First time with daughter

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Walking down the passage to my bedroom my daughter aged 11 called me

It happened years ago when my daughter was ten or eleven, I was watching TV late one night, my wife, daughter and son went to bed. We had a passage leading from the lounge to the bedrooms, first was my sons room, then my daughter and ours were at the end. I realized it was getting late and switched all off and walked to our bedroom. It was a warm summers night and I only had shorts on. As I passed my daughters room she called out to me, her door wasn’t fully closed, I went in and asked what was wrong? She she the back of her legs was hurting and would I mind rubbing them, I said sure and she turned around to lay on her tummy. She had loose shorty pajamas on and I duly started rubbing her legs, my hands started to go higher and I touched her smooth fanny gently, she did not seem to mind on I started to touch her between her lips, completely surprised to feel that she was actually wet, my hard on did not stay in my shorts. I gently inserted one finger and started finger fucking her, she pushed back on my finger and could feel I was going to burst any moment, with my other hand I rubbed her little clit, in a moment she came with a soft moan and clamped my hand between her legs. I just closed her, got up and just made the bathroom where I came all over the floor. I took a moment to get my breathing calm before I went to bed. More happened later….

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