My story with my brother

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I’m Lenka and this is my story with my brother. I was 17 years old and he was 16. He very much wanted to fuck me and kept asking me about it. I kept denying him. That night we were both home alone – my brother he asked me again if I would let him fuck me and I said no again. He masturbated in front of me and had seen him do it before. I lay down and left him playing with his cock too much as he wanted. For 15 minutes I heard him at my door, I pretended to be asleep, and he went in and he was strictly naked and had his cock in his hand. I used to wear linen over myself and always sleep naked. He could see me in the late-night glow, as he did not get dark much later in the summer here. He came to me and came down close to examine the area of ​​my pubic area – I shaved off almost all my hair so he had good hair. view. I thought I’d tease him and still pretend to be sleeping and stretching my legs so he could really examine my vagina. He came down so close that I could smell his breath on my lips and thighs. He placed his finger gently. on my lips and spread them wide so it can be seen inside me. In fact, it was pretty erotic and I moaned alittle and spread them even wider, in fact I started to enjoy his game and get excited. Then he started masturbating forwards and I could see what he was planning to do when he had time. it would be over. I dropped it for a while, then decided what the hell left him to fuck me, I was already ready for a good fuck, and I thought he would be so good. I was kind of pretending to be half awake.
In fact, I was quite pleasantly surprised when he came in. I was pretty excited as he kept fucking and I was really in the mood. Then I opened my eyes and told him that the best fuck I had so far. I was already ready for a good sex session and I said go on for as long as you like, I really enjoy it. Paul changed his position once or twice to make me feel different – I had no idea that his abilities were so good. Then he told you how to get to the top .. After I was there, I made the most of it and Paul suggested a few more changes like Doggy and a cowboy back. Then Paul and I would be regular friends in bed. His cock made my whore sing with pleasure and I was never brought to the edge of orgasm and then slowed down as often as he could. Then I said I wanted to finish – he said we were doing it well together and he came back on top of me and started fucking me very hard and fast and sweat was flowing between my boobs and his face and dripping on me, then he he said i was ready for you and i replied with a giant cry as my clit burst out in spasm of pleasure and i could hear him grunt while pumping load after loading his cum inside me.He kept stuffing his dick inside me about two more minutes and the semen started flowing and flowing between my cheeks on my ass. Then he did something I would never believe in, he pulled his cock out of my pussy rubbed and put his mouth over my peeling and licked and sucked the juice out of me. I could hear him yanking me away. This time I stopped furiously and bounced almost uncontrollably. He couldn’t keep his mouth on me, and it wasn’t until I calmed down that he finished cleaning me. My heart was lifting from the tension of the strongest orgasm I could ever remember. He sat down and said, you’re gorgeous. Look what you missed. He kissed my forehead and I could smell his peeling on it, glad he didn’t want to open his mouth to kiss me. I’ll see you tomorrow, he said, and let him bathe.
I was lying there and I was so pleased that I just wanted to let my body recover slowly and relive and enjoy the feeling it gave me. Then I let it fuck me or give it to me every time. when he asked, which might be twice a week. I even started sucking him and swallowing his sperm and Paul adored him. Why I didn’t let him start fucking me a year earlier when I was first asked, I don’t know – probably because of the incest – but now I’m making up for lost time . Whatever it is, I will never forget that first night with Paul and how close I went, never knowing how good my brother was.

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  • Reply JS ID:7ylren68r9

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    • AP ID:1dahlcf743

      JS, that’s quite a lot to say in such a small space. You should write it up, give more details, and post it.
      Your life sounds interesting and I’m sure others want to find out more too.

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      +1, I’d read it.

  • Reply David kenya ID:mzgdgcd1

    Part two my dear

  • Reply SubVirgin ID:2or2uchhrk

    So good !

  • Reply Linda ID:bo2qeoyhj

    Loved your story text me on hangout [email protected] I’m Linda

  • Reply Johnny ID:n3emr9hrd

    You’re a good sister!

  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    Did you see each other naked on regular basis when you wear little. I did that with my little sister for 10 years and learned about the female body and she leaned about the male body form me .