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My wonderful Arab Dad

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This story is about a girl who looses her virginity on a cucumber and it made her dad furious. Slowly he see the good side of his daughter and fuck

I am Humaima a girl of 20. My story started the day my father came to know that I am not a virgin. This was my secret, which I disclosed to my mother, whom I trust, but she has a bitchy nature and she spilled the beans. One day my cloths were in washing so I wore one of her black bra, (she wants me to wear white only). She became furious.
“Bitch, whom you want to seduce,” she shouted
I told her the reason but she kept calling me a slut. In anger I called her same. (A mistake). I think she was just jealous of my young body since she was loosing her body shape. So after our violent quarrel she told father about my virginity… My father was a angry man himself. He entered my room like a madman, shouting:
“Humaima … Is your mother’s words true that you are not a virgin?”
I pretended innocence, and said: “Papa … what are you talking about ?!”
He grabbed my hair violently and said: “Do not be smart with me, O animal! Say who is the one who opened you?” –
“Papa, please … I’m always home when I’m not at college. When would I have time to have sex?” I grumbled. “Mom is always damned mean to me.”
“Shut up, bitch… dont speak rudely about your mom!” He slapped me.
“Papa .. listen to me … I did not have sex with anyone in my life ….Rather, it happened while I was Played by myself,” I blushed and admitted
“I entred a bringal and put it in a way that exceeded the limits, and what happened …happened. Please, Papa, understand me .. ”
“Biringal the round one…?” He asked
“No please … forgive… the long one.” I said
At that his attitude changed. He tied me to his chest and apologized for his improper behaviopr.
But after this my life changed radically. My father, was so innocent for example, that he told my mother a bad joke in front of me and used words that would not be appropriate for a father to use in the presence of his daughter, such as “Cock”, “cunt”, “fuck and eggs” … and he and my mother laughed as if I were not there .. When we watch TV, my father no longer changes The station at the audacious scenes, but he has begun to watch publicly in front of me as if to say to himself … She is an adult and knows everything .. Let it be.” It started to excite me. One day he was watching tv and I was passing by. I was wearing high heels wich get caught in the rug. I lost balance and landed in his lap. That was when I felt his hard cock pressed against my ass. I was surprised at the revelation and mortified that I had fallen in my Father’s lap, no doubt hurting him. Up until that time, I had no idea that my Father ever noticed my development as a woman. Of course, I wanted to be noticed by the man that I loved all of my life more than anyone else. At the time it surprised me, but I was so busy scrambling out of his lap that I didn’t have time to sort out the implications.
Next day my mother was out shopping and my father entered bathroom to bathe. What shocked me that he moved completely naked and entered the bathroom and left the door wide open. I was eager to see him naked … So I pretended to pass in front of the bathroom door and when he saw me he said: “My flower .. bring me a towel. ”
I told him:“Present. Baba”
I ran and brought a towel … I gave him the towel with a smile .. he thanked me and then I went out but he came after me drying I was shocked that he removed the towel completely from his body and started to dry his head, so I took advantage of seeing directly his semi erect cock, and I wanted him to have full erection like a horse. Call me evil but I had desire to have sex with him and I said to myself: “I will not miss this opportunity … I desperately want it.”
Instead of moving away I kept standing before him, smiling, pretending that his nudity in front of me was an ordinary thing. His muscles were toned and taut, but he wasn’t bulky like the huge body builders. I encouraged him saying,
“You men are so different from us women! Your body is thick and your organs different! ”
He laughed and said:“ Yes this (pointing to his cock) is better than a million of God choices!”
I told him, “Certainly! I agree”
He looked at me and asked me: “Would you like to play with it? It is much better then playing with a bringal! Come hold it”
I did not hesitate … I went and knelt before him and started touching it. I reached for his cock and carefully stroked it from base to tip and back, then I lean forward to lick at the tip like a lollipop; I’ve never done it before, but I’ve seen movies an heard what, I don’t know. His cock increased its size and he said, “Continue this way, my love, you are good at sucking better than a slut…”
his eyes were glowing with desire as he watched my lips close around the tip of his shaft. “Cover your teeth with your lips Girl.” he purrs, his hand smoothing through my hair to move it away from my face. “Keep your teeth away from the sensitive skin of Daddy’s cock. That will hurt him.” he instructs me, then eases his cock a little deeper. “Flatten your tongue and relax your jaw, let Daddy glide in.”
I shoved my face forward, relaxed my throat and jaw, and then closed my lips around his length to try and take him as deeply as possible; I felt the urge to puke, but still forced him into my throat and get rewarded with a loud curse from my him for it.
“Fuck Girl, that is so fucking good.” he growled and actually shoved his hips forward trying to force more of his length into my face. “Relax your throat. Breathe through your nose, Girl. I’ll pull out in a second.”
He shoved a little bit further into me. “Suck me, you’re the perfect little cock sucker and I don’t think you never did it before,”
Hearing I thought I want to vomit; I feel my eyes watering and, just when my stomach would have emptied, I feel him slide out of me completely and gasp for much needed air.
He griped my hair again tighter, then pulled my head forward so that I can take his cock back into my mouth. “Wider.” he growled,
As he started to spew I pulled him out. Just then I heard voice of mother. She was calling father at front door.
“Zohra, I’m taking a shit!” my Daddy snaped nastily. He went back to bathroom, flushing the toilet and dressing. I moved quietly to kitchen and heard them talking, “Sometimes you can be just unnecessarily annoying.” Heard him saying.
“And you some Tim angry for nothing” she replied
I smiled to myself, a seed of thought planted in my head at that moment. I want revenge from my mothet for being bitchy. For that I wanted my Daddy to fuck me. I also don’t want to share him with her; I want his cock filling me and only me;
Over the next few days, Daddy and I don’t get to spend too much time together because Mother was in a psycho mode. She threw a lot of house work on me. One day she asked me to do laundry and went to chat with a neighbour. She used to smoke secretly with her. When doing laundry I wear very little. I was in a long shirt with no bra and panty. Amazingly dad returned early and analysed everything. I was just pouring a cup of detergent into the running water when I felt two hands lifting my shirt and sweeping across my bare stomach. Knowing the intruder I moaned softly and tossed the soap aside to turn toward my father. He pulled me close and pressed his lips to mine, then shoved his tongue into my mouth. His hands swept beneath my shirt, up to my tits where he plucked and twisted my nipples; his heavy erection pressed against my stomach as he shoved me back against the washing machine.
“I’m going fucking crazy with how much I need your mouth.” He said
“Don’t you want to teach me how to fuck?” I whispered.
He laughed and started to rub my clit. “Ooooh” I moaned, as I did, he slapped my pussy as hard as he could. ” He surprised me by kneeling down in front of me, he spread my pussy lips and pushed into me with his tongue, I tried to tip toe to get him to stop. I felt my knees start to give way, I was going to pee, and soon. “Daddy, please I feel like pussing?”
“Just shut up”. He ordered
I grabbed the back of his head, trying to keep his tongue inside of me. But soon, he removed his head from my now dripping pussy and slapped it again.
He stood up and pulled me to his chest, I could feel his cock poking my stomach, I needed it inside me. He bent his head to kiss, me, his stubble scratching my face. I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss, his tongue darted out to meet mine and I pulled back, panting.
“Bend over baby, now.” He said.
“Should we go to room” I suggested
But he was so horny he refused, “You have been needing me haven’t you?” He said as he slid one finger inside me.”Please daddy, please.” I whimpered.”Please what?””I need more.” I pushed back on his hand, trying to speed him up.
“Good girl.” He wrapped his hand around my long hair and pulled me into standing position.He pushed his chest against my back, he grabbed my tits with his hand. I put my hands over washing machine and could feel his rock hard cock against my quivering pussy. I heard him gasp as he felt the contact. He let go of my neck and pushed me forward. He started pushing himself in and out of me.
“Urgh, No. Please, pull out.” I groaned.”No.”
His thick dick was too much and I winced. He said “don’t worry soon you’re take it like your mum does” and grips my tummy as he forced his hard cock into my softness.
I was dreaming of a very romantic fuck but he was giving me a very rough one. He inserted his Zobra In my Casey to the end. He was so violent, as if I am not his daughter … but a slut he paid.
He has spoken to me: “was your damn brinjal was as good? Girl,”
“No … it was not” I moaned
“What difference you feel, tell me bitch…”
“Ahhh…ouch… you much hard and big … and … Ahowooh… and much deep.
I told him while I was raving with him. He was trembling with lust. Suddenly I was happier than I ever had been before, this is what nature intended me to do.  I began to have non-stop orgasms as father moved his prick in and out, stopped, removed his cock, and used it to vigorously massage my cunt then slid it back in. 

“I m blowing … but don’t want to make you pregnant.” He cried
“If you can throw mom away… I would like to be your wife … papa… we can move away.” I said,
“No” he said and threw his milk on my bum.
Afterwards I asked,  “does it feel wrong taking my pussy?”
“I know fucking my own daughter was wrong but now eel thats the best fuck I’ve had.”
“Oh Papa incest is so wickedly wonderful!”
“you don’t have to tell anyone remember. It’s our secret,” he said as he smiled at me.
“I know papa. And we don’t have to use the wash room any more,” I told him.
When his prick softened and popped from my cunt I turned and embraced him. His prick pressed between us. I pulled his head down and began to kiss him on his lips. I opened my mouth and when he responded our tongues entwined. It was as if my tongue and my fathers were locked in an embrace. It was a forbidden kiss, one that no father and daughter should ever engage in, not one of love, but of passion and lust! Daddy’s soft cock was flat against me and it suddenly hardened, shooting white spurts onto our stomachs, giving me a powerful orgasm.
Because of the fear of mother, there was no second round.

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