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My wife is a hotwife

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After 28 years of only spending the night with other men, she wants an entire weekend fucking.

My wife and I married young, we got into extracurricular activities after watching an amatuer video of slut wives. I suggested we try a threesome, after nearly 20 of my friends fucked her with me, I turned it into me sending her out to get fucked without me, she got hooked. I’ve let her spend the night with guys that I have found for her to fuck. Only 1 time she found 1 on her own after going to a birthday party at a bar, I told her to go with no panties under her skirt, after about 2 hours of her being at the bar, she sent me a text telling me it’s on, after about an hour, I got a picture of her with his cock in her mouth, holy fuck he was thick. She spent the night getting pounded by that thick cock, she came home and could barely walk. When she came home, she immediately climbed on top of my face and me me clean her up, yes, she was still dripping with his cum. Anyways, today, we are experiencing stay at home orders due to the corona virus, we were fucking when I got home from work, she tells me when the covid19 goes away, she is going to spend an entire weekend fucking that same guys thick cock, and she said this time, she is going to let him fuck her tight ass, I’m game for this idea, his cum mixed in her pussy juice tasted so good. I’m not gay at all, but I am a cuckold creampie eating husband who loves his wifes sexual desire to be the hotwife she is.

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  • Reply like2watch1576 ID:45mkogc3k0d

    Would like to hear more as well as share experiences of my wife having 3-somes & moresomes with me & other guys, gangbangs, wife swapping with couples, exhibitionist wife, voyeurism, sex in public & adult theaters and bookstores and more. Have 20+ years of hotwife experiences to talk about and want to hear about others. especially like hearing about wives who like being covered in hot cum… [email protected]

  • Reply AL ID:1hr6f15am9d

    Doug – The wife is a slut face that loves cock cum and everything in between and don’t care who what color or how many they are. She believes the more the better and one of her favorite is to go to the farm labor camps and fuck 35-40 guys at a time. I like to watch and see she does not get into trouble and when her cunt is dripping full, slip my cock in and enjoy what a well fucked cunt can be. I also like to have her suck me off as she is getting fucked buy a gang of guys. She is a winner when it comes to wanting it all. Her ambition is to fuck 50 guys at one setting but 43 is her record so far.

    • Cappy ID:1a4kzeo38i

      You are a lucky man to have such a relationship with your wife.

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15am9j

    AL – You are right on about what a gal was born to do and sounds like you have broken a number of them in to it. Does your wife play the game and if so what is your favorite part of it – watching or helping do her. Does she ever complain about the number you bring in at one time and does she play when you are not there……………..

  • Reply AL ID:1hr6f15o49a

    Al – if the comment was meant for me, you got that all wrong as there is nothing better than a woman that finds out the way she is born is to suck cock and fuck all she wants and then do it. I have started over 40 gals into becoming gang banding double fucking cock suckers and will keep on doing it. They all love it once they do it and only 2 never became gang bangers.

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15cm9c

    Now you are a guy with the good sense to know how good it is to have your wife after she has been filled with other guys cum. you need to go the net step and let her start doing the Split Roast as you watch and then enjoy her afterwards. Nothing like fucking her as she sucks so cock or getting fucked as she does your cock. Let the slut start to enjoy all of it by arranging a gang bang for her but be prepared it will not end with the first one. She will know how gals were meant to fuck and suck cock and will make you proud. My ex did this numerous times and all it got was better for her and me. I watched her suck off 19 high schoolers at one setting and the bitch wanted more. She became an open mouth cunt for anyone and everyone – when she got started she never wanted to stop – yours will be the same way. I never was one to clean her up afterwards but did enjoy that cum filled pussy all I could. Linda was her name and they are stories about her and you can make your sweet wife into one just like her.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:fx7i918rb

    How the hell did this story get a five star.the story was ok,it was very short,not enough excitement or details to it.as soon as it gets good the story is over.

    • Dan ID:z350ywozri

      You’re really out here commenting on everything you hate