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Why do men get turn on by forcing themselves on a girl.

I am a female. I was put in a position where I had to have sex with a stranger. And I just have a question for you guy’s why does this turn you on to force a girl into sex? Even worse to get her pregnant. How does this make you happy?

I have to put more text on here or it won’t take it.
On spring break I got a ride on a motorcycle with a guy I didn’t no. He rode a long way down the beach to where he was staying. We went inside had a drink or two his roommate was there also. After a bit I told him I needed to go back. He told me he would only give me a ride back if I fucked both of them if not walk back. After some arguing and my crying I agreed but not at same time one then the other. They said they didn’t have any condoms but would pullout they lied both of them came in. Then I did get a ride back to my hotel was still going to be there for 6 more day’s the fun of the beach was gone for me I tried to put it out of my mind but my vacation was ruined. Sure enough I missed my period.

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  • Reply Daddybear ID:fzq6smmk8

    It’s a man’s animal instinct.

  • Reply unknow ID:gnrvcvoid

    a womans duty is to please a man and raise his children

  • Reply a man ID:gnrvcvoid

    it makes me feel as if it is my duty to have sex. it also activates the sub/dom feeling within

  • Reply #GOAWAY ID:8bvx7kbdm4

    Reading the comments, I have to say I agree with anonymous… They’re right: you should NOT get on a bike with somebody you don’t know no matter how attractive they are. If anything this just proves Stranger Danger on a new level

  • Reply Hugh ID:fygr94m9j

    Its not about sex Kay its about power. And it happens a lot to kids a lot younger than you. I was 12 when I was forced into a child sex ring that lasted for about 18 months. After the first couple times I started to enjoy it being a boy but not so much sucking mens cocks. Would love to chat about your experience some time

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenak0d

    Sorry that happened Key. what a load to present here. I know this was two years ago but are you all right.
    total lack of respect on their part. Hell I have gotten more pussy young and old out of respect time and time again.

    • Kay ID:1djnsrqpzyo5

      I am good now I do have a child which I love very much. And am now trying to finish high school. I had to drop out when I was pregnant. Thank you for asking

  • Reply vive-la-baise ID:3i7n800lk0d

    i am sorry it happened tou you, i was 9 when i got raped and told no 1 cuse i was taugh since the age of 7 that man do not cry, do not get emotional,etc…

  • Reply Kay ID:fzq35kt0d

    All guys are different in bed. And yes you can feel the difference in guys

  • Reply Bill ID:fzq35kt0d

    Was the sex any good? Did you like doing one then another and could you feel the difference between them.

  • Reply Bill W ID:30rxnvr8rb

    Hey Kay, ima counselor and I’ve got some insight for you should you need it

  • Reply duh? ID:6629enpd9a

    You are just a simple slut, sluts get fucked, whats the problem??

    • Kay ID:fzq6vftqm

      Wow how do you get that?

  • Reply Kim h. ID:vuf0i2hk

    Fuck off Dan,you ain’t shit bitch.you talk alot of shit Dan,fuck off loser.if you were all that and had it going on in life,you sure as fuck would not be on this site.

    • Dan ID:21c6ts6rv2

      Hey Kim h. Wondering why you’re on this site? Plus you read all the comments…
      Did you get aroused reading? Do you want to watch me fuck your daughter, while you’re masturbating?

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15o49b

    Well Kay you did get some decent fucking and sucking out of it and I knew in my mind you were a winner. Don;t know what the thrill was for them to unload in you unless you are so damn good pussy they just could not stop. Your problem can be taken care of that quick. Maybe you need to start carrying rubbers and just to make sure, work the guy up hard with that hot mouth of yours and then slip the rubber on him – no question then. Most of today’s gals carry a supply with them unless they are just going to suck cock.

    • K ID:7zv3fpx49i

      I try to keep your advice in mind

  • Reply Doug ID:1hr6f15o49a

    Kay – did the guys fuck you more than one time each and if not, then maybe you need to ask yourself why not. Usually when you get the free pussy laid out in front of you then you do it a couple of times especially if there is another guy to be doing it while you take a quick breather. Surprised neither one of them put their cock (s) in your mouth or did they – I assume you do suck cock and swallow your reward. Perhaps you just laid there like a dead fish rather than getting into the good time you could have had. I am sure you were not a virgin and should have know when you got on the bike you were going to get fucked. Maybe the guys had small cocks and you thought it was a waste of your time – awaiting your response………

    • K ID:7ylvmikv9b

      There was some oral. And no I was not a virgin. The guy I got on the bike with was a good looking guy and I thought a nice guy. And I might of had sex with him in time. But my plan was not for right then with him and his friend. It was either walk back miles on the beach. Or try to call someone. I was not sure where I was. But I went with my 3rd choice I agreed to sex one at a time and they promised they wouldn’t cum inside me.
      As far as the details the guy I took the ride with I wanted him 1st I felt more comfortable with him. He wanted 69 we did that until he nutted in my mouth. Then the friend got on top of me and he just fucked me. I reminded him to pull out he told me he would but wanted to cum on my boobs. So when he said he was going to cum I pushed my boobs together and spread my legs more so he could get up to my boobs. He was pushing himself up on his hands he was looking at me. But not moving then I felt him twitching and cumming inside me. He told his friend that he should see my face as I realized what just happened. I called him a asshole and started to get up but the 1st guy said no he hadn’t fucked me yet. That 69 was for me he wanted it doggie style his friend su

  • Reply Nancy ID:70wzxvv0

    Nice me luv it

  • Reply Nishita ID:70wzxvv0

    Nice me luv it

  • Reply kimfslut ID:bvk4fzri


  • Reply AL ID:1hr6f15o49a

    Guys can sense a cunt that will fuck and suck cock at the drop of a hat just like you did. Should have done them 2 at a time so it would have been more enjoyable for you. With 2 guys fucking you pretty sure you got off too so quit your bitching. What did you think was going to happen when you agreed to go. Believe me the guy knew when he picked you up that you would fuck the both of them with no problem. Call the kid target since a couple took a shot at it………..

    • Angel ID:7ylvmikv9b

      Wow. It was spring break everyone was taking rides. I thought we just ride to the end of the street and back. And I am not a slut I don’t do 3 some it was bad enough in the motel the beds are side by side. I tried to just look at the wall and not see the other guy watching.

  • Reply anonymous ID:2v2yxftgm3

    its just feeling dominative, but its not for every guy just like weirdos and rapists

  • Reply Anonymous ID:fzq379k0b

    Why would you get on a bike or even in a car with someone you don’t know?

    • K ID:7ylvmikv9b

      It was spring break everyone was having fun

  • Reply Jason ID:fx7wlf6ib

    Well, if this is actually a true story (and I very much doubt it) then you obviously should have walked back. If these guys went to all that trouble to fuck you then you must be an attractive girl. An attractive girl never has trouble finding a ride. Better at this point to take your chances hitchhiking.

    • K ID:7ylvmikv9b

      It’s true and your right

  • Reply Lazer1 ID:6629enov99

    Hahaha, what the fuck were you expecting? You went with a guy, he wanted to fuck you, you agreed, even if reluctantly, and so you got fucked. Thats simple, you were there to get laid. Then you missed your period, well shit happens. got your bub yet?

    • K ID:7ylvmikv9b

      I probably would of had sex with him later in the week with a condom if he would of kept coming around. He was good looking that’s why I got on his bike.

  • Reply Carl ID:6629enov99

    Well Kay, it happens. Guy love to fuck, and the more reluctant you are the better. You went for a bike ride, why? What was he offering? You had some drinks given to you, you accepted them. You put yourself into the situation where you got yourself fucked. Thats what the guys really wanted to do. Its not the guys fault you were fertile, your body ready to have a baby, thats your life. Have you had your baby? Tell us more.

    • K ID:7ylvmikv9b

      Yes Carl you will be happy to no I had the baby. I agreed to sex if they would pullout. The first ask said he was getting ready to cum for me to hold my boobs together he wanted to cum on them. So I spread my legs more so he could get up there and held them. He lifted up a little I was looking at him when I felt him twitching inside me. He laughed told his friend look at her face. The 2nd guy just told me there was no reason for him to pullout now so he didn’t either.

  • Reply Anonymous ID:7ylren4k0b

    It does not me Kay,I’m only interested in mom and son sex thank you.not force,not rape,no child porn,no animals.good ole legal age mom and son fucking.

    • Dan ID:z350ywozri

      Which is still illegal because it’s incest. But yeah you’re so much better than everyone else on here…