My dog

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I was 12 middle school student I was about 80 pounds and had long black have

When I was 12 is when this all happened. I had known about porn and other things for along time since I was like 7. But I had my own fantasy’s like incest and fucking animals. So I did. One day when my parents were away and my brother at a friends house I got my male dog duke and so peanut butter. I laid down on my bed and masturbated for awhile when I called duke over and he started like my pussy so good. After like five minutes I had cum and the I got in doggy or all fours. Duke started humping me he missed my pussy but then hit it. He was hammering in me with 10 inch cock he was a German Shepherd. He kept going till he knotted me by this time I had cum like 5 times. Duke had slowed down we were knotted we were like that for 35 min until he flipped and pulled out with a pop. I was panting by the end but I still wanted more so I went to go get my female dog she was in heat. So knowing this I had her lick my pussy then in the favor I watched a vid on how to lick a female dogs pussy and j went to town. Her push tasted so good so to help her with heat I went to my moms room and found her strap on. So wit the strap on I fucked my female dog for 30 min until I was horny again. So I put her back outside and by now Duke was ok to fuck again. This time when he mounted he found my pussy straight away and was pounding it. The his knot slipped in and there we were stuck he tried to pull out but I used my pussy muscles to hold him until like 45 minutes had past and I heard my brother make I home from his friends. I quickily ran in the bath room with duke to keep going when I felt the doggy cum flowing from me so I threw a towel on the cum to cover it up and went in the bathroom. This is where I payed duke down and rode him the In missionary is when he got up and star licking me again making me moan. By this time I was tired so I let duke out the bathroom and took a shower I tried not to was a lot of the cum out but It all washed out I went to my room and masturbated for a little till I fell a sleep with my legs wide open. This was one of many beastie sex I had with dogs horses and even a pig but then I have some incest story with my dad no brother and my own children see you next time

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