Mom and son caught part 2

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Hey readers it’s bill,hopefully you read my first story so you understand the situation.this next encounter happened on Valentine’s day morning after I left for work.im sitting in my home office watching it on my computer later that evening after my wife Kathy and I went out for dinner.i wished my wife a happy Valentine’s day and left for work,not even five minutes after I leave,Kathy gets out of bed opens her drawer and takes out a Victoria secrets bag,she takes out a pair of light pink stockings and pulls them up her beautiful legs,they had a bright pink seam going up the back on each leg,sexy as hell.she then puts on a hot pink thong that fitted tight over her cunt,the back just went right up her beautiful ass cheeks,she then went to her heel closet and took out a pair of hot pink 5 inch heels and put them on,she never does this for me her husband before we fuck,but for our son,dirty fucking slut.she walked back over to her drawer and looked under her panties and took out something,oh Matt she yelled,oh Matt your mom is hot and ready,Matt came in buck naked as usual with the biggest raging hard on,happy Valentine’s day sweety she said and handed him a condom,Matt observed it,it was a hot pink condom,wow mom this is cool,where did you find this,Victoria secrets had them honey,I also called work and told them I would be an hour late so we got more time to fuck this morning,I called my wife a slut watching her on the computer,you like my outfit Matt,I got it for you using your dad’s credit card,you look sexy as fuck mother Matt said to his mom and they were on our bed making out,Matt’s hands were all over his mom’s ass,I had my cock out stroking it on and off.you got such a big ass cock Matt,I can’t wait to feel it up my cunt Kathy said,you like it buried up your twat mom when dad is gone,I love it Matt,why do you think we fuck every morning not two minutes after he’s gone,your so dirty mom,so dirty Matt said to her,look who’s talking Matt,do you feel bad for fucking me behind your dad’s back,do you have guilt,not at all mom,not at all he said as he flipped her on her stomache,he then buried his whole face in her ass,started licking her cunt through her thong,you like mom,you like Matt said,oh I love it baby.he started licking from her cunt to her asshole,oh Matt tongue your mother’s ass,that’s it.oh mom yeah,oh mom,I love your ass,Matt stayed licking Kathy’s ass,his mom.i fucking love it Matt,I bet mother he said and stayed licking her cunt and ass,my pussy is so ready for your meat stick baby,why don’t you put that condom on your own sons cock then,Kathy opened it up and rolled that hot pink condom down the whole shaft of his cock,your cock seems bigger than usual Matt,my God is it hard and stiff.i took a 5 mg of Cialis mom,I got it from a friend,what is that,it’s no big deal mom,it just makes the sex a little better for the guy and you,don’t worry mom your going to get fucked,I knew what it was and Matt did not need that,I don’t know what he was thinking,but this should be good I said to myself,his dick was huge and hard,pointing up like a huge bat,Matt draped those pink stocking legs wide,those hot pink heels looked just that,bright and hot.matt buried it deep up Kathy’s twat,his mom,oh my God Matt,he would pull the whole thing out just about and ram it all back in and rest his balls right on Kathy’s ass,his mom,oh God Matt,he pumped like that in very deep and long strokes up into Kathy’s twat,his mom.over and over he just stayed going way deep up in their,seconds turned into minutes,and I just watched Matt’s humping ass cheeks non stop,ripping,ravaging,stretching into the depths of Kathy’s twat,his mom.our bed creaked and creaked the head board banged the wall as my son just stayed pumping and pumping Kathy’s cunt,those legs of my wife just stayed spread wide,you could see the hot pink seam up each leg, he had to be hitting Kathy’s cervix on every down stroke,he was in and out like 35 to 40 times a minute,that is alot of in and out of her cunt,he had to be in heaven that kid,his ass cheeks were sweating even,I looked at the timer on the computer,he was still pumping Kathy’s twat,his mom 17 minutes in,I could only imagine how good it was for Matt,feeling his whole length going in that deep,that far ,over and over up into Kathy’s juicy cunt,his mom.not just for Matt,Kathy my wife had to be loving it as well,you could see her cunt cream all over the outside of Matt’s condom covered cock,it really showed on that pink condom.finally 21 minutes of pure non stop fucking by Matt,very deep and long strokes up Kathy’s cunt,his mom,repeatedly for 21 very long minutes,my bed creaked and the headboard banged for what seamed like hours as my son fucked the living shit out of my wife his mom,Kathy even said she could feel his cum jet out like a rocket deep into the depths of her cunt even though it was shot into the condom.like I said Matt fucks his mom like this 5 days a week every morning.when a lady gets fucked like this I don’t think they care if it’s their son doing it,their loving it.

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  • Reply Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

    Thank you for writing such a hot story. Using paragraphs would make it easier to read, but wow! So very very HOT. It is such a turn on that she wants him inside of her every day as soon as you are out the door. And your son always naked and hard when she calls him is hot knowing how much he wants her. It must be very exciting secretly watching them. You are a very lucky husband and good father. Someday I hope they fuck without a condom so you can have sloppy seconds. You never said if she is on the pill, or not. I’m guessing she is and that she insists on a condom so you will not catch her with a vagina filled with someone else sperm.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:y1rp63v3zwf

    cant wait to see what happens next

  • Reply Mom ID:ndoolent0j

    The first step towards incest of this nature is challenging cause of social judgments. But those who experience it know the erotic pleasures

    • Anonymous 2 ID:e4jrcmpqvev

      Yep. The first time I ever fucked my mom, it was weird, but after 10 years, it’s still the best sex I’ve ever had. We’ve done everything. We even do this with my dad. Incestuous threesome. It’s fucking hot. 🍆

    • Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

      Incest has been a natural part of life for thousands of years. It will never stop. Sure social pressure and anti incest laws make it appear to disappear. But it only makes it all happen in secret. Incest is everywhere. We all know people who enjoy it every day and don’t realize it. Incest emotionally feels super good. Sexually feels heavenly. There is an old old saying, Incest is Best. And it is oh so true.

  • Reply Andrea ID:2kyee16tm1


    • Cappy ID:2vqw8f7lt0a

      Anonymous2, When I was young several of my friends and I started having sex with our moms. Every one of us continued having a very happy sexual life with our moms for decades. We all have met many other people like us in our lives. My wife knows and several of my friends wives also know that their husbands are fucking their moms. Surprisingly none of the wives have a problem with this. A couple of the wives are now having sex with their sons too. I think this is a lot more common than people realize.

  • Reply David kenya ID:mzgdgcd0

    Y footing condom

  • Reply Jacqueline15 ID:5u0y1no6zk

    Your stories are so hot I get so wet when I read them. When I lay down on my back hands down it’s very difficult for me to breathe because I am so turned on

  • Reply Anonymous ID:n3e8ovk0d

    Fuck you and your stupid opinion Doug,know body cares about what you think,you and your stupid split roast.your gang banging,low life fuck.

  • Reply Bill h. ID:n3e8ovk0d

    Where is your opinion on this story neto, you liked the first one neto,let me hear it come on neto.

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15cm9c

    Hey Bill you have a hot cocksucking slut you can have lots of fun with if you get your act in line. This gal will do the gang bang, split roast and all those other fun things if you just give the bitch the chance. Nothing like watching your wife do the double fuck with a gang of guys. Taking photos of 20 guys doing the slut every way from Sunday is great fun. Relax and be thankful for what you have. If you have never fucked her while she is sucking someone else cock or getting fucked while she sucks yours, then you are in for a big treat. Lucky guy!

  • Reply Timothy copenhaver ID:2c3iwvkm9c

    Wow Bill what a great story really wish that your son was actually fucking your wife without a condom would really love to hear if she gets pregnant by your son