My mom has been selling me to older men

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My name is Macy, I’m 14 and my mom has been selling me to men.

Sometimes middle-aged men come over.
My mom introduces me to them and tells me that they’re friends of hers. She leaves to her room and then they start to talk to me.

A while ago she had a conversation with me that we need money so sometimes guys are going to come over to “hang out” with me. I told her I understand. At first I was really uncomfortable with it but I’ve actually started to enjoy it. She gives me part of the money and I have a fun time 🙂

My favorite customer is a guy in his 20s. When I first met him he told me he wanted me to be comfortable with him so we sat on the couch and watched a movie, and after about ten minutes he started to grope my vagina above my shorts. I didn’t say anything and I spread my legs a bit. After a while he put his hand in my shorts and fingered me through my underwear while I watched the movie, and then he slid my panties to the side and fingered me. The next time I saw him he brought me into my room and slowly fucked my pussy.

I went on my mom’s phone one time went she left it and went on a walk and saw that she had been texting these people to arrange times for them to “hang out” with me. Her number is (805) xxx-xxxx and she’s talking to a lot of guys : /

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  • Reply Jolene ID:1i2kovirk0c7

    At least you knew your mom was selling you.
    My mom on my 12th birthday video me losing my virginity to her bf. She sold copies at a tavern she own.
    I be there after school, thought it was cool playing pool . When it got late my mom would say one of the customers going to take you home. He will stay until she got home.
    The customer told me he saw the video of me and said I have a nice body. Soon We are kissing and he’s having sex with me.
    I did that with 14 different customers.
    It stop because my mom got busted for selling child porn police found out she was selling me to customers for sex . So she got other charges of sex trafficking of minor

  • Reply Jdollar ID:bjounvj6ib6

    Hey macy i love to have a go with you lets try and set a date and time for this email [email protected]

  • Reply woody ID:7zv346sc8jr

    You know Macy if you were to contact me you would get to keep all the money yourself.. 5304343807

  • Reply WOODY ID:7ylg5nr6ii5

    How much does spin the day with you sweetheart? [email protected]

  • Reply anomalously ID:bpcjnotv3m

    Does your mom have you walk around the house naked with these people araned you

  • Reply Anonymous ID:bpcjnotv3m

    What is your bra size

  • Reply Ki ID:hzjs0ah4

    I’m 14 wanna text

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9cq

    What a great story what a wonderful daughter you are your mom is such a wonderful woman to sell you to these men to make money I would love to have your number or your mothers really interested in both of you

  • Reply Mario ID:fx7itfxii8

    Hey Macy what’s her number better wats ur number or message me 9707861517

  • Reply Daddy ID:43yij5pm39

    I’d love for you to write more on this subject and be very detailed. It’s a great story START but is still lacking.

  • Reply Wayne ID:fzq3793hkr

    Is this a story or real

  • Reply Uriel ID:3zm4ogbz8rjn

    What’s your phone number to call you?

  • Reply Bi horny stud ID:145e852um9bp

    Nice story

  • Reply Janine ID:2vkjmtm3q

    nice story…