Stranger on the web

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Slut off the internet obeys stranger! Does everything he says. Releases her inner slut.

She worked in a bar, a busy bar. The customers loved her. The sweet and innocent barmaid Jess. Happy, polite Jess. Deep down….. a dirty slut!
He messaged her randomly, he liked to do it a lot. He messaged random girls asking for nudes. Most said no, occasionally he would get a yes. He messaged Jess, she said “no I don’t think so”. He didn’t give up, he knew she was a slut but he had to get it out of her! A few days passed. He tried again…. she had changed her mind. Nothing too extreme at first, a few underwear pictures. Very nice. Jess continues to work in the bar, nobody knew. It was her secret. Days had passed.. he messaged her again.. perfect timing. She was horny. She played with her juicy cunt for him. She loved it. He loved it. Nobody knew. Weeks had passed and they started to speak more, Jess was getting well into it now. He knew this was the real Jess! She had kinks, she was a slut, she was into incest and all sorts. He made her cum over and over again. She did everything he said. She was his slut! She became brave… twitter accounts with a false name, onlyfans account! This was the real Jess! It took an internet stranger to bring out the real Jess and she loved it. She didn’t know him, she was desperate for his cock. And maybe someday it will happen…

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  • Reply Nigger ID:nc5gtdi8

    Shitty story

    • Swags. ID:15ey28gh20c

      Nothing unusual about this at all.