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my wife is spied on by brother and friend

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I watch as my wife’s brother and friend jack off watching my wife bath

Now that I had found a way to fuck Linda, I spent less time trying to spy on her and more time trying to set her up so that I could fuck her. I reasoned that I had the right to do this as she was my wife, and it wasn’t like I was having an affair. Of course I was trying to justify actions that were wrong, and when I was being honest with myself, I conceded that a big reason this turned me on so much was because I was doing this to her without her permission or knowledge. By trial and error I worked out how far I could go based on the quantity she drank. Unfortunately, whilst she preferred the coolers to brandy, she did not become a heavy drinker. She did drink every weekend, but seldom in quantities large enough that I could fuck her. On most weekends I got to play with her body, and every now and again I got to actually fuck her while she slept, but no way near enough to exhaust my appetite.
I was certainly enjoying my new found sexual pleasures, and found that this eased tensions in our marriage, which Linda welcomed even though she did not know why. Access to her body, even though illicit, also helped with my jealousy, but whilst I stopped being so bad, it never went away completely, and the all too familiar feeling off tight chest and shortness of breath from a jealousy attack would still afflict me when I caught some guy looking down her top or up her dress. One such occasion proved to be quite surprising; Linda’s folks lived about an hour away from us, and we used to go through and visit on weekends periodically. As we usually drank on these weekends, particularly me, we often slept over rather than drive back under the influence.
Linda’s parents lived in a small 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house that Linda was born in. Her much younger 17 year old brother John, still lived with his parents. As a result, rather than displace John, when we slept over, we slept on a sleeper couch in the lounge. The single bathroom had a huge window covered by lace curtains. The window had clear glass, which despite my irrational jealousy wasn’t really a problem for me as the window was chest height, and the rear of the property sloped down quite a lot, which meant that you could not stand and look through the bathroom window and see anything other than someone’s head and shoulders.
One such weekend Linda went to bath before getting ready for bed, and while in there asked me to get her toiletry bag which she had left in the car. My car was parked in the garage at the side of the house. The garage was a long narrow building able to fit 2 cars parked behind each other attached to the main house, but protruding past the rear of the house, with a window on the side looking out into the back yard. The back yard was very dark without lights. My car keys had a small torch attached so not really remembering where the light switch was, I made my way to my car using the dim torchlight. As I past the side window, the neighbours outside light suddenly came on and a beam of light flooded into the garage, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a shape furtively duck down in the backyard. I quickly went to the garage window prepared to spot a would be burglar, but instead saw the puzzling sight of Linda’s brother and some friend of his crouched down below the light cast from the neighbour’s yard, holding a dustbin each. I watched trying to figure out what they were doing, when the neighbours light switched off plunging the yard back into darkness. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could easily make out as both boys picked up a dustbin, walked to the wall below the bathroom window, and after upending the bins, climbed on top and looked down into the bathroom.
I could immediately feel my chest tighten as the jealousy hit, these kids were going to spy on Linda bathing. My first impulse was to run out and confront them, but I managed to stop myself realising that this could cause major problems in the family. I stood there undecided as I desperately wanted to stop them looking at what was mine, but did not know how to approach the issue. I decided to go in and tell Linda hopefully before she had finished running the bath and got undressed. After grabbing the toiletry bag I left the garage and went straight to the bathroom. To my relief, Linda was standing at the basin still dressed while her bath was running. I couldn’t resist the impulse to glance at the window, but could see nothing through the lace. Debating whether to just blurt it out, I remained standing next to her after she took the toiletry bag. It was like I was in a daze, my anxiety was increasing as the bath filled, and my mind wanted so much to tell her, but I was frozen, just standing there. Linda started taking of her makeup, then looking at me in the mirror with a confused expression, asked “what?” I numbly replied nothing, then turned around and walked out.
In a stupor, I found myself back in the garage not remembering how I got there. I walked to the window and saw the 2 guys standing completely upright on the dustbins, clearly silhouetted against the light from the window. I stood mesmerised and John’s friend started rubbing his crotch through his shorts. My mind was racing, imagining in graphic detail what they must be seeing as I had done exactly what they were doing many times. I knew Linda’s routine by heart, she would wait until the bath was full before undressing, then she would stand in front of the mirror and brush her teeth before flossing, and then examine her body in the reflection, not in a sexual way, but critically looking for any flaws. Then she would climb into the bath and lay submerged for 20 – 30 minutes before starting to wash. The bath was laid out about a meter below the window with the taps against the wall just under the window sill so I knew Linda would be lying full length feet towards the window. I also knew from experience that Linda liked to lie flat with her toes on either side of the bath taps which forced her legs to be shoulder width apart. They must have been getting a view right up between her spread legs at her pussy and tits. I knew she would not be able to see out because of the lace curtains, but they would easily be able to see in.
My heart was in my throat and my jealous anger made my head feel like it would explode when I realised that I actually had a hard on. I stood there watching, flushed with jealousy while at the same time incredibly turned on. Not only were some guys doing and enjoying what I often did, but one of them was also her brother! John pulled the front of his shorts down and took his dick out. I could clearly see it was rock hard. His friend didn’t hesitate and soon 2 teenagers were standing in front of the bathroom window slowly stroking their cocks. I noticed that my hand had also found its way on to my dick and was mirroring their action while imagining what they were looking at.
Remembering that unlike John and his friend I could actually go into the bathroom so didn’t have to try imagine what he was looking at. I quickly walked back into the house stuffing my hard on in my shorts, and went straight to the bathroom. Making sure not to look at the window, I looked down at Linda from above her head, and not only was she lying on her back feet to the window as predicted, but she had her left leg with knee bent and foot flat in the bath while her right foot was resting on her left knee with her right leg to the side out of the water and she was cutting the toe nails on her right foot. This caused her pussy to bulge and gape slightly so that even from my view point I could clearly see her pussy lips from above her. Her brother and friend must have been getting a wonderful eye full. This gave a whole new meaning to brotherly love and a whole new revelation to me. It seems that not only was I jealous by some other man seeing Linda naked, it also turned me on!
I could not stand there long without having to explain why I was there, so I stumbled over a few words of an impromptu conversation I tried to dream up, sounding like I was mentally challenged, before rushing back to the garage and watching the lads jerk off while watching Linda doing wondrous things to unknowingly flaunt her pussy in the bath.

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  • Reply Willy T. ID:7l31ggarg4f

    He must be a cuckold not to confront the two teenagers. This part allows the story to continue at the expense of believability.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1dd136j96pi9

    Since I was a kid I’ve gotten off watching girls/women when they didn’t know it. It started with watching my older sister through a hole in the attic I found by accident. At first it was just a game for me like I was pretending to be a spy. But as we both got older and I’d started jerking off and her body had developed it became much more. And it wasn’t just seeing her, but her hot teen girlfriends. I’d watch them trying on clothes getting totally naked as well as comparing their naked bodies and over time exploring each others bodies sexually.

    Then there was the occasional guy she’d take to her room when our parents were gone. I’d see her sucking their cocks and eventually fucking a couple of them. During those times I realized that though I was younger than them my cock was bigger than theirs. I’d also snoop around in her room and once found some pictures of her in a skimpy bikini her tits were falling out of. So I took a couple and looked at them when I jerked off. Then one day I didn’t know she was home and she caught me jerking off looking at a picture of her almost naked. But rather than getting mad it turned her on. That was the first time she sucked my cock, and over the next few years she’d come in my room naked and suck & fuck me whenever we were home alone. This went on until she left for college.

    But my desire to secretly watch women never left and I’ve seen some hot scenes play out in front of me. And fortunatly my wife likes to play along. I’ve watched her seduce deliverymen, repairmen and a couple of my friends and watcher her suck them off and fuck them and they never knew I was watching. As well as seeing her with several hot girls as they had girl on girl sex.

    I’ve still managed to watch strangers as well and it never gets old. Whether it’s just a girl in bra & panties or a full blown orgy watching them without them knowing is always a turn on for me.

    • Dave ID:2bgnwvnoib

      Love to share my wife’s pics with other men. Get off on thinking about her making them hard! Sent you a pic

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      Awesome. Totally HOT! You should write about all of your experiences. You write well.

  • Reply lop ID:405pabt0b

    In a similar fashion I too have spied on my neighbor lady and daughter for years, I’d peep through their bathroom window and watch the mother and daughter undress before showering. Then daughter grew up and I watched her inspecting her growing boobs and pussy pubic hair, watching this beautiful young blonde girl strip off her small bra was the best thing I’ve ever seen, she would dance nude and shake her bare bottoms and look at her body shape in the mirror. She had a lovely body, and she loved looking at herself in the mirror. I used to masturbate watching them. I have also filmed them many times and some have been uploaded on the internet.