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Seducing and hitting on my mother until she finally accepts it

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Majority of the sex I had with my mother was in the summer of 2018 (winter 2018 for those in the northern-hemisphere), although I live in Australia and I was on school break. This all started to take place when my father took my younger sister and they left for summer break. Mostly done to avoid they’re failing marriage and constant arguments. These made for prime conditions for me to be a deplorable sex addict, although nothings really changed. I was constantly masturbating, having my first experiences with sex and having girls over. Empathising constantly. Too the point where my mother would walk in on me quite often, she never quite saw anything and sometimes wouldn’t even realise. Obviously, in hindsight this really only had one ending, and if anything it probably came fairly late. One day rather early in the morning at a time I thought quite safe. I was lying completely naked on my bed, watching porn on the TV at the end of my bed. I don’t remember what the video or porn was but I do remember I was right at the climax of the porn and I was climaxing too. I heard the door click next to me, I scrambled to cover my dick. by the time my head turned my mother was standing there staring at me for what felt like a fair few seconds, but that’s most likely just my mind. Either way it was longer than it needed to be. Quite obviously from pure shock and embarrassment, because of the look on her face. She turned around and shut the door prominently after her brain had fully comprehended what she’d just seen. The rest of the day we didn’t speak at all. The proceeding few days also had minimum conversation between us. After this I was too embarrassed to bring girls over and kept my masturbation strictly to the shower and situations where I knew she wouldn’t walk in. I’m pretty certain that my mother had forgotten about the whole thing after a week, but I certainly hadn’t, it quickly became all I could think of. Every time a little extra blood flowed to my dick it was the first thing that came into my mind. My mother and I have always been very open with each other, she had caught me smoking before and knew I had somewhat dabbled in smoking weed. So my mother, an alcoholic and a pothead started letting me have tokes on her joints and small classes of cheap wine.
Around the house I would try to rub my hand or dick anywhere sexual or catch glimpses when she got out of the shower to fuel my on growing fantasies. She must’ve known what I was doing because I wasn’t being very subtle. One night after smoking a joint on the couch with her she lay down on her stomach putting her feet on my lap. All it took was her leg slightly brushing against my cock and her ass still covered by her long skirt along with the few puffs of the joint hitting me, to make me fly into an insane horniness. I started massaging her legs, something normal between us. Making sure to take my time so she doesn’t notice my hand slowly climbing higher and higher. After what felt like forever my hands were midway down my mother’s thighs, still massaging. I grew closer and closer to her panties. I could just start to feel the warmth from her pussy, she crossed her legs and I retracted my hand. Sitting there for a few more minutes digging my thumbs into her calves, I gained the internal will force to stand up and say good night. Just before I walked off to, quite honestly go jerk my dick. I gave her ass a little slap, or more pathetic like a pat. The following morning I woke up with a morning wood harder than a rock. Waiting for it to go down a bit, I got up to go get some breakfast. My mother was standing there wearing minimal clothing, making her morning coffee. Once I had poured my cereal and milk, I went to reach over her shoulder for a spoon. Making sure to press my semi hard cock as hard as I can into her ass. I kept borderline sexually harassing my mother with little to no reluctance for a couple weeks. Progressively getting further to the point where while kissing each other good morning I’d push my dick into her and even rub my hand over her panties. One night towards the end the summer holidays my mother walked into my room with a bottle of gin and asked if I wanted to come watch a movie with her. Of course I said yes. We had some small glasses of gin and tonic. I sat there and picked a movie while she rolled a couple joints. Barely 15 minutes into whatever cliche horror movie we were watching and I was already tipsy and fairly high. I found myself in a similar position with her legs on my lap, her laying on her belly. Once again found myself rubbing her legs, something I normally would’ve done. This time though I didn’t care for subtlety and made a break for her ass. Once I had a handful of my mother’s ass she made no attempt to stop me. So I lifted her dress up and over her ass exposing her white underwear, I took my time rubbing around her pussy savouring it before she pushed my hand away. But she didn’t, she arched her back more and started to slowly grind on my hand. I moved my hand so I was playing with her through her underwear. Just as I went to pull her panties aside she raised her ass in the air. Only now could I truly see how wet she was. Without a moment’s thought I pulled my mother’s panties down and stood up on my knees, pulling down my own pants. I grabbed my cock and started guiding my dick towards her pussy. After rubbing it up and down her a few times, I went to slip in her. It was so loose that her pussy had no resistance at all. She pushed her ass back as hard as she could and I felt each milometer. She started grinding slowly on my dick. This quickly turns into her rapidly bouncing back and forth ,doing most if not all of the work. I watched her face, she paid almost no attention to the fact she was being fucked, other than occasionally sucking in her lips or a deep swallow. This only went on for a few minutes before busted into her and pulled out to watch my cum dribble out. She pulled up her pants and I pulled up mine. She poured us both decently large drinks of gin, as far as spirits go. We grabbed the joint and the last thing I remember vividly is us cuddling up in a way we never had before. The following morning I woke up naked next to my snoring mother in my bed. Not wanting to get out, I gripped her ass tight and moved closer. Finally dozing off I was only awakened soon after with a tuck on my dick. She leaned over kissing me passionately still playing with my dick. She said something about last night being fun, and left my room. The day after that I waited for her to get out of the shower, as soon as I heard the water turn off. I opened the bathroom door and immediately started feeling her up and kissing her neck. Before I could even get a second finger in her, she stopped me. She explained that the other night was a special occasion and that we can’t do that very often. Sadly a couple months after our first real sex, my parents got divorced and my dad took both me and my sister. My mother then ran away with some dude to New Zealand and we now have minimal to no contact. After we had sex I only her got to feel and see her nude a couple more times. I still fantasise about her and jerk off to those memories we had. I miss her as a fuck buddy and a mother and hope to see her again. Maybe start where we left off.

Thanks for reading, sorry if I made any mistakes I’m not the best author ever. I made this more for myself than anyone else, but hope you enjoy. Yes, this is actually a true story although I added in some more spice to make it more arousing to read and fantasise. I was 14 at the time and I am now 16.
Email me @ [email protected] 🙂 Idm answering questions or talking

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

    This was an incredibly hot experience. Moms are hot.
    The first time you fuck your mom is an experience that you fondly remember for a lifetime.
    Thanks for sharing. Keep writing, and use some paragraphs please.

  • Reply Banger ID:p8vmj4m9i

    At least he tapped that ass for memories.

  • Reply Milky ID:202ren3xia

    Wish you had described your mom to us

  • Reply Imthebadguy? ID:dke7qy9d3

    My mom also got worried and after teaching me to fist her when I was younger. after lots of positive experience’s she disappeared for years because she said someone threatened to blackmail her.
    You have to let her know that you need her in your life one way or another. Youll probably still get some too.

  • Reply John Stang ID:5xs1djchi

    Could you please not write the story in one long paragraph fashion? It’s a tad unreadable that way. Did they not teach you this in English class?

    • Psiberzerker ID:1i2lz52uqra

      It’s funny, but honestly the Readers here get confused by basic things like Context, Dialog, and spacing “Quotes” so you know the conversation is going back and forth between 2 people.

      “He said,”

      “She said.”

      ^That confuses some readers, even though by process of elimination, if he’s not saying it to her, he’s saying it to him. Basically, what I’m saying is Know your Audience. This crowd doesn’t have the attention span to read anything longer than a tweet. So, the Wall of Text doesn’t bother them so much.

      Also, some authors write on their phones, so they don’t indent to fit it all on the screen, and it saves scrolling for those who’re reading it on their phones. It bothers me too, despite knowing the reasons why.

  • Reply Mike ID:7ylren4m9j

    Stupid and boring.only one person on this site has kick ass mom and son stories.not alot of people visit this site for some reason.literotica has the most traffic with great stories.to many immature bull shit stories on here.