My 14 year old stepdaughter

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I just had to post it because I can’t stop thinking about her. Pull your pants down, get ready

It started one day that she said she didn’t feel good so she wanted to stay home. Her mom was out of town for a week so I told her it was fine. I remember being called from work telling me I was switching shifts so that day I wasn’t going in to work. When I got back home I went in through the back door into our room so she never knew I was back. I remember hearing soft moans so I walked slowly into the house and I saw her laying in her bed naked, touching herself while she was watching porn. I watched her for a long time and the way she moaned had my dick throbbing. I started recording her. Some how she found her moms little vibrator and I know she was extremely horny. She sat up on the bed and she was rubbing herself on the vibrator and I never realized that the porn she was watching was a stepdad one. At this point she was moaning loud and I heard her say oh daddy I know you want me. I’m guessing she came because she stopped and as soon as she did I walked away slowly. After a few minutes I walked towards her room and she fell asleep still naked. I picked up her black panties and took them to my room and stored it away for later. That same night around midnight I got naked and started watching her video, I was so turned on but I wanted her. I went in her room and slowly took off her covers. I could see her thick legs. I first put my hand through under her shorts and under her panties. I was rubbing her pussy slowly so she wouldn’t wake up. I was able to pull her shorts all the way off. Then I did the same with her panties. I was jacking off right there, staring at her. I was able to make her turn on her side and when she did I was rubbing the tip of my dick on her pussy and it felt so moist. I really wanted to put it inside but I couldn’t. I went back to my room and jacked off until I came on her panties. That next morning we both wer up but it was silent. Once again she asked me if she can stay home again and I said yes. I pretended like I had left but I actually called in. Once again when I walked in through the back I could hear her. She opened up a video on her phone and While she watched it she had the vibrator on her pussy, while she moaned I heard her say daddy let me see that big dick and on her phone I can see her stroking a dick. Then I can see her put it in her mouth and while she went up and down you can see her drool coming out of her mouth. I Got naked right outside her door and masturbated with her. I was so turned on watching her suck on that big dick. While I watched her video you can see her pull off a blanket and that’s when I realized that it was me but i never knew about that. She had me naked. On her video she kept giving me head and stroking it at the same time. At this point I walked in with my dick fukn hard and she was speechless. I grabbed her hand and sat her up and said do what you did in that video. Her mouth felt so good, the way she did it was slow and she still had the vibrator between her legs. I didn’t ask all I did was pick her up against the wall and put it inside her. She couldn’t stop moaning and the more she moaned the harder I got. She said in a soft voice, bend me over daddy please. I grabbed her by her waist and let her have it. She has this thick round ass and tiny waist. If only you guys can hear the way she moans. I wish I can show you guys the video of her when she was masturbating but I can’t. Send me some numbers, she wants me to show a picture of her giving me head

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