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My brother tricked me into being raped by a dog

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When I was 14 my brother brought me to his friends house and forced me to have sex with his friend and his friends dog.

I’m 14 still, but a few months ago this happened and I haven’t been able to talk about it now.

I have a brother who’s 16, and we never had an amazing relationship but he never did anything like this. No, this isn’t one of those stupid fake stories where I want to fuck my brother or ended up enjoying being raped. All of that is bullshit. This is true, and it’s traumatizing.

I live with my mom, my brother (biological), and my mom’s boyfriend. For whatever reason I take the bus and my brother drives home instead of driving me home. It doesn’t bother me, really, even though it doesn’t make a lot of sense. One day after school, I got home (after my brother of course), and he heard me come in and came out of his room. He told me my mom and her boyfriend had gone out for the day and wouldn’t be back until around 10. It was a friday and we didn’t have homework.

My brother has lots of friends, and his best is named Carson. Conveniently, I’m friends with Carson’s little sister, Morgan. My brother said he was going to Carson’s house and asked if I wanted to come to hang out with Morgan. I said yes and he drove me there.

When we got there, Morgan’s german shepherd was at the door. He isn’t a friendly dog so I didn’t pet him, I just let him sniff us and I followed my brother to Carson’s room. Carson is 16 and when I went in he gave me kind of a weird, expecting look. The house was silent and it felt really awkward.

I can’t remember exactly what I said, but it was something like, “What’s up Carson. Where’s Morgan?”
“Morgan has swim on Fridays.”
I suddenly remembered he was right. I thought Carson was okay, but he isn’t really my friend, so I felt weird coming to his house without my friend being there. It was a weird situation. I also didn’t want to make my brother drive me right back home, so I decided I’d just hang out there.
“Oh, okay.” Carson was playing some shooting game, I can’t remember what it was called, but I asked him what he was playing and he told me.
Then he said, “I know my sister isn’t here and you don’t play games, but you could give Ace a bath.”
Ace was their dog. Again, this was such an awkward situation, so I just agreed, even though I didn’t really like the dog.
Carson turned off whatever game he was playing and called the dog into the bathroom with me and my brother there.

I should probably mention that Carson and Morgan only have a dad who works really late, so it was the 3 of us and Ace alone.

Carson turned on the shower head and looked at me.
“Take off your clothes.”
I suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable.
“You’re giving the dog a bath, take off your clothes.”
I thought he was joking, so I laughed.
My brother looked at me and said “Do it.”
“Why would I take off my clothes to give Ace a bath?”
“You don’t want your clothing to get wet, do you?”
“I’ll roll up my sleeves! You’re so weird.”

I knew things were escalating, and I felt really strange, but I had no idea what was going to happen. All of the sudden my brother rushed at me and pushed me towards the bathroom counter.
“Hey! OW! Stop it!”
My back was pushed in a painful position against the counter, and my brother grabbed both my hands with his and forced them together, then threw me violently onto the ground as Carson watched.
I grunted in pain and shock.
“What are you doing? Get off of me! This isn’t funny!”
“Stop talking,” he said.
He is much stronger than me and pushed one hand on my back, making me unable to get off the floor, and used his other to jerk the skirt I was wearing down.
“STOP!!” I yelled. He ignored me. I started struggling and squirming but it didn’t affect him.
He pulled off my underwear and used both hands to hold me down.
I gave up on yelling at him to stop and just made noises when trying to get away.
“Get on your hands and knees.”
“No! Stop!”
He hit my back and I started to cry.
“Do it!”
I did as he said and got on all fours.

He brought Ace forward, who wasn’t excited yet, and pulled his collar towards my vagina. Ace sniffed, his nose nudging into my lips.
“Stop it!”
“Stop talking and do what I say.” My brother hit me over the head, hard.
Ace had started licking me, but he wasn’t excited. My brother tugged him towards my head so that I was facing his side. He grabbed Ace’s dick and pulled it towards me.
“Suck it.”
I didn’t say anything, but I closed my eyes and cried and didn’t do it. He hit me again.
I opened my eyes and put my mouth over Ace’s cock. It was furry and tasted awful. My brother pushed my head back and forth on Ace’s cock, and I could feel it getting longer in my mouth. After a minute he pulled my head off roughly and called Ace to my back again. Ace started sniffing, he was now excited. After licking me for a while, he started to paw at me, then he mounted me.
But now, my brother shoved Ace off. Carson sat on the toilet seat and my brother made me go and sit on his lap. Carson started to finger me as I cried, and after a long time, my brother went into Carson’s room to keep playing his shooter game. Carson dragged me by my hair in, and started to hit me. I lay there, limp and crying. Then he tied me down on his bed with some very thick rope, and had Ace go onto the bed.

Ace mounted me and humped me, not going in for about 2 minutes, until Carson came over and spread my legs open so that my shaved pussy open up. It was then that Ace went in me. I don’t know how long his cock was, it looked about 7 or 8 inches, but it had been spraying me with precum and my pussy was wet. Ace gripped my waist very tightly and started thrusting inside me, over and Periodically he dismounted and licked me, then continued to fuck me.

I blacked out after that, but my vagina was incredibly sore after and I’m guessing that my brother, Carson, and Ace continued to abuse me and fuck me while I was unconscious. This has happened a second time now.

After the incident I woke up the next morning in my own bed.

If you want to hear about the second time or all the times after that my brother molested and raped me at home, you can comment.

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    Seems like she was just a little sucker for the dog penis.

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    Doubt it’s true, but if it is, stop telling the pedophiles here and go tell your parents. If they don’t believe you, tell your teacher that you trust the most that you’re being molested. Worst comes to worst you tell the police. There is almost no way you lose a case as a 14 year old girl, as any signs of sex prove statutory rape. Then again, this is obviously fake. Either way, you need help.

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