My big brother timothy

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Hi their,my name is Lisa,I’m 20 years old and still live at home with my mom Janice,my dad left us for a much younger women and moved out of state,my older brother timothy is 28 and owns his own electric company.he keeps a small matress in his work van,I’m like 5/7 140 pounds curvy in all the right places,I have a boy friend but he’s away at college right now,I’ll meet my brother at like a business parking lot leave my car their and take off in his van together,we will go behind a plaza most of the time or behind a factory,today was a plaza,he parked the van and we both got in the back on the matress,oh Timothy I’ve been waiting for this all day brother,me to sis,me to.i took my tight shorts off and left my tight red thong on,Timothy started licking my crotch right through my red thong,slowly up and down my expert cunt lapping brother licked and sucked at his sisters pussy,God I love it Timothy,so dam good,he then slid my thong over and just devoured my pussy,get it Timothy,get it big brother,that he did he stayed licking and sucking my clit and pussy,I eventually came on Timothy’s face,you always make me cum big brother,thinking of your baby sisters needs and just not yours,since I’m on birth control pills I let Timothy fuck me without a rubber,I love feeling my brother bust a nut deep in my pussy hole,we fuck in this van like 3 to 4 times a week,he fucks me twice each time we get together.timothy drove his cock deep into me,that’s it brother fuck me,make me feel it Timothy,come on,the van was rocking away,my feet was touching the ceiling in the van as Timothy fucked away on my pussy,come on brother my pussy is waiting for a flood,we even talked about having a baby together,Timothy and I,I could just imagine not taking my birth control pills,and have Timothy shooting his cum loads up my pussy his sister and getting pregnant with his child,I’m still thinking about it,I love my brother timothy and how he makes me feel.

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  • Reply Harddaddy ID:4j5p09fia

    Great story

  • Reply David Kenya ID:mzgdgcd0

    Lisa k ur story make me hard nice story

  • Reply KD ID:5unqd6tcd2

    Email me Lisa [email protected]

  • Reply Lisa k. ID:fx7i918ra

    Don’t sweat stupid small stuff Dan,nitpicking ass hole,and this is the only story I wrote or posted on this site ass hole.lisa k.

    • Noone ID:1yr1nwoia

      You should let him get you pregnant

  • Reply Dan ID:z350ywozri

    You have a lot of stories on here. Please start to learn basic English writing. That would make reading your stories much easier. Like „“ these can be used. Just sayin

  • Reply Dantheman ID:1k3ion0z

    Mmmmm omg wish i could watch