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Marcus Claudius (part 4)

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To the victor, anything goes, to the losers ,they have to pay the price, no matter how painful or humilating.

Marcus Claudius sat down on the bench at the opposite end of the table from where the Mayor and his son we nailed spread eagled on the wall , come sit he said to the naked Mayors wife and teenage daughter, tapping on the bench and indicating where he wanted them to sit.
His three companions sat and indicated to the other naked wives and daughters where they wanted them to sit facing their husbands and fathers . The Adiutor shouted out food, food bring the food and four naked old women came in carrying the feast, of chicken ,breads ,fruits and wine, bottles and bottles of wine.
For fuck sake where the hell did you get these old hags from Adiutor Marcus Claudius said mildly upset, there going to put me off my dinner he growled half smiling. Just wait Sir said the Adiutor ladies please put the food on the table. The women put the food and drinks onto the table , the Adiutor bent forward and grabbed one of the womens saggy tits, tell Marcus Claudius who you are whore said the Adiutor pulling the woman’s breast painfully towards the table.
The woman cried out, and quickly spat out I am the Mayors wifes mother she was grimacing in pain and stood up slowly rubbing her breast when he let her go . You see Sir said the Adiutor, I was thinking that maybe if any of our guest objected to what we would like to see them do then perhaps Mommy would be able to convince them differently , now eat , eat and drink it’s time to celebrate another great victory for Caesar’s Army and Rome.
As the Romans sat eating and feeding the women sitting next to them the village blacksmith hurried around putting four large boxes close to the husbands and fathers nailed to the wall, ropes were thrown over the ceiling beams above, and one at a time the four mothers of the women at the table were made to stand on the box’s and nooses from the ropes were put around the crying and sobbing women’s necks. Now said the Adiutor, any of you have anything to say , the room remained silent apart from the snifferling of the crying old women.
You know Adiutor my old friend I think I want to be amused said Marcus Claudius as he sank another glass of wine, he stood up grabbing the Mayors wifes hair he lifted her off the bench and walked her over to where her husband and son were nailed to the wall . Standing in front of her husband and son Marcus Claudius told the woman to open her legs , standing behind her he started playing with her left breast, his right hand creeping slowly towards her hairy cunt he asked her son if he liked his Mothers huge tits.
The boy remained silent but as Marcus Claudius’s hand crept over his mothers cunt a twitch in the boys cock gave the game away . Oh oh oh laughed Marcus Claudius I saw you dick twitch, so is it you Mothers hairy cunt you like even more than her tits. He removed his hand from her hairy mound and told her to pull her cunt lips apart to show her son where he came from. The woman didn’t move, did you hear me he said , yes she said quietly, please ,please don’t make me do this in front of my husband and son. I guess it is wrong of me isn’t it, yes she said in a tiny voice he could hardly hear, well in that case lets do this he said.
He called the two Decurions over to him, bend her over the table he said and hold the bitches arms tight, I am going to teach someone in this fucking room to do as I ask even if it is going to kill me. He kicked the inside of her legs, get you fucking feet apart he said angrily, and looking up he told the woman sitting nearest him to pass the chicken plate to him.
Dipping his fingers into the chicken grease he inserted a finger into the spread out womans cunt, she squirmed a little as his second finger slipped in to her cunt. Stop for fuck sake stop shouted a voice behind Marcus Claudius , he turned, a look of surprise on his face ,it was the Mayor, leave my wife alone , leave her alone he screamed at the top of a quivering voice , do whatever you need to do to me but leave my wife and the other women alone he said spitting hate as he shouted at Marcus Claudius .
Marcus Claudius seemed almost surprised at the Mayor’s outburst, straightening up he walk and stood in front of him. Was that you he said sarcastically, the man said nothing , I though not , but slowly he took a step back from the man before unleashing a punch into the mans belly. Gasping for air the Mayor felt the strength leaving his body and the bile climbed into his throat before he went limp gasping for air. You shouted Marcus Claudius pointing to the Mayor’s daughter, come her. Slowly the young girl walked towards where he was standing, he had looked at her of course but being besotted by her Mother and her enormous 48 inch tits he had basically ignored this pretty young thing.
Young lady he said softly, if you don’t do as you are told I m going to order your grandmother to be pulled into the air and the box will be taken away from beneath her and she will grab the rope and hang on for as long as she can, but as the little strength she has goes from her arms she will finally be left hanging by her neck and die, which will really upset your Mother don’t you think, he said laughing. Now get on your knees and crawl over to where your father is.
Slowly the young woman got to her hands and knees, and crawled over to her father, good said Marcus Claudius, now get hold of that thing he calls a penis and put it in you r cute little mouth and suck like your life depends on it because your Grandmothers life really does.
The girl knelt there tears running down her face, you bastard said the Mayor you sick sick bastard, Marcus Claudius burst out laughing I am going to count to three then the old cunt goes up in the air, Adiutor grab the rope and on three yank the old cunt into the air and we will watch her swing for a while.
Crying the girl reached for her fathers soft penis, straightening her back she opened her mouth and put the tip of his penis between her teeth, Marcus Claudius laughed, I said suck it bitch as in put it in your mouth and suck, suck ,suck, I have something to finish with your Mother but I swear if you don’t make Daddys milk run down your throat I am going to hang the old hag, in fact I am going to hang all the old hags and use there corpses, as target practise for my archers.
He turned to face the Mayors wifes still prostrate body, slapping her butt he turned to face her son, now where was I he said . The boy looked at him but said nothing, Marcus Claudius walked over to the boy puting his grease covered hand in front of the boys face, see this he said, how far up your dear Mothers hairy old cunt do you think it will go. To here he said pointing to his knuckles to here maybe he said pointing to his wrist, the boy said nothing. You know sperm said Marcus Claudius I hate it when I speak to a piece of shit like you and you don’t answer, the boy sniggered, Marcus Claudius laughed, pull her up he shouted to his Adiutor, the old woman grabbed the rope over her head as her feet left the box, higher higher he said above the screaming woman’s crys.
NO NO NO STOP STOP shrieked the mayor’s wife stop, stop, STOP I will do anything you want I swear let her down let her down for all the Gods sake let my mother down she cried. Marcus Claudius smirked as he signalled for the Adiutor to lower the old woman to the floor, where she laid in a heap gasping for breath and trying to loosen the noose from around her neck.
Dipping his fingers again into the chicken grease, Marcus Claudius held his hand up to the light of the candles, moving to the bent woman he kicker her legs open with a swift hard kick to the inside of her shin, she opened her legs wide now knowing what her fate would be.
His fingers played with her cunt lips, she felt a finger slip inside her, soon followed by a second and a third, are you ready bitch he said with anger in his voice, your pathetic begging for your Mothers life ruined my fun today so now your going to amuse me, and with that he inserted four fingers and a thumb deep into her cunt, pumping it in and out so fast that her cries all ran into one long aaaahgggghhhhhh, and he didn’t stop until the whole of his hand was in her to his wrist bone and more.
Turning to her son he saw his dick was sticking out strait the boy was excited watching his sister suck her father’s dick and his mother suffering something that she never thought she would suffer, a whole hand fisting by a Roman soldier with hands and fingers twice the size of her husbands.

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