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Rats! (Part 2)

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Parts 2 of Rats ;). Read Part 1 if you haven’t yet!


By now, I had started to figure things out. Mother WANTED
me to fuck my sisters. Yes, and she even seemed to want me to
get them pregnant too! What a sexy thing to happen to a
perennially horny teenaged boy. If this was just another wet-
dream, I hoped I never woke up.
I decided to test my hypothesis a little further.
“What about Cathy and Judy,” I was going to ask, when Mother
stopped me with a final injunction that seemed to answer my
question without my asking it.
“From now on Mike,” she told me firmly, “I don’t want to
EVER catch you jacking off in the hallway. At LEAST, not as long
as you have 4 healthy sisters to take care of you, anyway.”
Cathy and Judy looked startled for a moment, then resigned.
I guess after seeing the firm way Mother had dealt with
Marsha, they knew that objections would only get them in deeper
trouble. After a bit, I noticed a smile forming first on Judy’s
face; followed shortly thereafter by one on Cathy.
I wondered I my 7-year-old little sister actually liked the
idea of fucking her big brother. I wondered if it was even
possible. Still, the thought of the little girl’s incredibly
tight little hole squeezing the sperm out of my prick, was
getting me hard all over again.
Ginny noticed it first. “Oh my God!” she said quietly to
herself. Only everyone heard her, as we had all stopped talking
by then.
Mother followed Ginny’s eyes to my swelling prick, as did
Judy and Cathy.
“Oh good,” she sighed with relief. “You won’t have to wait
after all. Ginny, you get up there on the bed with your big
brother, and start your practicing right now.”
“But Mother!” started Ginny. Somehow I don’t think she had
really believed that Mother really wanted me to fuck her too.
Not even after seeing me take her big sister’s virginity. I
mean, mothers just don’t HAVE their teenaged boys fuck their
sisters and get them pregnant, do they? Well, Mother did.
“Now!” said Mother, in that tone of hers, that brooks no
In less than a minute, my little sister was lying on the
bed, as naked as her big sister, and I was approaching her tight
little vagina with a prick that felt hard enough to split rocks.
TWO virgins in one day! And both of them my own sexy sisters,
that I had been having wet-dreams about for months. . . years
Ginny was tighter than Marsha. I guess that being younger
had something to do with it. Still, that didn’t stop me. This
time, knowing what was going to happen, I swabbed my leaking
prick up and down my little sister’s hole, and then shoved it all
the way up inside her, with one big push.
Ginny didn’t have more than a second to say “Ow,” before we
were fucking like we had been doing it for years.
Ginny may not be as hot and wet and slippery as her big
sister, but she’s definitely tighter, and she seemed to enjoy
fucking just as much or more than Marsha did.


This time, there was no false-starts, or worries about me
getting her pregnant. We both knew that I might be planting a
baby in her womb, but that was more turn-on than worry. Besides,
Mother wouldn’t have let us stop anyway. We knew by now that our
mother actually WANTED me to plant a baby in each of her little
girl’s tummies, and the sooner the better. This nonsense about
“practicing” was just that: funny-stuff. So we tried.
Yes, my little sister and I actually tried to make a baby.
She may be only 12 years old, but we both knew she had been
having periods for over a year. With a little bit of luck, she
could be conceiving right then.
As I said, we tried. After only about two minutes of
sliding in and out, I lost control and jammed my prick as far up
in my little sister’s belly as I could.
Ginny was right with me. Her tight little hole milked and
squeezed on my prick, as my sister did everything a girl could,
to get pregnant by her big brother.
Grunting and groaning, we both kept thrusting at each other;
trying to force ever more of my swollen prick into the little
girl’s belly, where it sent jet after incestuous jet of baby-
making sperm splashing against her womb.
Finally, we came to rest, with my wilting prick held tightly
inside my own little sister’s clasping young hole. As long as I
didn’t pull away, Ginny was able to keep my prick inside her,
like a cork in a bottle.
“I’m sorry I teased you,” she whispered in my ear. “If I
had known it would be THIS good, I would have fucked you two
years ago.”
Oh God! What a sexy thought. My prick jumped inside her
tight slit, but I just didn’t have it in me any more. (Both of
my sisters had “it” in them now.)
[Sorry, I just COULDN’T resist that pun.]
Regretfully, we finally pulled apart.
Knowing that it was all over (at least for several hours)
Mother shooed my two little sisters out of their big sisters’
bedroom, and closed the door.
For the first time in my life, (but not the last, by far) I
went to sleep between my two sisters. God! Is that something!
To sleep between two beautiful sexy young girls; both of whom
love you, and are willing to not only fuck you, but have your
babies as well, with neither of them feeling the slightest bit
jealous of the other. Heaven could hardly be half as good.
To have both girls be your own sexy sisters, whom you’ve
loved all your life, and who both love you just as much, makes a
preacher’s promises of heaven seem stale and old. Now, if some
preacher-man told me that in heaven I could spend the rest of
eternity with all four of my sisters; sleeping with them, and
getting them pregnant over and over again, while we all remained
forever young. . . You couldn’t FORCE me to commit a sin.
Death would then have no fear, and Hell would be being
separated from my sisters.


Two weeks later, I took Cathy’s virginity.
I woke up in the middle of the night, between Marsha and
Ginny; both of whom already had generous helping of my seed
warming their cute little tummies, and went to the bathroom.
When I was finished, I still had a hard-on; and I didn’t want to
wake up the two older girls, after their already wondrous
performance that night.
So, remembering my mother’s injunction about “4 healthy
sisters”, I went down to the littler girls’ bedroom, and crawled
in bed with Cathy.
My little 10-year-old sister must have already been having a
wet-dream, because it wasn’t until I actually had the head of my
prick inside her tight little slit, that she woke up.
“You’re fucking me, aren’t you?” Cathy murmured, sleepily.
“Uhuh,” I replied, sliding my prick out an inch, and then
back in until it butted up against her cherry.
“Good,” she said, “For a moment there, I thought I was
dreaming again.”
“Pleasant dreams, I hope,” I said.
“Very pleasant.”
By now, the tickling sensation of my 10-year-old sister’s
tight little slit, nibbling on the head of my penis was almost
unbearable. Still, wasn’t that the reason I had stopped in to
see her? Cathy’s tight little cunny had clamped down on the head
of my prick in a welcoming embrace, that felt almost as good as
her big sisters’ vagina squeezing on the whole thing.
I could feel the membrane of Cathy’s hymen holding me back.
Still, I didn’t HAVE to break her cherry. Just feeling the
little girl’s cunny-muscles wrapped around the head of my prick,
like some obscene mouth sucking on it, was almost enough to get
me to cum, without even moving. With a little effort, I knew I
could get my rocks off, and Cathy could still remain a virgin, if
she wanted to.
“Ooh,” she said, echoing my thoughts. “That feels good.”
It didn’t seem that she wanted to, but I was going to be
sure. Without our mother there, insisting that I do it, I didn’t
want to hurt my little sister by taking her virginity, unless she
wanted me to.
“Should I take it out?” I asked. I know, a little bit
late, but now that she was awake, I felt a little guilty about
fucking Cathy without her permission.
“Don’t you DARE!” replied Cathy, in a tone very reminiscent
of the one my mother had used the previous week when I was going
to pull out of her big sister. “I’ve been waiting all WEEK, to
feel this thing in me, and I had almost given up on you,” she
“Sorry,” I apologized. And I was. If I had known my little
sister actually WANTED me to fuck her I would have been in her
bed days before. Days? Heck, weeks, months, even YEARS before.
The tickling sensation of Cathy’s hymen rubbing against the
head of my prick was making me involuntarily hunch against her,
bringing slight gasps of pain from between my little sister’s
teeth. I didn’t know how much longer I could go, before I
accidentally pushed too hard, and broke it.


“It’ll hurt, if I break it,” I warned her.
“I don’t CARE,” said Cathy. “Ginny and Marsha managed. So
can I. . . Do it.”
I did. Trying to take it easy, I pushed in steadily, while
Cathy’s breath whistled in and out through clenched teeth.
I felt the little girl’s hymen split, while Cathy grunted in
pain. She didn’t yell out, or try to stop me though. Inch by
inch, I worked my throbbing prick deeper into my little sister’s
vagina, until I finally had over half of it inside her. “That’s
it,” I said, “you’re no longer a virgin.”
Cathy looked down at where my swollen prick was obscenely
stretching her bare little cunny-lips, and had vanished halfway
up inside her. She whimpered a little, but didn’t complain when
I slid out a half-inch or so, and then back in almost a whole
one. “See,” I said, “we’re fucking now.”
“Do it,” she said. “Fuck me, and cum in me, so I can have a
baby, just like Marsha and Ginny.”
Oh my God! “You’re a little young yet, to have a baby,” I
reminded her. My prick didn’t believe it though By now, it was
almost three-quarters of the way up inside my little sister, and
was threatening to fill her tight little sleeve full of
incestuous cum, even before I got all the way inside.
My hands had instinctively cupped the little girl’s breasts,
as I slowly worked my prick in deeper. Previous to this, I
hadn’t thought that Cathy even HAD breasts, let alone ones big
enough to grab, but she did. They weren’t the delicious
grapefruit-sized mounds that Marsha had, or even the nice little
swellings that adorned Ginny chest. They were definitely female
breasts though, and a very sensual handful at that. Cathy was
growing up. As she reminded me.
“I don’t care!” she said. “It isn’t fair that Marsha and
Ginny get to have babies, and I don’t.” Cathy sniffled a little,
as she fought to ignore the slight pain remaining from her torn
virginity. “Besides,” she defended herself, “I’m a better baby-
sitter, than either of them. Why shouldn’t I be first?”
Well, she had a point. Cathy had started out by helping
first Marsha, and then Ginny, when they went out baby-sitting.
After a few months though, she had taken over most of the work,
and then had even been called back alone, as Marsha and Ginny
lost interest. At first, Mother had objected that she was too
young for such a responsibility, but had eventually given in; as
long as she picked up and delivered the little girl herself.
For some reason, Mother didn’t trust the parents of the
children to bring Cathy home, even though she trusted them when
Cathy was left at their houses. Later, Cathy told me why, when
she told me about how several of the children’s fathers had made
passes at her, before Mother was due to pick her up. If she had
been driving home alone with them, it would have been much harder
for her to resist. Actually, she hadn’t bothered to resist with
a few of the handsomer men; allowing them to feel her up, and
even sucking a couple of them off. Mostly they had to settle for
just hand-jobs though.
Cathy never let Mother know any of this though, or she knew
she wouldn’t have been allowed to baby-sit at all.


No WONDER Cathy was in such demand as a baby-sitter! Still,
she was in almost as big a demand from the couples who wouldn’t
dream of molesting a 10-year-old, as she was from those she was
fooling around with. Cathy was a GOOD baby-sitter.
She was right. It wasn’t fair for her big sisters to have
babies, when she didn’t, and she was the one who would probably
have to take care of them. Besides, the thought of the little
fifth-grader, with her sexy little tummy swollen with my baby
inside it, was too sexy for words.
“OK Little Sister,” I said, “if you want a baby, I’m just
the guy to give it to you.”
By now, over three-quarters of my prick was sliding in and
out of my sister, as her cunny slowly lubricated, and the pre-cum
leaking from the end of my prick into her tight little hole made
it easier to slide in and out.
If Ginny had been tight, what can I say about Cathy?
It was difficult to push in each time; and once I did, it
was difficult to pull out. If I had fucked the little girl the
way I did her big sister Marsha, we both would have been worn
Cathy’s tightness finally did to me what Marsha’s hot sweet
wetness, and Ginny’s sexual exuberance usually does. Yes, her
tight little cunny sucked me off.
There was still almost 3/4 of an inch, that I couldn’t get
inside her, when I felt the by-now-familiar sensation of cum
rippling through the tube on the bottom of my prick, and I knew I
was cumming in my own 10-year-old little sister. By then, we
were both gasping and grunting; bare-skin slapping wetly against
bare-skin, as we both worked against each other; trying to plant
as much of my incestuous seed as we could, as far up in the
little girl’s body as it would go.
As I said, Ginny was tight. It was all I could do, to force
each thick drop of cum through my prick, and up inside her sweet
little belly. Still, I did my best, squirting jet after jet of
my sperm against her hungry little womb. Cathy squeezed and
milked my prick, in an attempt to extract every precious drop of
sperm I had in me.
I was amazed. After fucking two sisters already, you would
think I knew quite a bit about sex already. I found out that I
still had a lot to learn. Each of my sisters is different. Each
one fucks me differently. I can’t even say that any one of the
four is better than the others, because in different ways, each
one is best at one part or another.
Marsha is hot and wet and slippery.
Ginny is enthusiastic and acrobatic; putting more energy
into sex than all three of her other sisters put together.
Cathy is not only the tightest, but she has internal control
over her muscles that allows her to milk me off, while I just lie
there and enjoy feeling her incredibly tight little sleeve
rippling up and down my prick, until I have no choice but to fill
her tiny little womb with squirt after squirt of incestuous baby-
making seed.
And as for Judy. . .
Oh, that’s right, I haven’t gotten to Judy yet.


As you probably know by now, It wasn’t much longer before I
was fucking my 7-year-old little sister too. I guess I’d better
tell you about that, before I go on.
After fucking Cathy that night, I wanted to spend all night
in bed with her, but she told me it would probably be better if I
didn’t. Because if Judy ever found out I was making out with
her, the little girl would probably want me to fuck her too, and
neither of us wanted to hurt the little kid.
Cathy was right. If I put my big baby-maker up inside
Judy’s tiny little hole, it would probably split the little girl
wide-open. Still, I knew that Judy would want to try, if she
ever found out I was fucking Cathy.
Do any of you boys out there have pesky little sisters?
Ones you love, but who follow you around like a love-starved
puppy-dog? Well, my little sister Judy is like that. The little
kid acts like I’m some kind of god or something, and can do no
wrong. Whatever I’m doing, the little scamp is there; either
trying to join in, (if she can) trying to help out, or just
watching her big brother, if she can’t. I mean, it’s flattering
and all, but sometimes she can be such a pest! Hardly any time
at all do I have to myself, when she’s not following me around
like some kind of shadow; underfoot, and in the way.
Still, if anyone had ever tried to hurt my little sister, I
would probably have killed the SOB, without a second thought. As
for ME even accidentally hurting the little girl, the thought
gives me shudders.
And Cathy’s point was valid. If Judy found out I was
fucking HER, then she would feel left-out, and want to do it too.
As long as it was just Marsha and Ginny, it would be OK. Once I
started screwing Cathy though, Judy probably would want to do it
too, as soon as she found out. So, Cathy and I decided right
there, that from then on we would have to be more careful about
fucking, so Judy didn’t find out.
Ha HA!
Yeah, I can see you’re way ahead of me. Well, I’ll get to
that in a minute. After deciding this, I had to leave, before
Judy caught us like Mother had. While we had been whispering, we
had been cuddled up together in the warmest, most wonderful of
embraces, with my softened prick being held inside my sister by
her warmly squeezing vagina, that STILL felt incredibly tight
around my shrunken cock. The little girl’s muscles had stripped
every last drop of incestuous seed up into her tight little hole;
and milked my penis dry.
When I pulled out, there was a snapping sensation; as
Cathy’s little slit closed up; trapping almost every drop of my
sperm inside her. Only a tiny bubble oozed out of her smooth
little slit, and that she wiped up with a finger, and licked it
The thought of my little 10-year-old sister lying there with
my sperm soaking into her womb, was almost enough to make me get
on top of her, and give the little girl a second shot, but Cathy
stopped me before I did. To make it up, and to say goodnight,
she kissed me before I left.


Kissed? Sounds chaste, after the nasty thing of fucking
your own 10-year-old little sister, and leaving great big gobs of
baby-juice soaking in the little girl’s womb, doesn’t it? Shows
what you know.
This kiss, was anything but chaste. My little sister had
her mouth slightly open, when I bent down to kiss her, and I
responded by opening mine slightly. I found out fast, that I had
never been properly kissed before.
It seems that one of the men whom Cathy baby-sat for, had
been teaching my little sister how to kiss, while he fingered her
off, and she played with his prick.
He had never even tried to do any more than that though. I
guess he was scared of being charged with rape, if he tried to
fuck his 10-year-old baby-sitter. Cathy says, “No,” and that
he’s just a nice guy, and he doesn’t want to cheat on his wife,
who he loves very much.
Whatever. I suppose it’s possible that a guy would figure
that feeling-up a little girl, and getting her to jack him off,
wasn’t “cheating”, but fucking the little girl would be. Some
people’s minds are weird.
Anyway, Cathy gave ME a lesson that night in kissing, that
I’ve been striving to get down pat ever since. By the time we
finished dueling tongues, and licking the inside of each other’s
mouths, my prick was leaking pre-cum again, and I almost came all
over her sexy little belly. Perhaps the guy who taught her
hadn’t been missing out on so much after all.
Cathy sent me back to her big sisters’ bedroom with as big a
hard-on as I had entered with. Good thing too, as both of them
were waiting for me; wondering why I had taken so long in th
bathroom. They were BOTH horny as a two-peckered goat, and I
didn’t get back to sleep, until I had taken care of both of them.
This took quite a while, as it was murder for me to get it
up the third time. I actually had to fake an orgasm, as Ginny
slaved underneath me, trying to get me off, after she came for
the third time that night.
Huh? You didn’t know that guys COULD fake an orgasm? Well,
neither did I, until that night, when I just HAD to.

The next morning, I didn’t even try to get in the usual
morning-fuck that had become almost standard with me and Marsha.
Still, neither of my sisters complained, remembering the night
It was when I came home from school, that I found out I was
in trouble. It didn’t take a rocket-scientist to figure out just
what that trouble was, either.
For sure, Marsha and Ginny figured it out, and I wasn’t home
ten minutes before the situation became clear.
Cathy was so cheerful and happy, and Judy was so miserable,
while Mother looked at me as if I had just killed her favorite
cat. (Oh. Didn’t I mention we are all cat-people? We are. We
all love pussy. ) As I said, it didn’t take a rocket-
scientist to figure out what had happened.

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