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Marcus Claudius (part 3)

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Marcus Claudius who the devil himself gave the task of visiting the small villages of Gaul to “inform” the occupants they were now under Roman Rule.

Marcus Claudius , his Adiutor, and his two favorite Decurions (leaders of a 10 man tent) slowly climbed the slope to the small village he had just taken on the Romans Army’s invasion of Gaul .
He was still slightly annoyed that the village had held out for two days, but at least it had given his men time to relax, eat the villagers crops they had been growing in the fields where he had camped.
The men laughed when they heard the cry from one of the village women who had been given to his men for the night,they could hear her begging to be let go followed by a scream as her begging fell on deaf ears and another member of the Legion started to rape her.
He laughed and turned to his long time friend the Camp Adiutor, the men seem to be having fun he said, I hope you have arranged some entertainment for us as well . Oh yes said his Adiutor smiling to himself in the darkness , we have entertainment for tonight Sir I think you will enjoy it.
Entering the wooden building the villagers used as their meeting place the first thing Marcus Claudius noticed was the table in the middle of the room and and the naked women standing by the benches that ran along the four sides of the table. He smiled to himself ,the second thing he noticed was the Mayors wife and daughter, look at those tits he said to himself focusing on the Mayors wife, I have some guest to sit and feed you whores said the Adiutor and he steered Marcus Claudius towards the Mayors wife and hid daughter.
Well good evening said Marcus Claudius standing in front of the Mayors wife, she stood silently, defiantly looking him in the eye. I said good evening did you not hear me he said, but she remained silent. He slowly lifted his hand to her niples ,holding them between his finger and thumb he , twisted her nipples hard making the woman cry out in pain. I said good evening he said again , she had grabbed his hands and was trying to wrestler his fingers from her niples but in vain. Good aaaggghh she screamed again in agony, Marcus Claudius twisted her niples and pulled them hard as if he was trying to pull them off her breasts, he looked at her, and softly said if you ever ignore me again I will put meat hooks through your tits and hang you from the beams in the ceiling and leave you there, do you understand. Yes she said quickly her eyes filled with tears, good he said as he let go of her niples, now where is my friend the Mayor ?
Hanging around Sir said the Adiutor almost running over to a huge tapestry hanging on the wall, where with a great flourish he pulled it from the beam which held it in place exposing a naked Mayor and his naked 15 year old son., both stretched out like an X, there feet on the ground and leather straps around their wrists and ankles ,which had been nailed to the wooden wall to keep them in place.
Marcus Claudius broke out laughing, grabbing the Mayors wife by the hair he led her over to stand in front of her husband. I must admit Sir he said, I think your choice of a wife was very admirable, look at these tits he said grabbing them one in each hand from behind her. He jiggled them up and down, look at them he said again laughing, my God I bet you enjoy playing with them don’t you he said laughing.
The Adiutor ran to the other side of the room, pulling another tapestry down he exposed the Deputy Mayor and his two young sons one each side of him, all naked and spread out in an X like the Mayor and his son.
Two more tapestries were pulled to the floor from the two other walls ,one exposing the village treasure, the other the village doctor with his son next to him.Marcus Claudius laughed. Well well well we have the whole committee here I see and their lovely wives and daughters, let me ask you Mr Mayor why did you hold out for so long, two whole days, that was not the best decision you ever made, what on earth made you do it ?
The Mayor remained silent, Marcus Claudius laughed the whole village appears to be deaf he said to no one in particular.
You know Sir I don’t think we can blame the Mayor and his committee for them being so fucking stupid and not opening the gates for us, I am sure it was the women who persuaded them not to open the gates, I guess they didn’t want to end up like their friends who are entertaining our men ,so maybe we should punish them, what do you think ?

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