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My neighbor seduced me

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This is the true story happened long time ago just want to share this taboo story to all . I have alterd the names to hide the identity . Age is real

Hi am Steve now i am 20 this story happened 6years ago , I was just 14 and next home lived my cousin she was 18 at that time she was beautiful with that blue eyes her name is cataleya .
At weekend we usually play around near our home, weekend came it as usual we started playing as cop and thief . The rule was is cop caught they can punish as they want thief must do it . I ran and hide behind the tree which was near our house backdoor . She came and caught me very easily and punished me to be naked for 30sec . I went by the rules and obeyed the order went naked she saw my dick and grin came up in her face still I was young I can’t recognize the reason . That was the last game played that day .
Very next day she came to my home and called me , i ran and asked what .she was wearing a shirt and skirt , She asked can we play . I told not the game played yesterday I said .
She said it’s different game come let’s play . I went behind blindly . She took me to her house I mean the tree house she build .
She said that today we will play teacher and student game I said I will be student which made her even more happy
The game began first class was yoga . She asked me to do what ever she says , I told ok . She stood and bend towards back with hands up in air as possible as she can I saw here hips since the shirt she was wearing not enough length to cover . She asked me to touch her hip to feel the yoga posture. I went and touched her hip it was like a soft and silk I enjoy touching her hip , she enjoyed it too in other way . Then she made me sit . She was standing in front of me and did the same way she did last yoga . As she bend I can saw her panties . She asked me to touch here butt i touched it . I told her that it was like little balloons filled with water she laughed . Then she slept in front me pulled her shirt off wear her bra . She asked me to lick her hip since it was paining to her I licked her hip all around , she said it was great . She rolled showing her back to me , she pulled her skirt up I saw her panties it was lite pink .
She asked me to lick her two water balloons I licked her butt , mean while I saw my dick growing slowly , since I was young I can’t find out what’s problem with my dick , I kept on licking her but

The story will be continued …. . Give your feedback in comment so I can improve my next story

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  • Reply Vive-la-baise ID:5wwo800lfia

    Stop writing this bullshitbuntil you actually lose your virginity and have some experience with sex. It’s just Stupid sounding

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    Need more please but it’s a nice start

  • Reply Amber ID:1ah770leoii

    Now Leave Your Comment…god ….

  • Reply Anonymous ID:1ah770leoii

    Now Leave Your Comment… Wow

  • Reply ivan ID:8bvvp01e8l

    cool story

  • Reply Unknown culprit ID:etz0ta7hm

    Well decide about the story whether real or fake after the part 2

  • Reply Joe ID:fx7itczrb

    This is not real its all porn

    • Unknown culprit ID:etz0ta7hm

      Well decide after part 2