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Teen sex addict-step father seduction part 2

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My stepdad turns into a beast and I gave him a taste of the beast in me….

The next morning after my mom left for work, my stepdad came into my room with a mighty erection and started caressing my round boobs and stiff nipples. When i awoke he gave me a long open mouthed kiss that left me breathless so early in the morning. He also inserted 2 fingers into my pussy after stimulating my clits and boy…..was I wet down south. He told me that he was thinking about me while fucking my mom last night and needed my tight pussy before he left for work. He got between my legs and stuffed his long big cock into my pussy in one stroke.Luckily I was quite wet from the earlier manipulations from my stepdad…………but I still let out a scream, HEY THAT S PAINFUL DAD and he slowed down a bit. He started a gentle in out motion which was stimulating to me and I pulled his face down and gave him a open mouthed kiss with a lot of tongue lashing and saliva swapping. I came and then I motioned to my stepdad….. This is the best morning call I ever had….. now please fuck me good and hard with your mighty cock and please give cum in my mouth,….. I will have the creamer now and coffee later. immediately he started banging my pussy….plop…plop…plop. The bed was shaking my head was knocking against the headboard but I loved it thoroughly. I kept moaning like my mom….HARDER….HARDER…HARDER and I squirted all over my stepdad, my bed sheet was soaking wet but he just wet on and on.
Then I started caressing his butt and asshole, he seem to like that so I wet my fingers and put one into his butthole and felt his cock jerk in my pussy…….he likes it that I pushed in another finger and his eyes sort of grew bigger and stared down on me. Time for my revenge, i tapped on his buttocks and my dog who was below my bed stood up. He understood the signal, that is the signal when I want him to mount me. He walked around the bed with his tail wagging then he jumped onto the bed behind my stepdad and licked his butthole which I stretched out by pulling on both sides. My stepdad was surprised and said….What the hell is he licking my butt for? I just told him that maybe the dog might have got excited with all the noise and had come to check on his master. Then I tapped my stepdad s butt again and my dog mounted him. My stepdad struggled to push him off but with both hands on the bed and me gripping his butt and pulling him down towards me, there was no escape for my stepdad. After a few tries I guided my dog s cock into my stepdad s butthole and in it went as my dog was vigorously humping my stepdad from behind. My stepdad tried again to get up but now I pulled him down and gave him a big kiss and held him there giving my dog a better angle to knot my stepdad. All this while my stepdad s big cock never left my pussy, in fact I think that he was even more harder than before…..suddenly my my stepdad screamed ….OOOH MY GOD ….I THINK HE SHATTERED MY SHIT HOLE…..My stepdad was knotted by my dog now for sure, I continued kissing and sucking on his lips to help him relax. …..in a short while he started fucking me again. Then the dog turned and they were back to back and my dog tried to pull out and my stepdad grimaced, I understood the pain so I told him to relax and it will not be so painful. We were all locked down like that for quite a while.

I pulled out from under my stepdad because i strongly had to pee and left to the bathroom, when I returned I saw that my stepdad was holding both my dog s hind legs and pulling them into him. I crawled under him into a 69 position and took hold of my stepdad s big cock and licked his 2 brown balls . Then I sucked his cock into my mouth while I pulled his head down to my pussy which I did not bother to wash after I peed. I thought he might be put off be the pungent aroma of my pee plus my cum but he started to vigorously lap my pussy…. I was so happy and in bliss. Then my stepdad s cock jerk wildly and he came down with a big load into my throat and I gushed another squirter all over his face. We cleaned each other up since my dog was still knotted in my stepdad s butthole and I watched how my dog eventually pulling his knot out of my stepdad and all the cum splashed out onto my face. My dog jumped off the bed and I licked up whatever I could and also licked my stepdad s agape butthole tenderly before my stepdad got off my bed.

After a quick shower, my stepdad got dressed for work and I sent him to the door gave him a kiss and waved him goodbye till he left in his car in my nude state.

While I was having my shower my phone rang so I had to rush out and answer it. I thought it might be my mom but my stepdad was on the other end…….Baby.. the morning fuck was awesome but what you and your dog did to me was beyond words…just mind blowing. We should try it again soon. Thank you so much and I love you and your kinkiness…..MMMMUUUUUAAAAAAHHHH and he hung up.

Me, well I loved it and hope to have such morning calls everyday and I messaged my stepdad, he sent me a pic of his erect large big cock from the office.

Time to show off to my buddies so off I went to my college.

Even though I do not get to fuck my stepdad every morning we still have our morning kiss and shower together almost everyday. LOVE YOUR STEPDAD GALS U GOT NOTHING TO LOSE.

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