Mom taught me the birds and the bees

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After mom got divorced being lonely as you can imagine. took it in her self to teach me the birds and the bees.

I was fifteen when mom got divorced. with four kids me being the oldest she had no time to her self at all. Between work and us kids she came home straight from work and started supper and made sure we were all tucked in by nine.
On my sixteenth birthday she gave me a small party and let me stay the night with a couple friends. Shortly after I began trying to talk to her about sex and how babies were born all that good stuff. I think that she was ore embarrassed than anything.
Yea she could talk to my sisters but she thought a man should have that talk. On a Friday night I was laying there trying to fall asleep when I thought i had heard mom crying. I went in to her room and asked her what was going on. All she could say was that she missed my father. I laid beside her wrapped my arms around her just to console her.
After a few moments she put her arms around me and asked if I would stay for a while. I excepted like any son would do. “Son you are the man of the house know. I think it is time for both of us come to terms with that.” Saying in a soft voice.” what do you mean mom?”
She took my hand and placed on her small but round right tit. I did not even try to resist it was so soft even through her gown. ” Do you want to learn know? IIf you are going to be the man then you need to now how to take care of me.”
She sat up removed her gown. Her pale skin and erect nipples turned me on instantly. Then looking down her flat stomach to her mound at her light brown curly hair I felt some thing that I had never felt before.
” remove your shorts darling.” I was nervous but yet excited. as my short revealed my long hard cock she let out a sigh. ” You are as big as your father.” She leaned over placing her warm mouth around the head before she could even get started I shot my load. she just giggled and gave me a smile. ” Don’t worry son every guy cums fast the first time. I will get you going again.”
Rolling over to her back and spreading her legs she pulled my head down between them. ” lick me baby lick me like a real man.” My tongue lapped at her like a thirst dog. she had a sweet but strong smell that really turned me on. Her fingers ran through my thick brown hair her hips thrust upwards.
She began moaning her wetness was all over my face. Then she pulled me up to her by my hair. ” Are you ready to take me?'” ” yes -” reaching down she grabbed my ass and pulled my hips to her. “Fuck me! please fuck me I need you.”
I entered her with one strong thrust. My hips began moving pulling my self out and then pushing it back in. ” Harder baby fucking harder!” I did as I was told then once again I was there ready to let loose. ” Cum in side mommy. cum in my pussy.”
That was the night I lost my virginity. we contused just about every night for the next eight years. Then I got a job over a hundred miles away and that was the end of that. but now I am married and have two kids of my own.

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