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Grandpa’s Massages

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Prequel to the story of “Grandpa Walks In”

I remember going up see my grandparents during summer break when I was 6-11. They lived in a big house and I loved spending time with them. I especially loved my grandpa. He always kept me entertained when grandma was in town. She would be gone for hours on end but grandpa kept me entertained. One day when I was 11, he told me about how he used to give people massages. I didn’t believe him but he just kept telling me that he did. He offered to give me one, to which I just smiled and told him yes. I laid down on his bed before he started to touch my stomach. “I’m going to show you grandpa’s special massage and you can’t tell anyone or they’ll want one too. They’re only for you, alright honey?” He asked. I smiled and just told him they’d be our secret. He smiled before gently rubbing my newly forming chest. He slid his hands up my shirt and started to rub my chest under my shirt. I couldn’t help but like it as he touched my nipples gently. He pulled his hands out after about five minutes before reaching down and rubbing my thighs, slowly moving his hands upward. He slid down my shorts and started to pull down my panties. I blushed and looked away. I didn’t have any pubic hair and I saw a small smile pass grandpa’s lips. He gently started to rub my clit and I let out a small noise. It made me feel so tingly and warm. I loved it and wanted more. He smiled and started to rub me a little harder. I rolled my hips against his hand before he stopped. “I have to get it a little wet so I can make sure I can move around.” He smiled before leaning down and licking where he had his fingers. I let out the noise again and again as he licked me over and over. “It feels so nice grandpa.” I told him before he stopped. He smiled before pulling my shirt off. “Mm.. you have such a beautiful body, Honey.” He smiled before licking my nipple. I shivered before he started to rub me again. He stopped touching me after about ten minutes. He smiled. “I’ll keep giving you these massages as long as you keep our little secret.” He smiled before helping me get dressed and taking me to the kitchen for dinner

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    My brother has been fucking since I was 8

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    Good Grandpa and she will always love to have a great massage from him!

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    It’s an ok story

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    I do this things before..

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    Hi twinkle

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    Will sweetheart if it is a fantasy I’m an older man you can contact and I’d love the show you all the wonderful things about sex…. [email protected]

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      I’d like to share my 8-year-old granddaughter.

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      You can lick the pussy

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    Sorry, but this story reads like more of a fantasy than the real thing.

    • Gonzo ID:fx7ita6zj

      I agree.