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Rats! (Part 1)

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Hey! This is a story I wrote based on some of the fantasies I had. It is fully consensual here (for all you rape haters).

An Erotic Story
By: Janine Rankins

“Michael Jordon Finster! What DO you think you are doing?”
Rats! If there’s one thing guaranteed to let you know
you’re in trouble, it’s when your parent uses your full name. I
knew I was in deep trouble. Not that I really needed the name to
know that.
I mean, when you’re caught 3/4 naked (just a towel) outside
your big sister’s bedroom, jacking off, you don’t need the house
to fall on you, to know you’re in deep weeds. At the time, I
almost wished the house HAD fallen in.
When you’re the only boy in a house full of women, sexual
curiosity is the norm. (Aw heck. My friends, some of who are
only-child boys, tell me they have the same problem. I guess
interest in the opposite sex is normal for ANY teenaged boy. So,
I was just normal.) Anyway, normal or not, you don’t want to get
caught. I just had.
The way I figure it, Marsha WANTED me to see her playing
with herself. For the past month or so, it had seemed like every
one of my sisters was doing everything she could to tease me
sexually. From running down the hall in just panties and bra, to
“accidentally” leaving the bathroom door open when taking a
shower. (AND the shower-curtain not fully pulled.)
Lately, my big sister Marsha had started playing with
herself in the afternoons, when Mother wasn’t around. Last week,
she had almost caught me listening at her door, and after that,
instead of being more discreet, she had been leaving her door
open just a crack when she did it. I guess she was trying to
make it look like an accident, but I think she really WANTED me
to watch her do it.
Since the first time I spied on her, I figure she must have
said something to the other girls, because the teasing I used to
get, had escalated tremendously. The previous night, my little
sister Judy had come over and sat on my lap, wearing nothing but
a pair of cotton panties, and a smile.
Judy doesn’t really have tits yet, so she doesn’t wear a
bra. Heck, Marsha doesn’t really need a bra, and she’s 16. No,
I don’t mean she’s flat-chested. My big sister has one of the
nicest set of knockers you ever did see. It’s just that they are
so nice and firm, and not oversized, that she could get by even
in the swimming-pool without a top on. In fact, she sometimes
Mother has never insisted that any of the girls wear a top,
as long as it’s just us “family” in the pool. Back where we
live, you can’t see the back yard through the trees anyway.
Now that I think of it, Marsha has probably been going
without a top, just to tease me too! Now that I think, I’m sure
of it. She always wears a top, when other girls come over; even
when she knows it’s just girls. As I said, I think ALL of my
sisters were trying to “get a rise” out of me.


Well, they had succeeded more than once. More than once?
Who am I trying to kid? I had sent more sperm into a towel in my
bedroom at night, dreaming I was squirting it in the willing
holes of one or the other of my sisters, than I care to admit.
Whatever. . . It seemed like gallons.
A couple of nights before, Cathy had barged in on me in the
bathroom, just as I was getting out of the shower. The little
girl was completely naked herself, as she nonchalantly slipped
into the shower, rubbing her little butt against my leg as she
stepped in. I had felt like climbing back in the shower, and
showing my little sister “the facts of life” right there. Still,
you don’t rape your own little sister. Now, I wonder if I
shouldn’t have done it anyway.
At 10 years old, Cathy isn’t as sexy as her big sisters, but
she still has a cute enough body to give me a permanent hard-on.
I went back into my room afterwards, and had to take yet
another shower when I came out, after working myself up to three
cum-squirting orgasms; imagining that I was filling the cute
little girl so full of my incestuous seed, that she would be
having babies for the next ten years.
When I came out of the bedroom, Cathy was just getting OUT
of the shower, as I got back in.
Bare-naked and dripping, the little girl stopped me; gave me
a big hug, while ignoring the fact that we were both naked; said,
“Thank you,” and left. I never DID figure out what she thanked
me for. I had to jack off AGAIN, in the shower this time.
As I said, all four of my sisters seemed to be in on it.
Hardly an hour passed, when I didn’t see one scantily clad body
or another. With four sisters teasing me, from Marsha at 16,
(two years older than me,) Ginger at 12, Cathy at 10, and Judy at
7, I was almost a walking hard-on. It seemed that once they knew
I liked to look at them, they all decided they liked me to look.
Which led up to the trouble I was in.
I had known my big sister masturbated before. Heck, when
Mother taught us about sex, and where babies came from, she had
told us about masturbation, and let us know it was normal, almost
expected behavior, when you reached a certain age. Well, first
Marsha had reached that age, then about two years ago, I had.
Neither of us had thought anything about it at first. Until last
Now, here I was, caught with my “pants down”, peeking on my
older sister while she got her rocks off. Oh shit! I turned to
face my mother. Oh double shit! It wasn’t just my mother, it
was all three of my other sisters too! Talk about getting caught
“en flagrente delicto.”
“Well,” Mother huffed, “I’m ashamed of you. Standing out
here in the hall, jacking off, while your big sister so obviously
needs you. Didn’t you learn ANYTHING I taught you about sex? Or
do you just like to tease your big sister? Shame on you!”
“Huh?” I responded weakly. ME teasing MARSHA? I hadn’t
even thought of it that way. Here I thought she was teasing ME!
I started to mumble something to that effect, but Mother didn’t
give me a chance.


“Now you get in there, and apologize to your big sister,
before I give you what for!” With this, Mother gave me a shove
through the open door to the room that Marsha shared with Ginny.
Somehow, I ended up in my sisters’ bedroom, stark-naked, as my
mother had appropriated the towel.
“WELL?” my mother prompted sternly.
I was so embarrassed, I wanted to melt down in a puddle on
the floor. Still, I did my best. “I’m sorry, Marsha,” I
stammered. “I didn’t mean to. . .” I wasn’t quite sure what my
mother wanted me to apologize for. . . Peeking, surely. But
teasing? Mother never gave me the chance to finish anyway.
“Not THAT way,” she said, disgustedly. “Do it properly!
Get up there on the bed, and SHOW your big sister you didn’t mean
to tease her.”
“Huh?” My astonishment was echoed by Marsha’s.
Mother sighed with exasperation.
“Your big sister is lying there, almost dying of sexual
frustration and you’re out in the hall wasting your sperm in some
grubby old towel,” she said. “Now I want you to get up there and
show Marsha you didn’t mean to tease her, by letting her have
what she wants so badly.”
“Huh?” again from both Marsha and me. I don’t know which of
us was more astonished. Surely Mother didn’t want me to. . .
to. . . to. . .
Mother lost all patience. “Get up there, and put your cock
in your sister’s hole, before I lose all patience,” she
explained. “YES, idiot! I said fuck your sister! Can’t you see
she needs it?”
Oh. Both Marsha and I looked at each other with open
mouths. Still, when Mother opened HER mouth to let us have it
again, I hurriedly scrambled onto the bed, where my big sister
was lying, legs spread, with just a flimsy nightie that only
covered her shoulders. Catching Mother’s glare, she spread her
legs even wider, to allow me to climb between them.
Two seconds later, my cum-dribbling cock was touching the
open hole between my sister’s thighs; and one second after that,
I felt my prick slide into the hot sweet hole of my own sister.
OOOHHH! Did that feel Goood! I almost came at the very
first touch.
“Oooh!” echoed Marsha. Her hands reached out to grab me, as
I reached for her. “I’m sorry I teased you,” I said, and heard
Marsha say the same thing, at the same time.
We both giggled. Damn it felt good inside her.
The feeling was so intense, that I hunched forward
involuntarily; trying to drive even more of my swollen prick up
inside my big sister. Neither one of us was more than
peripherally aware of our mother and three sisters watching every
incestuous move we made.
“Ow!” said Marsha. For being all of two whole years older
than I was, and having unmercifully teased me for the last two
years, my big sister was a virgin!
“You have to break it,” observed Mother.
At my hesitation, (I didn’t really want to hurt my sister.)
Mother said, “Now!” and gave me a glare that mad it plain that
she was going to brook no arguments from either of us.


I looked at Marsha; she looked back at me, and shrugged. So
I did it. It was the most natural thing in the world, to hunch
forward, sinking my prick into the hot wet hole between my
sister’s legs. There was a straining moment, then I felt the
membrane tear around my prick, and slide down past the glans.
More and more of my swollen cock sank into my sister, as I
was almost overcome with the devastatingly erotic sensation of
having my own sister’s vagina sliding onto my penis. Still. . .
“I’m sorry,” I said. It was hard to be as sorry as I wanted
to be though. Even though the last thing I wanted, was to cause
my big sister pain, the feeling of her hot wet hole massaging my
prick was too good to let me feel very guilty. Wow! Did that
feel good!
“I’m sorry too,” Mother apologized, “but Mike had to break
your cherry, if he’s going to fuck you properly.”
“Now Mike, I want you to be careful,” she continued to me.
“Your big sister’s not on the pill, and her period was just a
little over a week ago. You COULD be getting her pregnant right
“Oh shit!” I said. “I’d better pull out.” The sucking heat
of my big sister’s vagina didn’t seem to want to let go, but
Marsha knew the dangers of letting me cum inside her, just as
much as I did. Reluctantly, we started to pull apart.
“Don’t you DARE!” said Mother.
“Huh?” again my big sister and I showed our brilliance. . .
“I said, ‘Don’t you dare,'” repeated Mother. “How’s Mike
going to learn what it’s like to make a baby, if he pulls out,
the first time he gets inside a girl?”
I was listening with openmouthed astonishment. It had been
amazing enough to find out my mother actually wanted me to FUCK
my big sister. NOW, it sounded like she WANTED me to knock her
up, too!
“But Momma!” wailed my sister; using a name for Mother that
she hadn’t used since she was younger than I am. “What if I get
Mother looked at my big sister sternly, and reminded her of
how she had been lying on the bed jacking off, so her little
brother could watch. “That’s just a chance you’ll have to take,
won’t you,” she replied.
I had been half-sitting there on my haunches, with my prick
half-in, and half-out of my sister, while this exchange took
place. Mother turned her glare back on me. “Well,” she
prompted. “You’d better get it ALL the way up inside your
sister, if you’re going to try getting her pregnant. You
probably won’t be able to do it this time, but I’m sure that if
you practice often enough, you’ll do a good job.”
Oh shit. Mother DID want me to impregnate my big sister.
The thought was too stimulating. I could no more resist the
idea, than I could resist a tidal-wave. With a grunt, I sank the
full length of my prick in my big sister’s belly.
With a slight cry, Marsha suddenly grabbed me, and humped
back at me just as hard.


Within two minutes, I lost control, and spurted wad after
thick sticky wad of incestuous cum in my sister’s incredibly hot
sweet hole. Jamming our crotches together, we both did our best
to plant my seed as far up in her womb as we could. Mother’s
encouragement of, “That’s it. . . You’ve got to squirt it as far
up inside your sister as you can, if you’re going to get her
pregnant,” was ignored until we were both finished anyway.
As I came down from the incredible high of my first sex with
a real girl, I slowly became aware of the shudders of my big
sister underneath me. Marsha was just finishing HER first climax
with a real man inside her; pumping her sexy little belly full of
baby-making cum. It must have been as big a thrill to her, as it
was to me.
Eventually it ended. About two minutes later, not even my
big sister’s hot little hole squeezing on my prick could keep it
erect any more, and it came out with an obscene “slurp”.
Mother looked at both of us. Me, lying there with my limp
prick dripping one last white sticky drop of cum, while Marsha
lay there with a matching drop slowly oozing out of her
no-longer-virginal crack.
“So,” she said. Now you both know what the real thing is
like. Did you like it?”
Both Marsha and I were to exhausted to do more than barely
groan in agreement.
“Good,” said Mother. “From now on Michael, I want you to
‘practice’ making a baby in your big sister, at least once a
Oh SHIT, what a line. It sounded like some sophomore-boy’s
idea of a wet-dream sex-story than reality. (I learned later,
that it was just that. Mother had stolen the tag-line from just
such a story.)
I didn’t even have a chance to agree, or more likely gasp in
amazement, when my mother turned to Ginger and told her, “Now I
want you to tell me if Mike doesn’t come in here and fuck your
big sister at least once a day.”
Ginny’s eyes opened in amazement. It had been one thing, to
see her big sister get “what for” for teasing me. Now, it looked
like she could get in trouble for something she had nothing to do
with. After all, she couldn’t be expected to monitor her older
siblings’ comings and goings.
“Mother!” she complained, “that’s not FAIR!”
Mother thought it over, then suddenly agreed. “You’re
right,” she said.
Ginny relaxed for a moment, until Mother continued, “It’s
not fair to have to watch Mike getting your big sister pregnant,
and not get anything out of it yourself.”
Mother turned away from my little sister’s gaping mouth, and
turned to me.
“Michael, you’ll just have to take care of Ginny too. I’m
sorry but, you’ll have to practice making a baby in HER, at least
once a week, as well.”

I’ll make a part two if you guys want… tell me if you guys like the story or not! email me at [email protected] if you guys want to know more about me and my daughters or if you just want to give me some more sexual ideas!

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