hot pussy hole was dripping profusely as I could feel her juices flowing down my hard cock shaft.I just watched intently my hot pussy hole’s tight sheath opening and closing onto my hard cock shaft with each strokes.My Mom was on 7th heaven,constantly moaning and crying as she moved her hot pussy hole along the length of my hard cock.

“Fuck me,Mommyyy…!!!Fuck me,Mommyyyyy…!!!”I then gasped in a hoarse voice moving my hips upward to meet my Mom’s thrusts,trying to drived my rigid hard cock deep inside her sopping hot pussy hole.I could feel another summit approaching.

“Harder Mommy,harderrrrr…!!!Make me cum deep inside your hairy hot pussy hole,Mommyyyyy…!!!”I was panting.

“Ooohhh yesssss…!!!!Please cum deep inside your Mommy’s hot pussy hole,Honeyyyyy…!!!”my Mom slammed her hairy slit down onto my cock,crying in fury.

I knew I could no longer controlled my ejaculations.I then buried my fingers into my Mom’s hot asshole fiercely to pulled her hot pussy hole completely over my hard cock and started plunging her hot pussy hole furiously.My Mom then gave a wild shrieks,her whole body shaking with her sexual orgasms building up.

Suddenly,I pulled my Mom onto my chest,lifted my hips to drived my hard cock fully deep inside into her ravished hot pussy hole and then I ejaculated loads of my hot sperms (hot cum juices) deep inside my Mom’s hot pussy hole for the 1st time on that day (2nd times in overall).My thick hot sperms (hot cum juices) then splashed against my Mom’s soft hot pussy hole muscles;my Mom’s hairy hot pussy hole then squeezing my hard cock forcefully,trying to sucked every drop of my hot sperms (hot cum juices) out of it.My Mom then gave a sharp cried as her sexual orgasms shot through her body,her hot pussy hole convulsing involuntarily around my spitting hard cock.I could feels our mutual spending moving down my hard cock shaft and slowly accumulating in my pubic hair.

Once the trembling in my Mom’s hot pussy hole stopped,my Mom then slumped forward putting her face over my chest.My Mom then licked my hairy chest,which was showing little beads of perspiration.My Mom’s hot pussy hole was still gripping my hard cock and was mildly twitching around it.My Mom then wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly.

Once we both were in controls of our breathing,my Mom then lifted her head and resting her chin over my chest,she looked at me.I then took my Mom’s face into my hands and kissed her fully on the lips.

“Ooohhh Mommy,you are the best fuck I ever had…!!!I think that I am the luckiest man on earth right now,ooohhh Mommy…!!!”I told said to my Mom,and I was not lying.

“Thank you,Honey…!!!Thanks for making me happy,Honey…!!!Since your Daddy started fooling around with that horny bitch,he had almost stopped sleeping with me and I virtually forgot how if felt to be fucked with a nice cock,Honey…!!!”my Mom then replied to me,and my Mom returned the smile.

“I was earlier mad with Daddy,Mommy…!!!But now I feel that it was the best thing that could have happened to us,Mommy…!!!Otherwise,I would not have gotten a chance to fucks you,Mommy…!!!”I then replied to my Mom with a cunning smile.

“Yes,Honey…!!!My little lover is much better than my Hubby,and I am happy about it,Honey…!!!Last night you slept,but I couldn’t,Honey…!!!I was feeling so guilty for doing such a thing with my own son,Honey…!!!Deep in my heart,I knew that I had enjoyed our fuck very much and my hot pussy hole was begging for more,Honey…!!!It was that guilts feeling that forced me to say what I said to you this morning…!!!But,when I went to my bedroom tonight on the pretext of sleeping,I realized almost immediately that I desperately needed this massive hard cock of yours deep inside my hot pussy hole,Honey…!!!And I am very happy that I gave in,I don’t feel any guilts now and I really love your big hard cock that had gave me so much pleasure and made me feel so good,Honey…!!!”my then said to me,her Mom eyes too were sparkling.My Mom then touched my limp hard cock and squeezed it lightly.I then caressed my Mom’s hairy mound,wet with our spending,running my fingers along its cum-filled wetness.

I just listened to my Mom coolly.My Mom was telling the truths.I didn’t know whether I would be able to love any other women as I loved my Mom now.My Mom meant everything to me.I then removed my cum-filled fingers from my Mom’s hot pussy hole and rubbed it over my lips and looked at my Mom’s.Without hesitation,my Mom then bent her body and started sucking my lips,licking the traces of cum out off my lips.I was surprised that my hard cock was again getting hard which was not a very common thing.My Mom had really driven me wild with sexual lusts for her.Otherwise,it would not be possible for my hard cock to regained hardness thrice in quick successions.

Suddenly,my Mom then shivered.I realized that we both were still in the lounge near the fireplace,which was slowly losing its glow and warmth.The snowstorm outside our house was still reverberating with maddening rage.The lounge was getting little colder now.

“Honey,it won’t be wise to get sick just lying here…!!!We’ve got to make for every seconds you are here,Honey…!!!Let’s go to my room,and it’ll be much better there,Honey…!!!”my Mom then said to me,she shivered again.

“Sure,Mommy…!!!”I then replied to my Mom.

I then lifted my naked Mom in my hands and walked towards the staircase.My Mom put her arms around my neck,running her lips along my cheeks and lips.We both didn’t bothered to collects our clothes.I climbed the staircase,opened my Mom’s room door and entered it.The room was much warmer than the lounge.I then took my Mom to her bed and hopped beside her.We both then pulled the quilt and properly tucked ourselves.I then pulled my Mom’s little body into me.My Mom then cuddled into my arms,her back touching my chest and her tight tiny ass rubbing against my hard cock,which had regained most of its lost hardness and my hands then fondling my Mom’s erected nipples from behind.

I then ran my tongue over my Mom’s neck,slowly nibbling at her ears.My Mom then responded by moving her hand down to my thighs and touching my hard cock,which was teasing at her asscracks.My hands then again moved to my Mom’s pubic region cupping her cum-filled hot pussy hole and lightly playing with her clit.My Mom then took hold of my hard cock and ran it across her asscracks.I enjoyed the feeling for a while.Slowly my Mom then put my hard cock head against her anal opening and rubbed it roughly with its swollen head.

Taking the hint,I then moved my hands from my Mom’s hot pussy hole to her hot asshole.Leaving her gripped from my hard cock,my Mom then took my hands in her hands and guided it to her puckered hole.I then probed my Mom’s hot asshole with my fingers,feeling its wrinkled mouth and strands of sparse soft hair around it.Slowly,I poked my index finger deep inside my Mom’s puckered hole and my Mom then responded with a muffled cries.My Mom’s hot asshole muscles were very tight,but I kept on pushing my fingers inside it till it was buried up to the knuckle.I then slowly started moving my finger in-and-out of my Mom’s hot asshole.It was clear from my Mom’s reactions that she was enjoying my finger inside her tight hot asshole.

I didn’t know whether my Mom had any anal intercourse beforehand or not,but anal sex was an unknown thing to me.Carla was strictly against it,and she never allowed me to licked her ass or ever inserted my finger inside it.I didn’t have any clue about the taste of a woman’s hot asshole and with time it had become a sort of repulsive idea to me also.But,when my Mom guided my hands towards her hot asshole,I realized it was not revolting and I found myself very eager to taste my Mom’s hot asshole.I really wanted to sticked my tongue up her hot asshole and tasted its flavor.

I then pulled out my fingers,brought it near my lips,inhaled the pungent aroma emanating from it and slowly touched it with my tongue.I didn’t feel anything repulsive about it,so I put the entire finger inside my mouth and sucked it earnestly.I looked at my Mom who had turned around and been looking at me intently.After sucking for a moment,I then pulled the finger out of my mouth.With my lips and widened eyes,I then articulated to my Mom that it was very yummy and then I offered it to my Mom bringing it near her face.My Mom then sniffed the smell of her own hot asshole on my fingers and without any hesitations she took it completely inside her mouth and started sucking it vigorously.

There was nothing to says,nothing to explains.My Mom knew what I wanted,and it was her wish also.Within a second,the quilt was thrown revealing our naked bodies.My Mom then laid down on her stomach.I then took a pillow and put it below her stomach elevating her rump towards me.I then looked at those fine globes of tight muscles and the beautiful crack between them.With my hands,I then spreaded her tight asscheeks and had the first vision of my Mom’s puckered hole.I then looked at the soft wrinkled hot asshole surrounded by tiny strands of blonde hairs and tried to think about the delicious depth lying below it.My Mom’s dark brown hot asshole opening was looking at me invitingly,welcoming me to explores it,to tastes it and to ravishes it.

I then bent my head and ran my tongue across the length of my Mom’s hot asscracks.I then chewed lightly my Mom’s spongy asscheeks sending waves of pleasure through my Mom’s body.I then licked the valley between my Mom’s hot pussy hole and her hot asshole.I could hears my Mom moaning lightly.Finally,my tongue traveled to my Mom’s puckered hole.I wetted my tongue and slowly touched my Mom’s hot asshole.My Mom’s pungent intoxicating smell filled my nostrils.Skillfully,I then licked my Mom’s hot asshole getting my first taste of a real woman’s hot asshole.I was happy that it belonged to my Mom.The mild acrid taste was mind boggling,and I knew that in future I would never let go an opportunities to enjoyed the taste of a beautiful hot asshole.

My Mom was earnestly enjoying the musics,which my adepted tongue was playing with her hot asshole,and she was dancing to its tune.My Mom was thrusting her hot asshole high up in the air giving a better access to my exploring tongue.Leaving away her all inhibitions,my Mom was again howling unashamedly,uttering all those nasty words which I had never expected to heard from her.I then brought my hands to my Mom’s hot pussy hole;my fingers then entering my Mom’s hot pussy hole filled with my hot sperms (hot cum juices).I then collected a scoop with my fingers,and bringing them back I glued that thick fluid over my Mom’s hot asshole.My tongue was now enjoying a delicious recipe made of our fuck fluids and the natural ingredients of my Mom’s hot asshole.My Mom’s rear hole was wet with my saliva.

After eating my Mom’s hot asshole for a long period,I then finally withdrew my tongue.My hard cock was fully erected now,ready to delved into the darker depths of my Mom’s hot asshole.I then took my hard cock into my hand and put its bulging head at my Mom’s puckered hole.Suddenly my Mom then turned to me.

“Honey,please make it easy…!!!This is my first time,Honey…!!!”my Mom then said to me.

Bingo…!!!I jumped with joy.My Mom’s hot asshole was a virgin.I would be the man to take her anal maidenhood.My hard cock then sprang with delights,and suddenly it seemed to be puffier.

“Don’t worry Mommy,I’ll be careful…!!!”I then said to my Mom.Though I had no intentions,but I tried to calmed my Mom.

“If you feel any discomfort,please tell me,Mommy…!!!I’ll stop immediately,Mommy…!!!”I then said again to my Mom to tried to calmed her.

My Mom looked relaxed.I was sure she would not asked me to stopped;still,for her satisfaction I then got off the bed and went to her dressing table.I then tried to searched for some lubricant.My Mom told me that a box of Johnson & Johnson’s KY Jelly was in the drawers.I then took the box and returned to my original position.I then scooped a large amount of jelly and smeared it across my Mom’s hot asshole,even adding some quantity inside her hot asshole by inserting my fingers.I then added some jelly to my hard cock also.

My Mom then lifted herself up off the bed as I kneeled behind her.Again,pointing my hard cock head against her puckered hole I drove forward,trying to open her tight little virgin hot asshole for the 1st time.Because of the lubrication,my Mom’s tightly closed hot asshole gave up slowly allowing passage to my impaling hard cock.But,sudden stretching of taut anal muscles must have caused my Mom’s pain as she gasped,but she didn’t tried to moved away or complained.

I then pulled my hard cock slightly out to ease some of my Mom’s pain and again pushed inside lightly.This time the responses was better.I then inserted my complete hard cock head deep inside my Mom’s hot asshole for the 1st time and let it be there for a moment so that my Mom could accommodated to the feeling of the first hard cock deep inside her hot asshole.I then worked my hard cock in-and-out slowly,driving it deeper into my Mom’s rectum.I could feels my Mom’s tight hot asshole muscles gripping my hard cock,and it was quite different from the way my Mom’s hot pussy hole had clutched my hard cock in our earlier session.I continued my slow,steady penetrations of my Mom’s hot asshole till the complete length of my hard cock was buried inside.

When my cock was fully buried deep inside my Mom’s hot asshole for the 1st time,I felt her muscles relaxing a bit indicating that she was now enjoying her virgin hot asshole being fucked by her own son’s hard cock.I then slowly started moving in-and-out.I cherished the tight feels of my Mom’s anus around my hard cock as it moved back-and-forth within her hot asshole.I loved the sight of my hard cock disappearing into my Mom’s stretched hot asshole.If my penetrations was still hurting my Mom,she didn’t show any signs other than a meek grunted when I pushed my hard cock deeper into her hot asshole and those grunts also were slowly converting to moans of deep and fervent passions.

I then increased my fucking and my Mom responded with lifting her hot asshole more in air to accommodated my hard cock thrusts,her hot asshole muscles squeezing around my hard cock as it moved in-and-out.My thighs were continuously bumping my Mom’s delicated back in a ferocious manner,and my balls hitting her hot pussy lips with every down strokes.

My Mom’s body was no more supported on the pillow;it was rather high in air.The extreme frictions offered by my Mom’s anal cavity was finally starting to take its toll as I was feeling another summit approaching.I then increased my tempo and at last it reached to a crescendo as I ejaculated with a sharp cried,spraying loads of my hot sperms (hot cum juices) deep inside into my Mom’s anal passage for the 1st time.Without a whimper my Mom’s hot asshole then drank it all,sucking my hard cock deep inside her hot asshole.

I then grabbed my Mom in my arms,driving my hard cock far into her hot asshole,forcing her down on her stomach,squashing her tits into the bed beneath her.My Mom then cried out in pain as if my fat hard cock tore into her guts.Slowly the jerking in my hard cock subsided.My Mom’s hot asshole then continued milking my hard cock till it was devoided of the last drop of my hot sperms (hot cum juices).

After completely drenching my Mom’s hot asshole,my hard cock then started softening.I then pulled my hard cock out of my Mom’s hot asshole,still wet with my oozing hot sperms (hot cum juices) and the lubrications.I then looked down at my Mom,lying spread-eagled on her belly.My Mom’s hot asshole was wide open,slowly contracting back to its original puckered state and a white gluey fluid dribbling down her crack and slowly moving towards the narrow valley between her crack and her pubic region.

I then slumped beside my Mom,trying to catched my breaths.My Mom was still lying in the same position,her head resting on the bed.I then closed my eyes and stayed there for a very long period.I then got back to my senses when I heard my Mom moving.I then opened my eyes.My Mom was getting off the bed.She smiled at me;her eyes still filled with sexual lusts.I then smiled back at my Mom,and rounding my lips and without uttering any sound I told her that she was a great fuck.She read my lips and smiled again and then went to the bathroom.

Lying down there,I then took stock of the events happened in last 2 days.I came here very reluctant and only for one day,very eager to finished my Christmas celebrations with my Mom and then to returned immediately.Now I didn’t wanted to returned at all.Earlier I was unhappy that the weather was miserable,trapping me here,and now I was happy that the bad weather is continuing and that meant I had more and more time alone with my Mom.I eagerly waited for my Mom to tell her that there is no Carla waiting for me at the college,and now I shall be spending my whole vacation in her arms,fucking and sucking her sweet hot pussy hole as well as her delicious hot asshole.

I heard the door of bathroom opening,standing there was my Mom displaying all her naked charms to her only son.I then looked at my Mom and she came back to my welcoming arms.I then pulled my Mom into my arms and planted a deep kiss on her lips.My Mom then cuddled into my embraces,her head resting over my arms.I then put my leg over her thighs,my flaccid hard cock resting against her bush.I wished myself good luck.I thanked God for the bad weather,for getting me trapped in my home,alone with my horny Mom.I was happy that I was stuck here;I was trapped in paradise…………………

The End…

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