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Mom catches dad and daughter

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I am a very attractive 43 year old strawberry blonde,I work in a very successful law firm.i am married to my husband John,we have a 24 year old daughter Michelle,she is 5/5 120 pounds,strawberry wavy blonde hair,perfect 10.im even jealous of her sometimes.she is home with us from college for a month.we all three went out for a nice dinner last night,I had to work the next morning,my husband took a week off to spend with michelle and to get some things done around the house.on my way in to work I noticed I forgot some important paperwork I left in my home office,I called work and told them the situation that I would be a little late.i quietly let my self in because my husband and daughter were still asleep when I left.my home office is on the middle floor,as I was heading that way I heard moans coming from up stairs,I took off my heels and quietly walked up the steps closer to our bedroom,the moans got louder as I got closer,I slowly peeked in our bedroom,my husband John was fucking our daughter Michelle on our bed,her tan legs were spread eagle,her pink thong was hanging on her right foot,fuck me dad,fuck me she said,it’s been so long dad,George was putting it to her to,our bed was creaking and shaking,your the best fuck dad Michelle said,I could not believe what I was seeing,my own daughter was fucking her dad,my husband.oh dad fuck it,fuck your daughter’s cunt dad,her tan ass cheeks looked so good with the g string white line up her ass crack,just watching George’s cock go deep into her shaven pussy over and over.your the best fuck dad,the college kids can’t compare to you dad,I had my hand up under my skirt working the hell out of my clit,watching George’s big cock stretching out daughters tight hole,I bet George just loved her pussy.michelle was staring into her dad’s eyes,you like my pussy dad,you like it,fuck it then dad,fuck it,stay fucking it father,he was slamming our daughters pussy on our bed,those words turned him on because he had our bed making all kinds of noise.he doesn’t fuck me like that that’s for dam sure.as much as I wanted to cum and explode I couldn’t make a mess or sound,I sure do miss the days before college dad Michelle said to him,we use to fuck so much behind mom’s back,you little bitch I thought.you use to sometimes fuck me 6 times a day dad,you tramp I thought.i was turned on and pissed at the same time.were going to fuck so much this week Michelle while I’m off and your mom’s at work,sounds so good dad,so good.how is your Chrysler 300 running honey George ask her while his dick was way up her twat,great dad,just great.i take care of my little princess don’t I baby George said,you sure do dad,you sure do in so many ways she said.i got out of their,I got my paper work and headed to work just thinking,I was not going to say shit about what I saw,it is what it is,we been married for to long,came to far,shit I fucked dick at work behind my husband’s back.as long as everybody is happy.at least George is keeping it in the family,I give him that.

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