Hard anal sexting

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story about how me and my bf have been sexting and been having video sex during quarantine.

(background, im 17, and have had my current boyfriend for years, we have been having sex for a while and are both really kinky). my boyfriend and I have been sexting and having video sex because of the whole quarantine thing. Ive always loved anal, and so does my bf so i bought some new butt plugs and he has very much enjoyed watching me pull them out of my ass and see it gape a little haha. so any how last night we had been on facetime for about an hour, and i had squirt so many times, and was suuuper horny so I started getting pretty aggressive with my self. My boyfriend loved it and kept calling me such a whore and stuff and was telling me to destroy my self. god I loooved it so while using my medium butt plug i started trying to slip my dildo in with it. After a few minutes i was succesful and got my dildo in with my anal plug. I was super stretched. After a few minutes of fucking my self with the dildo while the plug was also in my ass, I came really hard. I squirted all over my computer, and didn’t even care. I took both toys from my ass, and my ass was totally gaping, i loved seeing it on the screen, and it was getting me hornier and hornier. I was sooo turned on i could barely control what i was doing, and all i wanted was to get off. I just wanted to be stretched more and more so I started sticking four fingers in my ass. I have pretty small hands but it felt soo good, so soon I stuck my thumb in too. before I knew if half of my fist was in my ass. I was moaning and screaming (luckly I was home alone because my parents have essential jobs). my bf kept egging me on. he had been edging for a while and started saying he was gonna cum. that got me going more and with a whole lot of force and lub i got my whole fist in my ass. he came while i did, but i was barely paying attention. i was laying on my side with my fist in my ass and my legs where twitching it felt insane. I was so full. I kept cumming over and over on my whole hand. after cumming multiple times i pulled my fist out and my ass was gaped so wide. both me and my bf were totally mesmerized with my gaped ass. I’m slowly becoming totally obsessed with anal, and the last few times ive masterbated I havnt even cum till I played with my ass too. Im exited when I can really fuck my bf again and maybe he can try double penetrating my ass with my dildo while he fucks me, I think that would be sooo hot.

Sorry now that Im writing on here again there is not much to talk about, since I can’t have sex in person. Hope someone could enjoy this any ways. Though now that I’m not having real sex I’m getting alot of ideas of what I want to try with my bf once we can (:

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  • Reply JDom ID:5v82mg9zj

    I’d love to see that ass gape

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

    Lockdown was great for some imaginative ways to enjoy sex. Fisting ones asshole is always a big turn-on!

  • Reply Varun ID:7ezh00tm9j

    Snap me for roleplay: varun4yu

    • Hihi mmmmm yeah ID:bo2qep0qk

      Are you a girl

  • Reply woody ID:3zxjk3e5qrk

    I would love to hook up with the 2 of you since you both love anal why don’t you contact me and let’s have some fun… woodyulive58@gmail

    • twinkle ID:1v4nbuh6i9

      😬 old ugly fuck

  • Reply jimmy ID:5s4njxvxi9

    nice, i love fisting my girlfriends ass

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:vzgbdem1

    have you thought about orgy and gang bang sex once you both get together?

  • Reply Jimmie g Fox ID:vzge8w43

    Fucking hot

    • Hihi mmmmm yeah ID:bo2qep0qk


    • Hihi mmmmm yeah ID:bo2qep0qk