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my little black desire 2

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My first wild 69 with my black lover and sex

I was in house after beach wearing only a white tshirt and a black speedo neither inside better i will have some time alone i go to my bedroom i take off my tshirt and put down my speedo i was now full nude and ready for bath when i take a look in atem bed and come again in my mind the day atem take my virgin ass my cock was erected and i remember some scenes in porn movies and a position that you are like a dog and they fuck you so i take this position above atem bed and start my fantasy atem be behind me and fuck me and to be more real i put my hand in my ass entrance and start rub it like to be atem cock.
I doesnt know how many minutes i was in this position but sudenly i feel a hand to grab and rub my cock i surprising open my eyes and i see atem sitting nude at bed edge when you arrive here i asked him i am here 5 minutes but it is 2 minutes from where i find you there nude masturbate and you were in my favourite position so i take off my clothes because i understand your fantasy was me and as you can see i am ready for fun show me his full erected cock also i can see that in differnce with other white boys i have fuck you have a nice cock maybe let you fuck me one time i thanks him and i charge position i was now with my back now i could see better his cock for tenyearsold boy had a not too big but thin cock but now i was ready.He come above me ans he open my legs again.
Dont worry this time we will not have fun so fast and he take all his body above my body we were face with face also our cocks he put his mounth in my mounth and starting kissing while the same time atem rub his cock above my cock i like the feeling of rubing cocks but i want to try something so i put my hands in his ass i find his ass entrance and i go to put a finger but atem stop it with his hand bad white boy my ass is not for you at least now but my cock is for you are you going to fuck me yes he aswered me he rises his body and he go in beds end with his erected cock there like a wild animal looking for his prey this time my ass but instead he come again above me but this time i had his ass to look atem laying down in my body but puting his ass and cock some meters above my face and mounth.
What are you doing this is another one favourite position where we can suck each other cock atem aswered me wait i havent before end my wolds i feel atem mounth over my cock and go his mounth up down my cock doing me feel like i was in paradise then but atem start moving his ass with result his cock rub my face remind me to also suck his cock it going to be my first blowjob and i hadnt other choise so i open my mounth and with cowardice and close eyes i put him inside my mounth when i open them again i had take him all until his balls where i could feel them in my lips then with small moves i start suck it it wasnt so terrible if not include some salt liguids i take in my mounth his cock taste and smell was nice i could also see his nice black ass and hole where i couldnt understand if it was virgin but someday i will break.
I could hear atem moan sign i do good blowjob but my cock also enjoy it we must be around ten minutes in this position until atem without warning start in out his cock inside my mounth and he had put out his mounth of my cock then scream here comes your prize white boy and still moving his cock i feel more salt liguids fell into my mounth i scared try to put out his cock but it was imposible finaly he put him out when he finish i take a breath you could warn me i tell to him atem aswere me that the unwarning is the fun and smaler white boys than me they drink them easy he take his still erected cock and ass above me and we were again face with face you had some of my liguids in your mounth your mounth is also wet i aswere i know and we start kissing with our wet mounths.
Our wet mounths give us another feeling in our kiss and atem whispere in my ear he want in doggy position i knew what this mean but i was so horny that i couldnt say no to his cock so i take in position like dog with my legs open and atem try find something in his clothes and he find bottle what is inside this bottle i aske is oil he tell me that his time will allowe us have more fun he put it in his hand and i feel spread it around my assentrance it is cold i tell him i know but this will help my cock slide in easy without you feel pain i put my head down i could see him put a lot in his cock doing him shiny he put him in his hand and he put it in frond of my assentrance i could feel him touch my ass and now white boy i want you to fuck alone what do you mean i mean take my cock in your ass this time you alone so start push i obey and i start push the oil realy help and i take his cockhead easy inside me.
But the body after cockhead was difficult i start feel pain again and like a big hot wood break in my ass but after a little pain i finaly feel my ass hit his balls good white boy and now i want see your ass go back and forth over my cock i cannot atem yes you can without other choise i start moving my ass doing atem moaning my first back and forth was slow but when my ass get use of atem cock i realy start enjoy it and go back forth faster atem tell me that i alone fuck good but he also want more so he start fuck me ah yes what white ass i found to fuck his balls hitting my ass and he fuck me so strong that bed start also go back forth then i hear sudenly kristy tell what are we doing i turn my head and i see kristy stand in door with her mounth open i was thinking what to say her but with atem stil fucked me it wasnt easy we simply play dont worry go to your room but she aswere me from where boys fucking is game.
She go inside my bedroom and near us as i can see you take a good cock brother did he had good ass she ask atem yes he is very good kristy did you want taste also taste him kristy please i dont know how you know for all this but please go to your room ok she say but to know our parents is down better end this and she left us my sister watch us fucking doing me and atem cum together and we fell to bed one above other your ass i cannot fill i start to like it but let kristy to me to explain she is clever girl then we hear steps in stairs and atem put his clothes again while i run to bathroom with my ass red.More stories is coming.

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