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Elegant lady molested while unconscious

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Lady fucked in unconcious and later enjoyed

Elegant lady molested while unconscious
I have an incident about my neighbour’s mom…though it does not involve fucking…She is a Marathi brahmin woman (Deshmane). The supervisor of my society is a Marathi indian Guy (Kunthe). He is not very tall, but black and fat, typical. I got to know about it because the workers talk amongst themselves about the girls and the ladies in the society.

She is a working lady, between the ages of 40-43. She works in a college. Her twin sons go to college and her husband works in a government department. She is one of the rare combos of beauty and brains. Her dress sense is very attractive, neither too conservative nor vulgar. She wears sarees to work, with generally a matching sleeveless blouse. She is 5’6”, good by Indian standards, fair, about a 35 bust, not a very thin waist and a butt around 37-38, you get the picture. She is very lively, a person whom everyone wants to talk to because of her jovial nature. When at home, she wears light capris or the occasional jeans and decent top. She dances at society functions like new year n all. It is this complete package that makes her sexually attractive. She was a fantasy for many in the society, me, other uncles, workers and the supervisor included. I had shagged of to her image many times.

It was during summers in May in Maharashtra. Those who have lived in Maharashtra know how hot it is at that time of the year. It’s so hot and dry that even your sweat evaporates. It was 4 pm, she was returning from the college. Being that time of the day, there was not a soul to be seen outside other than the society guard, the supervisor in his room and Jayashri on her Activa scooty. She was returning earlier than usual that day because she wasn’t feeling well, due to the heat. Just as she entered the compound and turned a corner, disappearing from the view of the guard, to her misfortune and to his extremely good fortune, she finally got hit by the heat stroke that was building up through the day. As the scooty was not going very fast, she just kind of tumbled and turned over. The scooty hit the ground and made a sound that made the supervisor come out. Lo behold what he saw!!! Quite literally, the queen of her dreams, lying unconscious on her back on the ground, mud sticking to her chin, in a tight yellow sleeveless blouse, her pallu having been displaced due to the fall, breasts heaving with breath, and not a person in sight. He did some quick thinking. He knew there wasn’t going to be a witness.

He put the scooty in proper position, hung her purse around his shoulder and picked her up in his arms and carried her straight to the door of her flat, saving everything he had in mind for when he was inside her flat. He fidgeted in her purse and found the key, opened the door, took her inside and locked the door from inside.

He opened one of the bedrooms and laid her on the bed. She was still completely out, not stirring, her breathing the only sign of life inside that sugar of a body. he couldn’t believe his luck, with her lying in front of him. He was so excited and so scared at the same time that at one point, he considered calling her husband and leaving. But he got a hold of himself and did not call anyone. After this what happened, i do not have the proper skills like other story tellers on this forum have to make an erotic story, so i will just cut to the chase and put forward the facts and leave you to form whatever erotic thoughts you have in your mind.

Calming himself, Kunthe sat beside Jayashri on the bed. Only now could he properly register the aroma of the perfume that she wore. The same scent that he took in every morning when she passed his office on the scooty. He had talked to her a lot, on pretence of going to her flat for taking a look at a malfunctioning plumbing. He also, often, closed the valve of her flat during the day, and gone to ‘take a look’, when she had called him over the intercom. For the other flats, he sent the plumber, for Jayashri, he went himself.
He touched her face, and thought he would cum right at that. He rubbed her pink and soft lips with his rough black fingers. He did that for some time. He then poked one of her breasts with a finger, as if it were a balloon or a toy. The finger was then replaced by a full palm. He grabbed it, fondled it and squeezed it. Still, there was no movement from her side. He felt further encouraged. Now he was up to it with both his hands on both her breasts. He, first gently and then, in a very rough manner, squeezed both her boobs together. He was as full of enthusiasm as a potter is while shaping earthen utensils. He might have been even more vigorous than his first night with his wife.

He knew he would have to draw a line somewhere, but that line was still very far ahead. He now moved his face closer to hers and smelled her lips, feeling he was getting closer to heaven. He finally placed his lips on her full pink petal like lips. He started sucking her lips. Since she was out, obviously there wasn’t any duel of tongues. So, with his hands, he forced her jaws apart and licked the insides of her mouth. He was at it for about 5 minutes. He spit in her mouth and licked it back. He licked her entire face and spread his saliva all over it. He also licked her neck and then moved to her armpits, her sweat stained smelly bare armpits. He felt that there was nothing dirtier and yet, nothing more erotic. He did the same with the exposed part of her chest. He made the whole portion wet with his saliva in the process of licking.

He could no longer control himself. He turned her over on her stomach. What a sight it was. A goddess in yellow attire, her protruding ass tightly wrapped in her saree, part of her waist exposed in the region between her saree and blouse, and the top portion of her back also bare. He licked them just as well. Then, with shivering hands, he slowly raised her saree along with the petticoat above her thighs and bunched it up to the base of her butt; carefully so that he didn’t unwrap the saree. He raised it only a bit further and saw something that only her husband was allowed to see. Her brown panty was of a very conservative kind, the one that looks like male knickers. It was a well-used one, since its fabric was strained in some parts and there were also some very minute holes below her left buttock. This only strengthened my belief in his story, since not every regular Indian woman wears Victoria’s Secret or Chanel, and discards after wearing it once. He did not pull the panty down since he risked undoing the saree and petticoat. Since it was made of an elastic fabric, he could pull the lower part of the panty above, thus baring her one buttock. He did the same with the other buttock. Her hips were now exposed, brown and partially cellulite laden, but still, charming. What with his oral fixation, he started with her ass globes, too. After having his apatite full, he pushed the central portion of her panty to the side, in search for the gates to heaven. He discovered she was bushy, very bushy, with curly black hair. With his fingers, he found the entrance to her pussy and with slight difficulty, he poked a finger in. He could only get in about a couple of inches because she was dry as sandpaper. This was not as fun for him as he had hoped, but he understood that for him to enjoy that, even Jayashri would have to consent, which wasn’t the case right now.

He decided to have fun with what he had. He whipped out his dick and started stroking it. He carefully got on top of her, taking care that he did not put his entire weight on her to risk waking her. Then he started dry humping her ass from over her panty. He turned her face to one side so that he could look at it while humping. He kissed her lips, licked her face and neck, all the while dry-humping her ass. Her beauty, his fantasies and the smell of his dried saliva on the beautiful face made him go over the edge. He came, and by litres he came, right on her ass. Abandoning all caution, he fell on her with his entire weight. No one can blame him. He got up after 5 minutes or so, and with his fingers, spread the semen, which he had spilled, evenly over her ass cheeks to dry. Height of kink. He carefully pulled down her saree and petticoat to the right position, and turned her on her back. She seemed to be stirring, maybe due to his full weight falling suddenly on her, but was still not completely conscious.

He then shook her vigorously by her shoulders, playfully slapping her face a few times, bringing her nearly completely around. He brought her a glass of water, and narrated to her how she had fallen from her scooty, how he had picked her up and brought her to her flat, and immediately brought her around and was now giving her water. He supported her by her back and made her sit.

He asked her,’Bhabhiji, aap theek hain? Sir ko phone lagaa du kya?’ (Mam are you all right? Shall I call Sir, your husband?)

She said, ’Mai perfectly theek hu ab. Aap nahi hote to pata nahi kya hota, itni khatir kari aapne meri. Sir ko mai bata dungi. Thank you so much.’ (I am perfectly all right. What would have happened if you had not been present. You have done so much for me. I’ll tell my husband myself. Thank you so much)

Just before leaving, he asked her, ‘Jayashri ji, Can I go to the toilet?’ to which she replied, ’Definitely, why not?’

He went in, cleaned his dick, and then thought of something for a minute. He still had her key in his pocket. He didn’t know what he would do with it, but he made an impression of the key in a dry soap and kept the soap in his pocket, so that he could have a duplicate key made.

He came out and said, ‘Jayashri ji, I should leave now, this is your key.’

Jayashri said, ‘OK, thank you so much again, abhi toh mai thoda fresh ho leti hoon, aap kal din me aaiye, mai aapke liye chai banaati hoon.’ (Ok, thank you so much. Now I’ll go get fresh but tomorrow morning I’ll make tea for you.’

‘Thank you bhabhi ji. I’ll look forward to it.’

With this, he moved out of the door, thanking his stars. She went ahead and closed the door and got ready to get busy with her routine chores. There was just one thing: She felt a strangely familiar smell from around her ace and body.

It had been two weeks since the passing out incident. Nayar still had the soap with the impression of Jayashri Deshmane’s flat’s key stored safely in his drawer in his cabin. So overwhelmed he was with the opportunity that he was at a complete loss about any ideas regarding how he might take advantage of the situation. He finally had a key made to her flat. The key maker he chose was one who had his shop very far from the appartments. He couldn’t risk any questions.

Even after he had the key made, he couldn’t think clearly as to what he would actually do. He could not ask any one, because that meant sharing the secret with someone else. It was way too early for that. Finally, one day he decided to just get into her flat while she was out for her job and then figure out what all options he had. He got to his job early that day, since he had to see when she left for work. Her husband left at 8 30 am. He waited for her sons to leave. They left, too, at 9 am. Then finally, at 9 30, she left on her white active. He got that similar smell of the perfume that he had gotten so accustomed to. She was the main prize, and she was going away. But for what he had in mind, she had to, temporarily.
He swiftly left his room, locked it and moved towards the wing in which Jayashri lived. He went up to her gate. Even when he reached the gate, he had half a mind to turn back. The blood in his veins was doing some kind of a fire dance. But the devil won. He put in the key, turned it. IT WORKED!!!

He went inside looked around and then went to the main bedroom, which was undoubtedly Jayashri’s. The same smell, of her perfume, still lingered in the bedroom. She must have applied it here. he looked around and went towards the closet. But before doing anything, just to be safe, he called the guard and told him that he had left for home since it was an emergenct. He also locked the door to Jayashri’s flat, so that it would not appear open to anyone outside giving rise to suspicion. He then went back to the closet, opened it. It had many of her dressed and sareen neatly stacked, along with her husband’s clothes. He saw a couple of jeans that belonged to her. Touching them, he remembered how nicely those tight jeans enveloped her big ass and displayed the contours accurately. In one side shelf, he found what he was looking for-her undies. Bras, white or yellow in colour; panties, some plain, some multi-coloured. He took the pair on the top and moved to the attached bathroom. There, in the washing machine, he found the pair that she took off that morning. They were still dry. He took them both out and felt the insides of the bra cups and wondered how the stiff fabric must feel against her sensitive nipples and had a stirring in his loins.

He took the used panty and brought it closer to his nose. He took a whiff and was instantly floored. It had the smell of her sweat mixed with the smell of her pussy and asshole. Dirty, yet worth its price in gold. In his depravity, he licked the crotch part of the panty. He took both, the used panty and the new pair and moved to her bed, the very same bed on which she must have lied naked numerous times. He lay down and kept the used panty close to his nose, constantly sniffing it. With his other hand, he whipped out his dick, black and already rock hard. He started jacking off with the washed panty wrapped around his cock, all the while, sniffing her from used panty.

He was at it for about 20 minutes, saying all kinds of dirty things that he wanted to do to her, aloud in the empty house. He came close to cumming multiple times, but reined himself in somehow. Finally, after 10 more minutes, he knew he could not hold any longer. He quickly put both panties on the bed and took the new bra and held it below his manhood. At last, he came, and it was a full body orgasm that he had, shaking his whole body. He came in the bra cups, those delightful cups that held her mangoes. He kept cumming for a while and the cum accumulated in both the cups. With his thumbs, he rubbed the cum throughout the fabric of the bra cups, so that it was soaked with his cum.

After about 5 more minutes, when he regained his breath, he put the unused pair, neatly folded, back into the shelf where it came from. He put the old panty back in the washing machine. He then decided he had had enough for the day. After all, he had the key. He could plan and do whatever he wanted with enough patience and enjoyment. He put the bed sheet back in order. he checked the attached bathroom to see that everything was as it had been and exited the bedroom into the living room. Just at that moment, he heard the lock of the main door click. He panicked, so much that he had a vision of himself hanging upside down in a jail cell, with a wooden stick shoved down his butt. He got frantic, and to hide from whoever was entering the flat, he moved to the door that was nearest to him. It was the door of the common bath. He went inside and closed the door just enough for him to be able to see who it was.

It was Jayashri.
Jayashri walked into her house after a very tiring day from office. The heat wave going about the city was not helping at all. She remembered what happened to her two weeks back when she had fainted with her heat stroke and Kunthe had carried her to the room. Jayashri was a smart woman, it had taken her a few hours to recognise the smell Kunthe had left behind and it dawned her what Kunthe must have done to her when she was unconscious. She wanted to make him pay but when she told her husband he didn’t believe her, he told her she was just being paranoid. He also playfully added that she is just so kinky to have fantasises like this. She was angry but her husband didn’t believe her and she knew no one else would believe her either and worse her husband thought she was a slut to imagine things like this. She swore she would catch Kunthe somehow and get her revenge.

Jayashri walked into the room and turned on the AC. As the AC started cooling the room Jayashri could feel her body relaxing. Her husband had gone with the kids to her in-laws house for a week so she was no hurry to go about the household chores. She stood in front of the full length mirror and looked at her body. At 37 she had managed to maintain her body well, over the years she had put on a little weight but the fat had formed on her hips and had actually accentuated her figure further. She knew she was the object of desire of most of the men in the society. Jayashri pulled her tight kurti over her shoulder and felt the coolness of the cold AC breeze touching her exposed flesh as she removed her kurti. She then unclasped her bra hooks and removed her black bra letting her big 36D boobs free. She looked at her boobs in the mirror. They were starting to slag slightly but the massiveness of her boobs hid that. Jayashri then bend forward to remove her leggings and panty, as she bend and pulled down her panty and leggings her lovely curved ass came into view. If her boobs were awesome then her ass was her body’s perfect point. At 38 inches her ass was tight and round. Jayashri paused for a moment and admired her body in the mirror.

The coolness of the AC room and her freedom without any clothes was relaxing her body nicely. Jayashri moved back and sat on the edge of the bed still looking at the mirror, admiring her body. As Jayashri sat on the bed she slid one hand in between her thighs touching her hairy pussy, she gently started playing with it. It had been a long time since she had any sort of sex and her inspection of her body had got her slightly horny. Her other hand gently caressed her boobs as she let out soft moan of pleasure. That’s when she noticed it, she noticed the wardrobe door behind her slowly opening through the mirror.
Jayashri’s first reaction was to scream but she was completely nude and she knew she couldn’t run out of the bedroom like this. She calmed herself down and stopped touching herself. Jayashri looked carefully and noticed the contour of a man’s face in the shadow of the wardrobe. She got up and walked to the table, whoever was in the wardrobe thought she hadn’t seen him peeping at the show she was giving. The only cloth outside the wardrobe was the tight kurti she had worn earlier and a loose shirt type nightie she had left outside. She had no option but to wear the nightie as the kurti was a little tight for comfort.

As she wore the nightie she noticed the person trying to peep outside and with that she recognised the man. It was the asshole Kunthe. Jayashri calmed down when she knew it was Kunthe in the room. Everyone in the society knew that Kunthe was a coward and was generally harmless. She knew he would definitely not have the guts to attack her and in the remote chance that he did she was strong enough to take care of him. Jayashri remembered what Kunthe had done to her two weeks ago and remembered the embarrassment when her husband didn’t believe her and claimed it must have been her fantasy that’s why she imagined it. Jayashri wanted to the whole society to know that Kunthe was a pervert and catching him red handed in the wardrobe didn’t help prove that. At most it would prove he was a thief. No she had to prove that is a pervert somehow. That’s when Jayashri got the idea.

She took her digital camera silently and placed it on the table so that it would record everything that happened on the bed, she took the kurti that she had removed earlier and covered the camera. The idea was to get Kunthe to come out and touch her body again. Once the camera recorded it she would use it to disgrace him. Her husband would believe her and not think she was a pervert. Jayashri went to the bed and acted like she was calling her friend. She acted like she was talking on the phone explaining to her friend how after the heat stroke she was taking sleeping tablets and since her husband and children are away she was taking her sleeping tablets early and will not wake up if she called. After she finished the act she laid on the bed and left the lights on. All she needed to do was wait till Kunthe got into action and then she would catch him red handed and then get her revenge by disgracing him. But for some reason Kunthe didn’t come out. Jayashri waited but Kunthe didn’t seem to fall for the trap. She was lying down with her eyes closed waiting for something but nothing happened.

After about half an hour the boredom of waiting and the tiredness of the day started overcoming Jayashri. The coolness of the AC didn’t help either, she slowly started actually dozing off and soon she was snoring softly on the bed. As she snored, Jayashri didn’t hear the creaking sound her wardrobe made as the door opened slowly and Kunthe stepped out.

Kunthe had a horrible time cramped in the wardrobe watching the object of his fantasies getting nude in front of him and playing with herself. He almost cummed in his pants watching the scene unfold in front of him. When he heard she was eating her sleeping tablets he got more excited. He thought maybe today was his lucky day and he may actually get to fuck her today. Once Jayashri started snoring Kunthe got out of the wardrobe and stretched himself. He went towards Jayashri and looked at the beauty lying down on the bed. Kunthe went closer and listened to Jayashri’s breathing to make sure she was sound asleep. As he went closer he got the sensuous smell of her perfume. Jayashri was wearing a nightie with buttons all the way from the top to bottom. Kunthe couldn’t wait anymore, he sat closer to her and slowly undid the first button. As the first button was undid he went to the second button and then the third and removed all the buttons till her stomach. Kunthe slowly caught the two ends of the nightie and spread them apart. The sight made Kunthe gasp, Jayashri hadn’t worn a bra and her massive boobs were exposed as he spread the nightie apart. She had light brown nipples which were erect due to the cold breeze of the AC. Kunthe wanted to squeeze and play with those lovely boobs but decided to wait a little bit more. Jayashri according to him was drugged asleep and he could enjoy her how he wanted.

Kunthe continued to remove the remaining buttons of the nightie till he could separate her nightie completely. As Kunthe completely separated her nightie aside he watched the beauty of Jayashri completely nude in front of him. He massive tits rose and fell as she slightly snored, her hourglass figure with just the right amount of fat on her stomach and hips and her hairy pussy that he wanted to pound like a sex starved animal. Kunthe removed his pants and took out his cock and started stroking it at the sight in front of him. He couldn’t believe this was the second time he is getting to enjoy Jayashri madam. Kunthe then slowly separated her legs to get a closer view of her pussy lips. They were pink but dry. This was the second time he got to see her pussy and both the times her pussy was dry as a sandpaper. Kunthe decided he was going to change this, he was not going to fuck a dry pussy when he had the best opportunity to enjoy nicely. Kunthe bend down and took a deep sniff of Jayashri’s pussy, the smell drove him crazy as he took out his tongue to start licking her pussy.

Jayashri woke up with a shudder, if Kunthe hadn’t been under the impression that she was drugged asleep he would have looked up when he felt her shiver and seen a shocked Jayashri looking at him as he licked her pussy. Jayashri had never felt something like this before, in the 37 years of her life she had never got her pussy licked by anyone. She had dozed off and hadn’t noticed Kunthe unbuttoning her nightie and spread her legs, but the tongue on her pussy lips had woken her up in waves of ecstasy. She squeezed her eyes shut and bit her lips as she felt his tongue dig deep into her pussy again. Jayashri felt Kunthe’s rough hands grab her hips tighter as he continued to lick her pussy, the roughness of his hold of her hips and his relentless licking of her pussy was building up her orgasm. Her mind told her to kick off Kunthe as planned but her body was under a spell with this new feeling of pleasure that only a tongue was giving her. As she approached her orgasm Jayashri let out a soft moan and sprayed all her pussy juices at Kunthe. It was a long orgasm, it was an orgasm she was having after a long time and she felt her pussy juices continue to flow out for a long time. She kept her eyes closed with the guilt on what she had just done and not wanting Kunthe to see her awake and understand she had just enjoyed it.

Once she had finished cumming she felt Kunthe stop his licking. She couldn’t see what he was upto since she had to continue the ruse of being asleep. She hoped he would just get up and leave. But that was not to be. Jayashri felt a finger rubbing her pussy lips, she felt the finger rub the outside and slowly push its way into her pussy, in a natural reaction she tightened her pussy to the penetration but Kunthe didn’t stop, he introduced one more finger into her pussy and moved it around occasionally touching her G-spot. Jayashri felt a new wave of pleasure as she felt her pussy walls stretch with the finger fucking she was getting but her pleasure was short-lived as he soon withdrew.

For few minutes Jayashri waited for Kunthe to do something but nothing happened. What shamed Jayashri for a minute was that she was actually waiting for that ugly Kunthe to do something to her, but her mind looking for an excuse to continue enjoying the molestation reasoned that it had been a long time since she had a nice fuck that was why she was quite, plus she didn’t know what would be Kunthe’s reaction if she woke up and confronted him. Jayashri got impatient and opened her eyes a little to see what Kunthe was upto, she saw him standing near the bed looking at her with his cock in his hand. Jayashri looked at the cock, it was black and looked dirty but what really surprised Jayashri was how thick his cock was. That’s when Jayashri noticed what Kunthe was doing, he was rolling a condom on his cock. Jayashri felt a dread in her mind as she understood what was going to happen, her building supervisor was going to fuck her. She had hoped he would stop with the pussy licking that she loved but he was planning for a fuck as well. She wondered what she could do, she could not wake up now and confront him since the question would arise why she waited to do that, her husband already thought she was a slut. She thought she would make some noise, but her moans when he licked her pussy didn’t stop him. She could not think of anything she could do. She watched in horror as a Kunthe continued to fumble with the condom and finally gave up and threw the condom on the side. He was going to fuck her without a condom.

As Kunthe turned towards her again she closed her eyes praying for a miracle to come and stop him. She felt Kunthe come closer to her and climb on top of her. She felt her legs being spread in the eagle position opening her pussy to Kunthe. She then felt the warmth of a cock as Kunthe positioned his cock at her wet pussy. Jayashri now understood what Kunthe had licked her pussy first. In a stiff thrust she felt the whole thick cock penetrate her, the suddenness of her pussy walls being stretched had caused lot of pain for Jayashri, and she arched her back to the penetration but kept her eyes closed, she was never going to give Kunthe the pleasure of the knowledge that she was awake, let him think she was still asleep with the drugs. Soon as Kunthe started to thrust and pull his cock, Jayashri felt the pain subside and slowly the heat of the thick cock and the thrusting motion led to a new wave of pleasure taking over. It had been more than a year since her husband had fucked her and her body was now enjoying the warmth of a cock even thought it was of her lowly building supervisor. Kunthe was not even delicate he roughly pumped her pussy with his cock. Jayashri felt a rough hand cup her exposed boobs. She felt her boobs being squeezed and her nipples pinched roughly as the cock in her pussy kept thrusting like a piston.

This was the day for a lot of first times for Jayashri, she had got her pussy licked the first time in her life today and Kunthe was being very rough to Jayashri’s body as he fucked her. She felt herself getting slapped on her boobs and face as Kunthe continued to fuck her. Jayashri had never had rough sex as her husband used to be very delicate with her, she found out her body liked rough sex. Kunthe had put her hands above her head and held them with one hand and with the other hand squeezed one of her boobs. Jayashri felt a bite on her nipples and a rough sucking of her nipples. Jayashri couldn’t control anymore she moaned and groaned with pleasure as she felt herself getting filled up by the cock but for her own mental satisfaction she kept her eyes closed. She wondered how she would face anyone ever again.

As Kunthe continued to roughly fuck her, Jayashri felt her orgasm approach again. She groaned again as she felt her orgasm approach. She also felt the cock in her pussy expand just a bit, she knew what was happening, the bastard was going to cum in her. The thought made her shudder and she soon she felt a warm liquid feeling being squirted inside her, her body responded likewise and she felt a hot orgasm erupt in her. Kunthe just collapsed on top of her. She felt her body ache all over as the cock in her pussy started to shrink.

Kunthe just continued to lay on top of her breathing heavily. Jayashri was in a mental agony, she had let the bastard fuck her. She felt dirty and broken, she kept thinking how she could let him do what he did. She felt guilty and broken but deep in herself she felt satisfied after the round of sex. She was not worried about his cum in her, she was on birth control since the twins were born and she was never going to carry this bastard’s child. She just lay there with her eyes closed with her mind blank.

Kunthe got up and too her surprise he buttoned on her nightie. Did he really still think she was asleep?? She guessed he must be a real moron. Jayashri decided to play along. She heard the noise of a camera phone taking photos. She guessed Kunthe needed souvenirs. She then heard the front door opening and closing. Not that she was going to get up, her body ached and she wanted to sleep. She thought what had just happened and shuddered with dread. But something inside her really enjoyed it as well. She felt complete and a woman again. She needed someone to blame so she blamed her Husband and Kunthe. Her husband, because he was not sexualy active. Once she had managed to deflect the blame for what happened she felt better. She recollected the fucking and the pleasure of the pussy licking and the orgasms.

Jayashri fell asleep for half an hour. When she woke up she was still alone. She got up and looked at the mirror, she unbuttoned her nightie and let it slide to the ground. She looked at her nude body with the rough sex marks. She felt sexier and hornier, she had a new outlook to life. She looked at the video recording in the camera she had hidden, as much as she despised Kunthe she loved the way he fucked her. She decided she was not done with him, she needed more. Jayashri felt the slut in her wake up, she decided she had just begun, she was going to put this body to good use.

Meanwhile Kunthe went back to his cabin and collapsed, he had fucked his dream bitch. Something he had never imagined, he was just so thankful she was drugged or he would have been in so much trouble. He loved the fact she groaned and moaned in her sleep, he had got very scared when she had arched her back when he penetrated her but seeing her eyes closed had ensured that she was still asleep, there was no way she would have let him fuck her. He looked at the photos he took from the phone. He smiled, he had his dream fuck and maybe if he was lucky he could use this photo to enjoy her again.
As per ur requests, im here to continue the story.

The Slut is out now. Jayashri now wants more of Kunthe, so in an effort to bring him to her, that night at 8pm she calls him on the intercom and asks him to meet her at once. Excited at his doll’s request, Kunthe rushes to meet her. She casually opens the door as if nothing had happened that day. She is in her red velvet night gown. Seems like she just had a bathe. Her long hair has been recently dried and is left free. She looked gorgeous and Kunthe badly wanted to have her then and there. She on the other hand handed over him some money with a med prescription and asked him to go buy some sleeping tablets for her. She said her stock got over and she needs them badly. She also added that she can’t sleep tonight without them. The dumb Kunthe got disappointed and left there to the Med shop.

On the way to the med shop he started to imagine the day he had with the gorgeous Jayashri. Only then that it did strike him that he still has more chances to have her. If she needs them badly and can’t sleep tonight without them then it means she sure is gonna be fucked hard tonight when she is sound asleep, He thought to himself. Poor dumb Kunthe didnt know she have hinted the same to him. Anyways what cares as long as he had her.

He quickly got the sleeping pills, got to her door and knocked it. She opened the door with a slight wicked smile. She after getting the pills thanked him and closed the door. Actually she would be more thankful if he returned that night for some more fun. But she wasn’t sure if he got the msg.

__________That night it was around 11pm. Jayashri was restless and waiting for Kunthe to turn up. The sudden excitement after such longtime made her go crazy. She sat in her bed and started fingering her pussy. She thought about happened that day with Kunthe and then she came. She came hard and she was exhausted. She fell on the bed and slowly dozed off.

It was about 1am, Kunthe waited for the apartment to settle down. He was a loner and lived in a small apartment in the same complex. He slowly sneaked out of his apartment and like a wild cat while hunting a prey, slowing moved towards her apartment. And then reaching her door he looked around if someone is checking him. Then he swiftly opened the door, got in and locked it from inside. He knows it half done, getting in safely. He head right towards her bedroom and there he saw what surprised him. Kunthe saw Jayashri, semi nude in her velvet night gown. He saw that she didn’t wear a panty and she had dosed off after getting exhausted after masturbation. He had come prepared this time. He took out the camera that he had bought 2 months back. Placed it on a nearby table and made sure that it recorded her clearly. He then made himself naked and then started stroking his big black dick while watching the already live show of her pussy. When he was ready he tried to put on the condoms properly this time. But he still failed again. He then decided that he is gonna have this woman completely tonight so why condoms. He then trew it aside and then got over Jayashri.

He didnt want to lick her pussy this time as he thought that it would be easy to insert in due to her masturbation sometime back. He turned her and made her lie on her stomach. He then got over her, putting his weight on the sides of her. He raised the red velvet gown upto her hip revealing her bubble ass. He positioned himself above her ass. He bent over her and smelt her long hair which was fresh after the bath and that aroma made him go nuts. He then planted many kisses on her back neck. He then in a push inserted half of his 8inch dick into her pussy from the back.____________________

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