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It was bound to happen

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At 10 yo she knew she was hot,and loved teaseing daddys cock.

We were well off but my wife wanted to work,i just hung around the house.when our daughter jen was 10 i caught her trying to see my cock,maybe as time went by she thought maybe i ll tease it out of him at 10 she was omg tight ass..perfect hand full of hard tits,and when mom was at work she showed it off in tiny pantys and bra to daddy,one day as i was changeing the furnace filter i heard water running and moaning,i raise up and looked thru the hole in the wall and my cock went nail hard,i was looking right at that little tight pussy laying in the tub,she had her lips pulled open and was drilling her little clit with warm water and bucking her little ass ,i listened and heard her moan,Yes daddy lick my clit omg her tiny little untouched bright pink hole,i swear i seen it ozzieing cum out,i just jurked my cock 2 times and blew a gallon of cum on the filter..fuck i eased out of the closet and went to clean up in the garage,about an hour later i was back in the hall and i heard jen..daddy?? Yes sweety i said ,,can you come here she was in our bedroom i went in and she was in those tight pantys and she said,will you do me a favor?? Yes baby what? I think my pussy has a problem ,,why sweety,,she then pulled her pantys down and aaid look close. I got down close ..omg it was the best looking pussy ever..what baby? It looks fine..nooo closer daddy and as i got within 3 inchs she grabbed my head and pushed my face into her pussy,i knew when i felt her hand where i was going and jammed my toungue deep into her babby pussy she screamed out..ohh my god daddy lick my pussy..i did three orgasms later and a cup of cum on our carpet from me she was shakeing,and beggibg me to show her how mommy jumps on my lap..omg she seen mom riding my cock..yes baby..but we need to get this thing alot wetter as i ate the best pussy ever,,ill let you know how long i ate it before my tongue had her ready for her first fuck ever..

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  • Reply SluttySixteen ID:1evqse1nel21

    I would’ve loved to be impregnated by men

    • Nattm1898 ID:1e5hna6xeknk

      Get fucked, and let them cum in you. It will happen before you know it

    • Cowboy ID:16lgyxx4lqxe

      I will

  • Reply Lauren ID:5u1d7cf20d

    Made me soaking wet

  • Reply 13 yr old ID:5vyj2ikz8rc


    • Horny daddy ID:fx7ith49i

      13 yr old are you male or female

    • Donald ID:7ylrencfib

      I will give you 10,00. Dollars if I can get you pregnant and the same each baby we make and I will marry you. paid for all your schooling I give your mom and dad money to. If your girlfriends like to get pregnant to we can do that to.

    • Psiberzerker ID:1fr6k6ud4

      Oh wow. $10.00 for 9 months, labor, and then you’ll pay her college, her parents…

      Talk to many prostitutes? Because offering $10.00 will get you the finger, and the instruction to “Go fuck yourself.” With or without a rubber. $50.00 is the minimum for a decent blowjob.

      I guess child labor is a discount. Have you tried China? They’re a lot less capitalistic there, so 13 year olds might not know the value of a dollar.

    • Donald ID:fx7itanhm

      No not $10.00 I mean $10,000. Dollars for each baby we have.

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  • Reply Jjf ID:30rzguevv3

    Fucking hot

    • Sam ID:x90krgd2


  • Reply Janine ID:2vkjmtm3

    mmm such a hot story! i was insanely wet

    • Zak ID:ewhl8e20j


    • Sam ID:x90krgd2

      Glad you liked it

    • Sam ID:x90krgd2


    • Sam ID:x90krgd2

      Glad u like it

  • Reply Kimi ID:5u1d7cdm9j

    Omg very nice!!!

    • Sam ID:x90krgd2

      Thanks kimi

    • Sam ID:x90krgd2


    • Sam ID:x90krgd2

      New part out today..