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Not All White Boys Are Little PT.1

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Two 14 years old start dating.A black girl and a white boy.They have been dating for almost two years now.Both think it’s time to take the next step.

It’s been almost two years since we started dating. We haven’t done anything major except light kissing between classes; and when school out before heading on the bus. My mind and body is telling me to make the next move. I want him so badly that everytime I fantasize bout us doing it. I get so damn wet and hot all over I’m afraid I might end up attacking him. And why shouldn’t I?! My boyfriend is very handsome and has a fine muscular body. I want to touch and lick him all over. But what I really want to see is his dick. A lot of people (mostly my girlfriends) tell me since my bf is white that mostly like his dick is very small. Because that is the word on street about all white men apparently. Even though they tell me this I didn’t care if he was small or not. I mean he’s my very first boyfriend and I like him very much. Besides, I can tell just looking at his body all the time his dick gotta be pretty big. Hopefully, one day I can see and verify for myself. Which happens a lot sooner than I except it too. We both stay after school one day for a club we were interested in. Once it was over we head to the stairs alone. Now the stairs at our school are set up where we have to walk down a small hall and thru two doors. The best part about it is NO CAMERA’S. This is the moment I tell myself ask him to show you it girl! I pull his hand back to make him stop. He does and looks back at me. Asks me whats up. Um…can I see it? I say to him. Can you see what? He ask me. I look down at his crotch and point at it. I want to see your dick? May I? I look at him all nervous but determined. He looks around me to check the small hallway we just step out of. Then the stairway to see if anybody was coming up them. Finally looked at me and said yea you can see it. I get super excited and before I knew it I’m getting down on my knees. Undoing his pants. My heart is beating so fast it gets kinda hard for me to breathe. I touch his boxers and am satisfy with the kind he wears. Starting to get super turn on I pull them down a bit to expose his very hard and hot dick. I smile n look up at him. What’s wrong? He asks. Nothing just love what I’m finally getting to see for the very first time. I say. My instincts were right about him. He was big down there. Not crazy super big but he wasn’t small that all those rumors were saying. No. He put those stupid rumors to shame. He was just the size I liked. And that’s saying a lot since this is my very first dick. It looked so damn yummy just standing up and alert. I couldn’t let it end there. So I did what I always fantasize about. I took that big hard rock and put it deep inside my mouth. Sucking all of it little by little in my mouth. I look up at him to see what kind of face he’s making. My heart skips a beat. The expression he makes I never knew he could do. To be honest, it turned me on even more and I find myself sucking harder. Grabs my hair and lets out a little moan. My body shivers with so much excitement. My pussy dripping wetter than ever before. I wanted it. I wanted him inside me so damn badly. I didn’t care where we was. Doing this with him right now is driving me crazy. I cant hold back anymore. As I start to get lost in the pleasure I’m giving him. We hear the door open down below the stairs and it zaps me back into reality. He pulls me up and fixes himself. I wipe my mouth and look at him. He’s looking at me. I smile and say thank u for the treat. We head downstairs not saying a word to each other. Still embarrassed by what just happen. Still in shock about what just happen. But no regret bout letting it happen. His ride pulls up to the school. I don’t want him to go. I want to him by my side a little longer. He kisses and hugs me. Text me when your mom picks you up. He whispers in my ears. He walks out the door and I check him out of course. I wish we could have done more I mumble to myself.

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  • Reply Cumminginsiderher ID:4glvgwov3

    I have dated 3 Black women in my life and they were all disappointed. They said they originally agreed to date me thinking because I was a “White Guy” I probably had a much smaller dick than the Black guys they usually dated.

    They were tired of being abused by big dicks and hurting after sex so they wanted something smaller and figured all white guys were small.

    I had to set them straight, color doesn’t decide dick size. Genetics do. Not all Black guys have big dicks, most are “average size”. But BIG Black guys will usually have BIG Dicks just like BIG White Guys will usually have BIG Dicks. If you want something smaller, date smaller men.

    I told them, if you want a smaller dick, don’t date a White guy who is 6’7″” 265 lbs LOLOLOLOL.
    My nearly 11″ is “average” for a man my size.

    • Tg ID:bgggn0bv4

      Lol more like 11 mm mate.

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    i am impatient for next part girl

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      I’m a white guy, hung like a black man. I love surprising a black girl who wanted a smaller cock and making it fit. You black girls are hot!