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How I lost my V-card

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It hurts like hell but taste like heaven, I’ve decided to do this one more time

Hi I’m Malliah, currently 27 I’m will share to you how I lost my v-card or simply virginity.

Way back when I’m 16 mom permit me to have sleep over at Alice house. It goes well as planned until we got in bed. At midnight I hear howling sound I tried to wake Alice but I guess she’s really tired from pillow fights and such. I follow the strange sound until I reach the bedroom downstairs I pick up something incase it is a robber or something. Until I see dim light the door is quite open so I take a peek. I’m beyond shock but I try not to make sound I saw Alice mom in bed and Mr. Sanchez the one who live next door eating her up. Sally (Alice Mom ) is the one who makes the strange sound while Frank (Alice Dad) nipping and kissing Sally I saw how Mr. Sanchez lick his fingers and put it to Sally’s wet pussy it is making slick sounds I also see how Frank undo his pants and directly insert his cock to Sally’s throat. I get myself wet too by that so I start touching myself too.

I saw how Sally cum as well as Frank but Mr. Sanchez is starting to insert his dick to Sally, she yelp and says how think that cock is. He pounds her until they both come. For some couple of minutes they just laid in bed until Frank turn in Sally’s pussy and Mr. Sanchez at f*ck in anus. I got really horny by that I watch them until Sally has her creampie. I went back to second floor when someone grab me to a room.

He close the door and directly touch my pussy. “You are wet Malliah, I bet you got horny huh” I know this voice it’s from Leo, one of Alice’s big brother. He is 19, I know I should scream or try to fight but damn my will is not willing he insert one of his finger in my mouth and one in my pussy I’m damn horny every flick of his finger in my core makes me arch my back he is good damn good in his fingers. He start to kiss me after he takes out his finger in my mouth. And he start to take lead to the bed. “Say Ally what do you want” then he insert another finger. I moan “you want this” he is teasing me I can’t fight my urges so I nod “honey, say it or I’ll stop” he suddenly stop I really can’t think straight “I… I..want you…” I said he smile devilishly. ” you want what” … He insist ” take .. Take me please” he chuckle and said ” your wish is my command”

He take off my big shirt, and nipped my nipples my still pumping his fingers in my core. He lick and mark me. I bet I cum twice or trice just with his fimgers. “Kitten, don’t you think you need to return the favor” then I saw his cock just like Frank’s d*ck pink and long and standing so proud I kinda feel scare would it fit.

” yes kitten It will fit, hurry and taste it” all my nervousness is gone when I smell his pre-cum it’s like aphrodisiac.. I’m kinda clumsy at first that’s why he teach me after a couple of minutes I hear him moaning, groaning. I feel proud at that time. Suddenly he push me in bed and take a lick in my juices “sweet, I promise to eat you later but let me insert this first” he kiss me then slowly insert his cock it’s painful but after some solid trust I’m moaning in pleasure. God he is so good. He kiss me and lick me while trusting it’s a pure pleasure I know I’m near in cumming so he said wait a little so I did. But voice out when I really can’t hold it back hopefully he’s near to we cum in the same time. Hopefully I have irregular period that’s why I take pill. We do it again and again until around 5 and slip back to Alice room. I really love the experience and I’ll definitely do it again and again.

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    Malliah you were and probably still is a beautiful fucking slut, and I would love to be a participant.

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