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Marcus Claudius (part 2)

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A Roman Centurion doing a job that only the Devil himself could have arranged for him.

As the sun began to set Marcus Claudius sat naked in his tent, the tent flap was down indicating he didn’t want to be disturbed. A half empty bottle of wine sat on the table next to him, and as he sat watching the two naked pregnant women laying on their backs on the floor pushing candles into their cunts he laughed to himself.
It had been a pleasant afternoon, he had led his men through the gates of the village and sat and watched as his men went house to house looking for anything that was worth a few denarii for the coffers .
There were few men in the village, the Army of the Gauls had been busy recruiting only a week or so before to fight his own invading Roman army , the only men left were a few farmers, blacksmiths, and one or two that had hidden well when the recruiters had turned up .
All the women of childbearing age had been lined up in the village square and made to strip naked, before finally being led to the river to be washed and prepared for being turned over to the soldiers for a night of drunken debauchery , to the victor goes the prize thought Marcus Claudius as he watched the women being led away .
Slowly getting up he took another gulp of the wine before he walked to stand by the two women, push the fucking things in further or I will do it for you he snarled trying not to laugh, both women whimpered almost in unison as the candles hit their cervixes as their hands began to move quicker .
Consider yourself lucky your here amusing me he said, the rest of the whores from your shit pit village are going to entertaining my troops tonight, it’s a shame it was such a tiny place and your idiot Mayor left me sitting here for two days , only 28 women to please a whole division of 80 men he said ,I am sure your friends will have a good time he chuckled, well those that survive will.
He kicked the leg of the woman nearest him, kneel up you fat whore he barked, she rolled over onto her side and struggled to get up, at 7 month pregnant it was no easy feat , and he kicked her again ,this time hard on her ass and shouted NOW.
The trembling woman got on her knees just in time for him to grab her hair with one hand as he start to drag her towards him, her knees trying to move quickly to avoid him pulling a handful of hair out of her head until her face was level with his hard cock. She instinctively opened her mouth and he fed her the full 9 inches of his Roman man meat forcing her to gag and try and pull back as the tears filled her eyes and her own spit ran down her chin. Her hands tried to push him away, but he held her tight she could feel the bile from her stomach come into her throat leaking out the tiny gap in the side of her mouth and running out of her nose.
Disgusted Marcus Claudius pulled his cock out of her mouth as she threw up all over his leg and feet, she didn’t remember anything else until she regained consciousness several minutes later , the punch he hit her with landed squarely on her chin, and she collapsed into the pile of her own puke.
Marcus Claudius walked towards the river to bathe, the women of the village were being lined up on the bank after bathing, some cried ,some looked defiant, most just stood there naked awaiting their fate.
The Oplio (second in command of a tent which was occupied by 10 men) had thrown dice to decide in which order they would pick the women for the occupants of their tent.. The soldiers stood to attention upon seeing Marcus Claudius walking towards them. He passed them in silence going down the bank into the cool water where he turned and called out , so who has first pick ?
I do Sir said one of the Opilo taking a step forward so Marcus Claudius would recognise him. Marcus Claudius laughed out loud, so which whore are you you thinking of picking first ?
Undecided Sir said the Opilo with a smile on his face , I don’t know if I should pick this young one who I am sure is a virgin and probably won’t be much use after two or three of the men have fucked her or this older one here with the big tits who will probably be good to ride all night until the sun comes up.
Decisions, decisions, decisions my friend said Marcus Claudius, climbing out of the water and wrapping a drying cloth around the lower half of his body , yes Sir said the Oplio , may I ask Sir which if you were me you would pick ?
Marcus Claudius walked over to the young woman the Opilo had pointed out, open your legs he said quietly to the scared shaking girl. He started to insert his middle finger into her cunt, watching the young girl start to cry as she tried to get on her tiptoes before crying out loud in pain, grabbing his hand to stop him inserting his finger any further into her vagina .
Withdrawing his finger he walked to the older woman with the big breast the Opilo had pointed out, open your legs he said, inserting a finger into her already damp cunt. He inserted a second finger into her cunt with ease. Laughing he said Opilo do you know which one I would pick ? No Sir said the Opilo loudly, well said Marcus Claudius, you were right, it’s a simple decision.
I know if I was you I would pick this old whore , she could take more pricks in a night time than Roman tailor making a suite of clothes for a wedding , but then I would make sure I sent the young girl to my Generals tent as thank you present for him in helping me make the decision , which is how by the time Marcus Claudius came back from the feast in the Mayor’s house that night, two very pregnant woman and a 15 year old pretty little virgin were chained together waiting for him .

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