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The First Time With My Step-daughter

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A slut grows up from a teenager to a full grown woman fucking and sucking.

My step-daughter was a good looking gal with nice big tittes and 16 years old. She had been offering herself to me for a year and I thought better not get involved, too much other cunt and mouth around. She did not live with us but with her dad and 2 older brothers. She called me and said she needed to see me as she had a problem so I arranged to meet with her. At the meeting she tells me she is pregant an wants to get an abortion without the dad knowing. I dig deeper in to to it and find out the dad has fucked her a few times making her wear her mothers nightgown, perfume and the oldest brother makes her suck his cock 2-3 times a week. In addition, she has become a real slut at school because her boyfriend is letting his friends fuck her and he is also making her do 2 guys at the same time.

What a mess. She tells me she can get her dad’s license for me to use for signing for the abortion and it’s scheduled in 4 days. I tell her OK, but first I am going to nail her cunt and mouth and she readily agrees, agreeing to meet me at the motel the next day. I figure what the hell since she is a real slut already, I am going to trade her ass for some other pussy I have been wanting and call my friend that offered his wife to me if I got him some strange pussy. She is a snotty bitch that I am going to enjoy dirty fucking. The next day the friend and I are at the motel when the step daughter shows up. We strip her down and fuck the bitch every which way from Sunday and it turns out she is not bad fucking and can really suck cock, and we make sure she swallows every drop.

Turns out even with all the fucking and cock sucking she has done, never has cum off until we bring her off. Just to make it interesting we even fuck her ass and cunt at the same time along with every thing else. I have the camera and take lots of cum pictures. I also tell the friend he can start fucking her all he wants IF his wife comes across good.

Anyway the bitch gets her abortion and I tell her that enough of the high schools gang banging and move her in with us – I will handle who and how she fucks and sucks in the future. She asks about the dad and brother and I tell her that’s over – Period. To the best of my knowledge she did stop doing them. The first time she went for a visit the dad tried to do her and she told him to fuck off and the same for the brother when he stuck his cock in her face.

The guy gets the wife drunk and we do the double on her and it turns out she loved it to the point I am able to start bringing other friends over to help me do her. Soon though the husband backs out of our deal as too many guys are fucking his wife. She does not stop and in less than a year, they split the blanket and she keeps on fucking and sucking and is today. I part ways with him and the step-daughter is my slut to use as I want so lots of my friends enjoy her for the next few years. She thinks it’s a good party if they are 10-12 guys there to do her We still do her any time we want and she is a regular slut face and fuck machine even though she is married and has 2 kids. She is noted as a gal that can’t get enough cock either in her mouth or cunt and perferable at the same time They never change has been my experience.

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  • Reply Xxx Babe ID:4bn00en3fia

    It Is The Best Story :-).

    • Jon do ID:1ctyswq2gtmy

      I think so too I wanna join

  • Reply zulah ID:1ah770lft0k

    God is comin,repent cause rapture is near

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15nqrk

    AL- I did not answer your questions so here goes. No one older was fucking her at the time the dad nailed her cunt. The bother was 4 years older and he had been doing her mouth since she was 13. She enjoyed sucking the brother the best as his cock was at least an inch longer than the dads. But also because after the dad fucked her, he made her douce a couple of times and when he face fucked her, she had to go spit it in the toilet and then brush her teeth – same thing with his ex-wife. Plus the brother went a lot longer than the dad as he was a 2 minute man. About every 4th time, she would suck the brother off twice which she enjoyed as she got to do different things to the brothers cock. The neighbor girl the same age wanted to fuck so She gave or some of her pills thinking she did not need to take them on days she did not get fucked – mainly the weekends and whose kid belonged to was a guess. After I did her the first time with Rich and we made her cum, I did what I told her to and told me answers to all I ask. I traded her cunt for a lot of other pussy for the next couple of years. One of the guys has an RV that we use to cluster fuck her in often.

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15nqrk

    Al – talking about her gave me a hard-on so I call her to meet me at the airport where you can park to watch the planes land and I told her NO panties so she knew I was wanting to fuck her. She got there on time and just as soon as she got in my car I had my cock out of my shorts and she sucked off a good load and swallowed as she usually does. The cunt came off sucking me off. We rested for 10 minutes and then I walked around the car and got in on the passenger side and she was already spread on the front seat so I could fuck her – which I did. She wears shorts that snap on the side so they can be off or on in a second. She told me she needed this as her husband had not done anything all week. I asked not even a blowjob and she said this was the first in the last 10 days as i was not paying enough attention. She had to go as it was a run to the store with a quick stop for a blowjob and fuck – I kissed her goodbye and promised I would see her in a few days – her parting words were “don’t come alone”……….

  • Reply Al ID:1hr6f15nqrk

    Doug – Before she needed the abortion and the dad & brother were doing her, was anyone else older getting to her or was it just high schoolers gang banging her and how was it taking place. Did she say who had the biggest cock – father or brother and which did she enjoy the most. Did she ever think about telling anyone before she needed the abortion and told you – did she have any idea who’s kid it was and if she was on BC how did she get knocked up. Seems like she talked pretty freely about all of this.

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15am9d

    AL – sounds like she is a real winner and lucky you. How did the dad do her the first time and did he know she was sucking the son/brother off? Does she still do a lot of fucking & sucking for you and your friends. Are you still doing the friends wife too? Sounds like a lot of good times for you.

    • Doug ID:1hr6f15nqrk

      When she was 15 and the mother had left the dad he made her sleep in the bed with him and within a week he was rubbing her panties and a week later jacking him off and then she dropped down to suck him off which surprised him. She wanted to see how he compared to her brother. Then he took her to the doctor for the birth control pills and started fucking her that night. Told the doctor her period was not regular and she was only going a a week or so between. Any way he put the cock to her but only lasted for a couple of minutes but gave her a taste for what it was and she started fucking the boyfriend and them all of his friends. When she was on her period she sucked them all off – the dad, brother, boyfriend and all is friends. She liked it the best as she never came but doing it made her cunt feel great. Gang banging and double fucking seen natural to her as she liked it. She suggested to me after I had my buddy help me do her and she came for the first time, I keep letting others join us. Yes we (my friends) are still doing Rich’s wife all we want as she is a real slut and pretty, We have made lots of fuck/suck movies of her which she likes to watch.

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