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Over the Side

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This is set back in the day, before Internet porn… #WS

“Hey!’ they saw me coming, “No girls allowed!” Peter yelled down the ladder, but I just ignored him, and started climbing up. “Hey, you must be deaf, and dumb, I said.”

“I heard you, but my brother said it would be okay if I hung out here, sometimes.”

“Yeah, when we’re not around, we didn’t vote on it.” On the top of the ladder, he just held onto the sides of the door, standing in the way. Playing the door, I guess.

“Back off,” I pushed him, and put my foot up on the board. I didn’t knee him in the nuts, but I sure thought about it. “Man.” I balled my fist, and held it up, so he let go, and backed up.

“Or what?” He looked around, but it was just Willy up there with him.

“Look,” I just pulled the rucksack off my shoulder, “I’m just gonna stash some stuff for him.” Unzipped it, and pulled out the Wet&Wilds.

“Ooh!” Willy warned, “Where’d you get those?’ And took one.

“The same place? My daddy got bored with these, and threw them out.” I lied, actually my friend stole them from her mom’s shop. It’s not a porn shop, but they have a rack of magazines behind the counter, and she knew what I liked, so she grabbed some for me.

“Huh!” I backed up to the ladder again, and bent over. “I gotta take a leak.” Holding my panties up, I smiled right at Peter, but then I had to crack my eyes, to let it trickle out. Just in case he tried to push me or something, but he just closed his mouth. “Huhhhhh!”

I drank a whole 32 oz soda, and that’s a quart. No ice, or nothing! “What?” They looked back, and forth at each other, “You do it all the time!” But with my bladder empty, I pulled my underwear back up, and wiped, before pulling my skirt back out over my knees, and socks.

“Yeah,” Pete finally got his tongue back from the cat, “But what if somebody came and saw you?”

“Well, that’s why I wear a skirt. It hangs down, so if anybody got close enough to look up, they’d just get their face peed on. Hm!” I almost closed my eyes again, imagining that, but I can’t let my guard down.

They forgot all about the Wet&Wilds they were holding, so i took the one from Peter. He hadn’t even opened it, but I was already starting to feel horny.

“Hey!” I pushed him back. “You sure are pushy!”

“Well, you pushed me first!” I flipped back, and held it in both hands. “You sure are a shrimpy wimp. So, if you want to fight me fine, but if you don’t want to hang out with me, because I’m a girl, then you can take your wieners, and go sword-fight someplace else.”

“Hey, no fair!” Willy wined, “He wasn’t supposed to tell you about that!”

I couldn’t help a little giggle, “He didn’t. Uh, you guys and your big secrets in your secret fort, you really should care more about security.” I dropped the dirty magazine, “What if somebody comes, and sees you?” I mocked Peter, backing him up in the corner, “You should’ve thought of that before I showed up, and had to take a leak.”

“Well,” he stopped in the corner. “I guess it’s okay, if you want to stay, as long as you’re not grossed out by dirty talk, and dirty pictures.”

“Nu uh!” Willy pointed, “She spied on us!”

“Uh!” I rolled my eyes, “All the girls know this is the place to see a dork, if they want to. Well, all the 5th graders, and up, I guess.” Maybe some of the more mature 4th graders. “You know this fort is practically like a stage, and you ever heard of the Bird Watching Club?”

“No, what’s that?”

“An excuse to get binoculars. Oh, I saw a bald eagle. Well I saw a Titmouse!” I laughed. It was only a matter of time before I was big enough to climb up, and talk to them. Well, a couple of them. Not really room enough for too many more up here at a time. It’s only a small board jammed up on top of a rock, with more nailed up to hold a little roof. I had to duck just to get in the door at the top of the ladder, but you can see clear across the creek from the other hill, if you know where to look.

“Even the high school girls?”

“No, Willy. The high school girls all have boyfriends, if they want em. Girlfriends, if they don’t.”

“I knew it!” Peter got brave again, “Which ones are lesbos?”

“None of your beeswax? Unlike you, I can keep a secret, but you wouldn’t believe it. Most of them can’t even lick a puss that good.”

“Hahaha, lezzy.” Peter took the bait.

“Hey, watch who you’re calling names, you little fairy. Dontcha think it’s kinda gay, whacking your peckers together, and making ching ching noises?”

“No?” He shook his head, and looked away, guilty.

“Well,” Willy spoke up, “You have to get it up to sword fight. So really, it would be more like whipping with a wet noodle, if you can’t get it hard.”

“You’re just jealous you can’t get it up, little Willy.”

“Not for boys you gay ass fag!”

“Hey!” Pete tried to push me out of the way, so I pushed him back, with both hands.

“BOYS! Break it up, unless you really want that ass kicking, from a girl.” I got right in his face. “I’m warning you, one last time. If you can’t pick on someone your own size, you’re going to get it, from me.”

Willy looked at me like his hero, and I couldn’t keep a straight face, but finally, Pete managed to twist out, and duck under my arm.

“Let him go.” Willy just shook his head.

“Well, if you hate girls so much, you can go ahead, and leave, but pretty soon everyone’ll know your big gay secret.”

“I’m not gay, just because I don’t like pushy bitches!” He jumped down though, and ran.

“So, Willy.” I turned back, “You think you can get it up for a girl?”

“Yeah,” he dropped his pants, “You bet I can, just watch me!”


Willy (bB Talk)

“Hey Dicky. Guess what?”

“Chicken butt?” He joked.

“Haha, nu uh. I got a blowjob, from a girl!”

“Yeah, right,” he didn’t believe me, “What girl?”

“I probably shouldn’t say,” she doesn’t want anybody to know how lose she is, “But she’s a 6th grader, and she’s even got boobs.” I nodded, shook my head, “Not real big ones yet, maybe this big.” I showed him, almost 2 hands full, “But they’ll get bigger.”

“So, you got to second base, big deal.”

“Nu uh! I told you, she sucked me hard, in her mouth.” I pointed, “And that’s way past second base, but get this. She made me pee on her. Well, she didn’t have to make me, but she asked nicely.”

“Ew, why?”

“So her teeshirt got wet, that’s why she came bye the fort in a white teeshirt,” and a skirt, “So it turns see-through when it’s wet, just like a wet teeshirt contest! Oh yeah, and she brought some wet and wild magazines to look at. That’s for water sports, you know. Taking baths, and golden showers, and skinny dipping, and stuff.”

“She really into that nasty stuff?”

“Oh yeah. It makes her feel hot and wet, especially in her panties, and those turned clear when she peed them too, so you can see her hairy beaver.”

“She’s got a bush, too?”

“Well, not super duper bushy, but a little hairy. I sawed it!”

“Your brother know about this? you pissing on your girlfriend, and her showing you her hairy beaver in her pissy panties?”

“Yeah, but he hates her. He hates girls because he’s a big fat homo.” Oops. “I probably shouldn’t have told you that.”

“Hahaha! I knew it, why else would show you dirty pictures, to give you a boner, and try to trick you into whipping it out to playing hotdog buns, and. Homo stuff?”

“Yeah, but he missed out, because now her big brother’s in Jr. High, and he’s got a real boyfriend, who’s not scared of what he thinks, so they can suck dick, and stuff.”

“Ew, stop. Nasty sicko.”

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to gross you out, but at least they’re not butt-banging.”

“Ew, quit it!”

I laughed, and changed the subject, “So anyways, I don’t care if they give better head, I can get it from a girl now, with boobs, and all I have to do is pee on her!”

“Huh, well I guess they make those pissy mags for someone.”

“Uh huh, you want to meet her?”

“Shit yeah!”

“Good because I’m still shooting blanks, and what she really wants is a boy that cums jizz.”

“Oh, so that’s what all that pissing is about?”

“Uh huh, because it comes from the same place.” I elbowed him, “You get it, Cums from the same place?”

“Yeah yeah. I get it, but you’d really let me get my dick sucked, by your girlfriend?”

“Shit yeah! I just told you that. She wants to taste cum, bad enough to suck you off to get it. Real jizm, and not just piss, but all the boys she knows are still shooting blanks.”

“What about her brother? I thought you said he was in junior high.”

“Yeah, but he’s her brother, and besides, he’s got a boyfriend now, but if you think about it. Her dad isn’t shooting blanks neither, or he never would have knocked their mom up in the first place. But you have to promise to keep quiet about all this. She’s really super duper careful about people’s sex secrets, so you can’t tell your friends or anyone, deal?”

“Okay, deal.” He shook on it.

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