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I was drugged and raped at a party

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I’m 14 and went to a party a few months ago, and I was raped by multiple men.

I can’t remember much but in December I went to a high school party as a freshman and I got raped.

I set my drink down to go to the restroom and when I came back I guess someone had slipped something in it. It wasn’t an alcoholic drink, it was just water. All I can remember from before is that someone held my hand and brought me somewhere as I was feeling incredibly tired, I don’t know what he looked like who who he was.

I don’t know how much time passed either, but I woke up when someone’s dick was inside me. My skirt was pulled up and my panties were missing, and my left tit felt like it had been bruised really badly. I was on the edge of the bed and my legs were spread. Someone was leaning over me and ramming their cock into my vagina very hard and very fast. I was so drowsy and I barely knew what was going on, and I started to move my hand around and the guy grabbed my hands and pinned them down to the side of me. I was a virgin and my pussy hurt so bad and it felt all hot and wet for some reason, and my clit was burning and I looked down and saw someone’s balls hitting the outside of me. My pussy was all red like someone had been hitting it really hard.

I started struggling harder and the guy raping me put his hand on my throat and held me down. I started choking and I blacked out.

When I woke up again I don’t know how much time had passed. I was laying on my side and everything hurt: my mouth, my tits, my pussy, and my ass. Some time passed with me just laying their and two guys walked in. They closed the door and started murmuring, then one was handed money (I don’t know why) and he left the room. The second guy roughly grabbed my thigh and parted my legs. I started groaning as he pulled me by my legs down to the edge of the bed again. He took off my top and went to the side of the room, I don’t know what happened to it but now their was nothing on me, my skirt was missing too.

He grabbed my hip and flipped me over, then got onto the bed with me and pulled down his pants. He took his cock out, held it with one hand, and with the other arm he reached under my hips and groped my vagina. From there he lifted me up by my vagina so that my head and arms were lying flat, my ass was in the air, and my knees were on the bed. He scooted closer and started to jerk off.

After jerking off onto my ass, he played around with my pussy. I don’t think he was fingering it— it felt more like he was examining it. He rubbed his thumb in between the lips and looked at it. After a while of this strange examination he put his dick in slowly, grabbed both my hips, and pulled me into his cock over and over.

I can’t remember what happened after that very well, except that a long time after I was able to drive home.

This was an awful experience for someone who’s only 14. I was taking birth control for my periods so I didn’t get pregnant. If anyone has raped a girl like this before can you please leave your number so I can talk to you and get a good idea of what happened to me?

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  • Reply Andy

    14 years old and driving? Oh well, old enough to drive, old enough to take plenty of cock.

  • Reply evan


  • Reply Amy

    It’s sad that it happened. I had that happen to me at 13. I don’t know what happened just remember waking up naked, and my pussy was sore and dripping something.

    Since it was my brother’s party I told him , I think I was raped and told him why. He said so it was you the guys talked about.
    He asked if I I enjoy it? Told him I don’t know wish I was aware of losing my virginity.

    He held me tight and soon kissed me from there we fell on his bed, we were having sex and he said last night I was tighter.
    I said what and he said he was my first guy and 3 others took turns.

    • AP

      You should write this up as a story, including what happened after, and post it.
      It sounds like you have some interesting memories and some great details.

    • M. Lovdahl

      How many more times did your Brother fuck you

  • Reply Clementine😍✌🏽

    Im 17..fron cali would love this sc me its.clemmy hurry up theres a ally by my house btw😉

  • Reply ;)

    i feel so bad for getting off to these stories- but for real, i’m sorry you had to go through this and i really hope you’re ok, glad you didn’t get pregnant

    • ;)

      Deadass I be feeling guilty getting off to this 😭

  • Reply 14 yr old

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    What size bra do you wear

  • Reply ?

    So what you got fucked. Your a girl natural made you for this you need to get off the pill and start making babies

    • Cocksleeveslave

      Your comment got me so wet

  • Reply Jimmy

    Good job

  • Reply AL

    Marcy – I suspect you were not taking birth control pills just to be taking them. You no doubt have had a number of cocks in that cunt of yours and I suspect, have been know to swallow a little cum. Just write this up to an experience and no doubt, you will have many more as you will now be know as hot little slut so make the most of it. Just wondering how many guys have you already fucked and sucked at 14 years old. The sooner you get into double fucking the quicker you will be more popular. My step daughter got into gang banging in high school and the guys were lining up to make use of her mouth and cunt as they were so many, she had to do them 2 at a time to get thru everyone at least once before she had to be home. When I found out I had her start doing all my friends on a regular basis. She is still the slutface she was in high school but popular with the guys at little league and other similar activities as she goes with no panties and her mouth is always open. Been caught by her husband more time than you can count but he gets all he wants and she cooks good. She can deep throat like you can’t believe.

  • Reply Lee

    that’s why you never leave your drink unsupervised at a party, you tell a friend to watch it for you, if you’re alone, say goodbye to that drink, honey

  • Reply Sue

    You are lucky you didn’t get pregnant from it. A girl I went to school with got gang bangs at a party and she got pregnant from it.

  • Reply Steve

    I done this to girls before who get to drunk. Run a little train on them it fun.

    • Doug

      Ditto and 9 out of 10 become the slut we all look for to suck cock, swallow and fuck 2 at a time and many guys at the party. Once broken in correctly they are hooked for life. Wildest one I ever broke in was my step-daughter and now she is still nothing but a slut face, married with 2 kids and does all the guys she can. I have done everything possible to her and she just wants more of it. Made her do 17 guys at one party or should say I let her do 17 of my friends when she was 20 years old and she loved every load dropped in her mouth or cunt. I showed her some of the photos of it recently and she came off just looking at them.

    • Dave

      I will love a gangban and get pregnant if I have a daughter I will let people rape her too a she grow up. We girl are sluts

    • Jenny

      This gets me off

    • Mark

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    • Anonymous

      It isn’t fun to them cause they are gonna the baby for 9 months, after that you deny knowing them. They would feel embarrassed.

  • Reply Doug

    Macy – welcome to the gang – the gang bangers that is as from this point on that whats you will be doing and not to worry – you will learn to love it. Was there any cameras involved as a lot of the time guys like to film breaking a new slut in. Chances are you will become pretty popular and know as a slut that fucks everyone and it will only be a matter of time before you start sucking and swallowing if you don’t already. As far as the money bit chances are one of the guys sold your ass to someone that was willing to pay to get to do you. That does not make you a whore, but a gal someone was willing to pay for to fuck – speaks highly of you. So now start enjoying life – as a slut. What did you think was going to happen when you went to this party – spin the bottle……………

    • Jenny

      I love you, I swear. I want a husband just like you.

  • Reply Wayne

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  • Reply Jenn

    You became a slut

    • Steve

      You tell her Jenn. But don’t forget all girls are they just lie about it.

    • [email protected]

      Definitely Steve! We are just all sluts. I’d love to be forced at a party like this

    • Nightmare

      Jenn, so ur okay with a man raping a 4 year old them huh. I hope to see ur ugly ass in hell

    • Nightmare

      And u became a useless whore who let a grown man rape her 4 year old daughter

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