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Marcus Claudius (Part One)

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Marcus Claudius career in the Roman Legion only the devil himself could have made for him.

Marcus Claudius swore and laughed, he turned to his Adiutor standing at his side, look at those tits he said softly and laughed again. That’s the mayor’s wife he said to Marcus Claudius and his son and daughter, followed by the town treasurer with his family and two of the other members of the village council with their families, the rest of the villagers have been ordered to stay in their homes until we search each house
Marcus laughed again, you enter the village Adiutor , I will do your job and interview these idiots, the bastards have kept me sitting around here for two fucking days doing nothing.
No Sir that’s for later, you do your job and I will do mine said the Adiutor grinning at the thought of things to come, it had not been a very smart move for the village elders to have held out for two days before coming to the” conference table “, but it didn’t matter now the villagers would pay the price for their elected officials stupidity.
Lets get this over with he said to Marcus Claudius , I will meet the committee, except their surrender, agree to their terms , you lead your troops triumphantly into the village, seperate the young men from the rest and send them down the hill in chains that will show the Mayor and his band of fools what they can do with their “conditions of surrender” that way we can load them into carts and the Immunes can take them to Caesar , let him decide what to do with them, let the strong join the army where they can fight for their freedom or be sent to Rome as slaves I don’t care just get them out of here..
He looked at Marcus Claudius and smiled again why don’t you tell the Beneficiarius (army police) to round up all the women of child bearing age, they can be sent to be enjoyed by the Milites tonight after we had picked through them, and I have plans for our dinner entertainment tonight and I promise you General you will not be disappointed, I will make sure the one with the big tits will be there, hahaha, and her daughter incase you get bored with the Mother.
Marcus Claudius looked at his Adiutor and smiled ,your an evil man Adiutor he said as he strode towards his horse ,I learned it all from you Sir said the Adiutor smiling as he walked towards the Mayor and the village committee.
As the great Roman army pushed Northward through Gaul ,if fell to several legions to bring the news to the civilian populations of the surrounding small towns and villages that they were now under Roman rule. Most of the them surrendered without an arrow being fired ,but every so often one strategically placed on a hill or with a river surrounding it decided to be a thorn in Marcus Claudius’s side.
He would give his negotiators 24 hours to “explain ” what would happen if the populous didn’t except they were now under Roman control, then his legion of 80 highly trained and armed men would be sent to ” convince them”.
The Adiutor strolled towards the group standing by his tent, he said a cordial hello to the village Mayor, the Treasurer and the other two members of the village council and invited them into his tent. He told the four Decanus who had stayed behind to escort the ladies and family back to there homes where their husband would join them very soon. He guessed Mr Mayor would object and he was right, stuttering and blowing hard he said let the family’s stay we will all go back together, and he grabbed his wife and daughters wrists as if to hold them there for ever.
The Adiutor coughed, I don’t know who runs your house or village council he said quietly but in Rome it is the men not the women,either they leave or the conversation is over. His wife lent over and kissed him on the cheek, we are fine she said, your a great negotiator you stay and sort out everything then I will see you later. Her voice was cracking as she said goodbye and as she led the family from the tent her husband noticed she had a tear in her eye.
He smiled weakly and said I won’t be long but in his stomach he had a feeling that all was not well. Who were these people, who marched in step, who had bows and arrows and swords so sharp they looked as if they could slice a mans head off ,where the hell had they come from and what did they want he asked himself over and over again.

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