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Mom me and the dog

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I fucked my mom with the dog ps I am a girl

I had posted a story called my dog were I fucked my two dogs this is the story about two months later when I had seduced my mom. So I was a Thursday and I was masturbating in my room when I heard a moan so I went to go check there in the living room my mom was letting our dog duke lick her pussy. I was shocked but I stood there a watched and got kinda horny my mom had always been hot to me she had big boobs a nice ass and she was pretty. so I went to my room and continued to master bate. The next day my dad and brother we’re away at a baseball game and wouldn’t be back for hours so I made my move I went to we’re my mom was she had a lot of wine and was master bating so I snuck up by her and asked her about last night like what was she doing I was acting like I didn’t know anything about sex with dogs. She said she was letting duke make her feel good so I asked her if I could make her feel good and she thought about for a minute and the said fucking and she opened her legs and I started eating her out. She got up and stripped me down to nothing. I laid down on the couch and she started eating me out it felt amazing her younger was amazing. After I had cum in her mouth .. I asked her what was the biggest cock she had ever taken and she said it was like 8 in. Then I asked her had she thought of ever fucking a dog she said yes and she admitted to master bating duke until he came so knowing she was horny I asked her to go to doggy and she did. I brought in duke and he started licking her pussy. She was surprised but she started moaning. I heard her say she’s cumming so I moved duke and started eating her out. I stop and patted her back a duke jumped up and started humping her. He missed until I put his cock in her she moaned. He started pumping her until they were knotted my mom started to get worried that we’re going to be stuck line that forever but I told her that it last for only lie 30 minutes and she calmed down. Duke finally popped out with a pop sound. The a stream of the cum flowed out my mom. She dropped off all fours and started to turn to spread eagle seeing that duke started lick her swollen pussy and almost as soon as he did she came. My mom asked me how did I know how to duck a dog I was only 12 I told her about me and duke fucking and to my surprise she was wasn’t mad. We sat the re naked for a while till duke came up behind me and started licking me I moaned and since I hadn’t be fucked I was still horny. I let him keep licking it felt amazing until I orgasmed all in his mouth. He got up and started humping me and I pushed my hips back on his cock to help him inside me. As soon as I did that he started thrusting in and out it only took a few thrust to get his knot in and once it was in opened my legs more. My mom was watching and started to rub her clit so I asked her to scoot towards me so she did and I started to eat her pug she came in my Kobe at least 3 times be for duke started pounding again and I felt his knot get even harder. All of us were like this until duke came in me and his knot deflated and me and my mom had cum. Me and my mom got in the shower to clean up before my dad and brother got home. After we cleaned up I asked her about other fantasy’s she had she said incest and fucking more animals just like me. She admitted to when my baby brother was line 4 he’s eight now that she used to go in his room when he was sleep and jerk him off and blow him till he started to wake up. After this me and my my mom had sex very often we had threesomes with many people like my dad brother my boyfriend’s my husband the animals and even my kids. Big those are stories for another time thanks for reading

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    Because it’s another bullshit dog story Mason,these stories are so dam fake,the people that write them are just getting off from the feed back.

  • Reply Tia ID:n4ie6n0z

    Thank you tanner for the five stars and mason I’m sorry my I trying to remember what happened as best as I could and my computer kept spell checking the wrong things

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    The grammer is appalling, the story has no consistancy, truly awful rated zero.

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