High School Reunion

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Married man goes to his 25th reunion to network.

Twenty-five years. Has it really been that long? The email made him feel old. It can’t be that long since graduation. But there it was on the screen in front of him.

‘Graduates of EDSS Class of ’93! Join all your classmates in catching up on all that has happened over the past quarter century.’

Steve hadn’t kept in touch really with any of his former classmates. Sure he was friends with the odd one on Facebook, but had no idea what most were doing other than what they had shared. He didn’t care enough to find out anything more. Steve decided he wasn’t going to go.

When his wife Stacey had found out about it, she insisted that they go.

‘It is only an hour drive and it would be great to talk to all your old friends. Besides, with the economy the way it is, it never hurts to network and keep all possibilities open.’

Stacey clicked on the link and replied ‘Will attend’ before Steve could argue and booked a room for two nights. Steve messaged a couple of old buddies to make sure they were going and planned to meet up with them at some point over the couple days.

Finally the Friday of the reunion came and the couple were all packed up ready to hit the road when the phone rang. It was Stacey’s work. A disaster hit Cuba and they needed her at the office right away.

‘I wish I could go but work needs me. The hotel is all ready paid for so you might as well go anyway. I’ll see you Sunday when you get back. Have fun but don’t get into too much trouble. Love you.’

And with a kiss on the cheek Stacey was out the door before he could even fathom what was happening. An hour or so later he hopped in his car and started out down the highway to his old hometown.

Fifty one minutes later he pulled into the Holiday Inn parking lot. After checking in Steve decided he would check out the old place to see what had changed. Not much from what he could see. A few stores had changed names and now there was a Swiss Chalet. A quick stop at the same Beer Store he frequently visited as a teen and grabbed some take out and he was back at his room for what he thought would be a quiet night.

Around 9:30p, his phone went off awakening him from a semiconscious state. It was Stacey phoning to make sure he was having fun.

‘What is all that noise in the background?’

‘I was just laying here half asleep. I have no clue. Guess some others have shown up. The front desk said we had the entire floor. My room is 308 if you need me.’

‘308, okay got it. Go out and have a good time. That is why you’re there. Just don’t drive anywhere. See you soon.’ and with that she hung up.

He checked himself in the mirror. Reunions were all about seeing how badly people have aged. Satisfied enough, Steve exited his room. The first person he happened to see was an old friend Joanne. Their families had been friends forever. They have always just been friends although Stacey had pointed out how much Jo had been hitting on Steve in HS from his stories.

She walked over and gave him a hug pressing her large breasts into him.

‘Glad you could make it. God it’s been forever, what have you been up to?’

‘Working hard for the man. Just trying to keep my nose clean. You?’

‘Still at Sunlife. Probably will be until I die. You alone? Come down to my room. I’m just going for more ice. The old gang is all down there. C’mon.’

‘Let me just grab a couple beers. Meet you there in five.’

‘Room 339. Second last door to the left. Should be open’

She turned towards the vending machine room with her empty bucket.

Steve quickly grabbed a half dozen cold Buds from the mini fridge and headed down towards where Jo had told him. Halfway there he ran into a group of the guys he used to hang with and their wives. Steve had hardly been introduced before Jo had caught back up to him. She used her free hand to grab his arm.

‘Sorry guys. I found him so I get first dibs. You’ll see him tomorrow.’

As we neared the end of the hall he could hear familiar voices coming out of the room. There on the bed was Kim and her husband. Across from them on the couch was Jenn and her girlfriend.

‘Look who I ran into. Now its like the old times. Just like back in the Caf at our table.’

Kim and Jenn jumped up to give Steve a hug. They introduced Brad and Sharon. He put his drinks down to shake their hands. Steve cracked a beer and sat on the open bed with his back to the door. It felt like it was 25 years ago. Kim was talking about her kids dance class when he could sense someone right behind him. A hand went on his shoulder and he felt a kiss on top of his head. Steve jumped up and swung around to see who it was. There she was. Krista. As beautiful as ever. He hadn’t thought about her in years. She was probably the real reason Steve was hesitant in coming here. She had a husband named Paul. He was some tech loser she married six or seven years ago.

He embraced her and kissed her on the cheek. The two of them were only together for just over five months, but what a five months it was. The look on their friends faces quickly reminded him that no one else knew about them. Sure he took her to the prom but that was just the beginning of their romance. They spent every night together until she went away to University. Then they kept in touch until the distance took its toll.

She was wearing what seemed to be the same royal blue dress she had wore to the prom. She had gained a little bit more weight, but it helped to fill out the dress in all the right spots. Krista sat beside Steve on the bed giving him a good view of her increased cleavage. He remembered why he had fell for her so hard back in high school. Her long blonde hair glistened even in the darkened hotel room. Krista had a few more lines on her face, but time had been kind to her. The gang continued to catch up and talk about the days in school. Steve was about to run back for more beer but Jo offered him rye.

‘You trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me.’

‘Is it working.’ she said with a laugh.

‘A couple more and you never know.’

Everyone laughed.

Throughout the night Steve kept sneaking glances at Krista. He couldn’t help remembering the amzing time they spent together. The many nights downstairs in her bedroom. She looked so beautiful tonight. He thought he caught her looking at him too. What if she still had feelings for him? And there was her putting her hand on his leg whenever she laughed and leaving it linger there. But he was probably reading too much into it. Anyways, they both were married. That ship had sailed a long time ago.

Around 1:00a, everyone went back to their rooms. He knew it was going to be a long day tomorrow. Forgetting what time it was, when Steve got back to his room, he opened his computer to quickly video chat with Stacey. She answered on the fourth ring.

‘Hi honey. I wasn’t expecting a call from you. Figured that you would be busy with your friends. I literally just got back from the office. Been really crazy here. How was it there?’

‘Met up with Joanne and the gang. Spent most of the night with them. Will do the networking tomorrow at the school when everyone is a little more sober. Lot of people he’

The soft knock on the door cut him off.

‘Wonder who that could be. Probably wrong room. I’ll let you go so you can get some sleep. Hope things settle down for you there. Love you.’

He pressed the end button and went to the door. Opening it quietly he started to say.

‘Think you have the wrong room.’

‘ I don’t think I do’

As she pushed him back into the closed bathroom door. Krista’s lips locked onto his. He tried to resist at first but that quickly proved futile. She slammed the door closed and rubbed his penis never breaking the seal of the kiss. The mixture of alcohol and hormones took full control of his body and blocked his brain from any input.

Their hands gropped at each other as Steve began to kiss Krista’s neck. He knew exactly what buttons to press in what order to melt her even after all these years.

Krista pulled his shirt over his head as Steve undid the zipper on the back of her royal blue dress just like he did 25 years ago. The dress fell to the floor as he picked her up and carried her to the queen sized bed. He threw her down sideways on the bed. Steve hooked his fingers in the bands of her blue thong pulling them down around her hips and off her legs. It was like they went in a time machine back to Prom night.

Krista laid there naked on he bed. This time though her pussy was fully shaved. Steve couldn’t wait any longer. He had to taste her. He had to lick that beautiful mound. Moisture was already present on her labia. Krista grabbed onto the sheets as Steve probed the inside of her vagina with his tongue. His hands reached up to massage her ample size 32B tits. Her nipples shot out at the slightest touch.

‘God I’ve been thinking and wanting this for so long. And then when the invitation came I knew what I had to do’ she finally said. ‘Oh my fucking God.’

With that Steve moved from her vagina to licking her ass. The sensation sent chills up her spine.

‘Oh God. I’m going to cum. Oh fuck. Oh fuck yeah. Don’t stop. Oh. Shit. No one else would ever do that for me. You’ve ruined me. Now its your turn.’

Krista pulled him over to her and undid his jeans. Steve pulled them down and has erect penis flung out and hit Krista in the face.

‘I missed that. Give it to me.’

She leaned forward and licked the top of the cock before taking it all the way into her mouth. Grabbing onto Steve’s ass, Krista pulled him until her teeth were resting against his testicles. She stayed there for a couple seconds letting her throat get accustomed to the intruder. Krista pulled him in and out taking his cock out briefly to spit on it and stroke him a couple of times before swallowing him again.

‘Holy fuck Kizz. I’m going to blow on you.’

‘Coat my titties first, then I want you inside me.’

Krista kept furiously stroking Steve’s cock until he exploded with four massive streams of rope spewed across her vanilla breasts. They weren’t big but suited her just fine.

Steve didn’t wait for his cock to deflate. He pushed her onto her back and lined up his penis and rammed it into her pussy. Since he had just came, he knew that his stamina would be on point. Steve pounded away at her hungry vagina. Leaning down, he licked her nipples tasting the saltiness of his own cum. Rubbing it into her chest, Krista moaned with pleasure as every part of her body was being tended to.

Steve rolled her over and thrust so deep and hard he was sure his dick was touching her tonsils.

‘Keep fucking me, don’t stop, fuck, fuck, FFFUUUUCCCKKkk! Grab my neck like you used to’

He grab her throat and squeezed slightly. Krista liked her sex a little rough. Nothing too extreme but just enough to heighten the experience.

He counted at least four orgasms before he felt the twitch that he was going to cum again. Steve’s second orgasm was just as strong as his first. They both collapsed on the bed and laid there for a minute.

‘Why did we ever break up?’ she said kissing him.

‘You didn’t want kids and I didn’t want to move to a big city’ he replied.

‘Funny. Now you live in Toronto and I have two kids.’ she laughed.

There was another light knock on the door. Krista jumped out of bed and grabbed her dress slipping it back on before answering the door.

‘Hey Paul.’ she said softly

‘If you two are done reminicing, we have to get back to let the sitter get going. Hi, I’m Paul’ he called into him as he still layed naked while taking a swig of beer. ‘See you next reunion Steve.’

‘Bye my one true love!’ Krista called out as Paul zipped up her dress and they walked out the door.

As he was about to drift off asleep he noticed the red light on the computer was still on. FUCK! Panicing he darted over to the screen and moved the mouse. The screen popped back to life. There on the fifteen inch screen was his wife Stacey naked with her legs up on the desk working her pussy over with her twelve inch vibrator.

‘I’m so sorry Stace. I never meant for that to happen. She knows all my weaknesses.’

‘That is why I messaged her to set this all up. I always knew how you felt about her and just relayed that to her. I know there will always be that connection and I’m okay with that. There was never any work emergency. And then you gave me your room number. Too easy. You deserved this for all that you do for us. You just made it so much better by pressing the minimize button instead of turning it off. I enjoyed the show and got so horny I had to take care of myself. Sorry for watching.’

‘You kidding me. I love you. I’ll be home in a couple hours.’

‘You have to stay. You might just get a different visitor. I love you. Maybe I’ll hop in the car and join you tomorrow.’

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