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My wife loves to masturbate for truck drivers

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My wife Kassandra (Ms Sandy, Ms Sharon) loves to play with her big tittie’s and shaved pussy while being looked down on from 18 wheeler

My wife is 47 years old some would call her a milf because of her age and body. Kassandra asked me before this virus has us on shelter in place in Mississippi,if I could take her for a ride. Sure go get ready I told her. So she went and put on light skirt with skimpy things halter top that leaves her big boobs hanging out ,she grabbed some toys to play with big pink vibrator and green dildo so she can stick to the passenger side window and do her thing. As we got on the interstate 55 in McComb Mississippi we didn’t have to go long before I caught up with this red peterbilt as I pulled up beside the rig ,I asked Sandy is he looking down at you, yes so I reached over and untied her halter top and plopp her boob’s fell out driver started to blow his horn as I reached over and spread her legs so he can see that smooth shaved pussy asked her to use turn towards the window place 1 leg on dash the other over the seat . Sandy acted like she was hypnotized done as told put that vibrator inside you she did soon my wife’s pussy was wet and sloshy as she kept fucking herself .we stayed with the truck until the rest area where we pulled in and I let my wife get fucked by this driver . Sandy climbed up on the diesel tank and in the truck where she climbed into the sleeper and got her some big black dick and a pussy full of black cum. To see my videos of my wife Sandy find me on Instagram@ Billy j bueto or Facebook so I can send through messenger text me Billy@

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